Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107: Lin Yuan's Matchmaker Attributes?

Then Lin Yuan used the last opportunity to strengthen the exclusive characteristics of Source Sand. This time, Lin Yuan chose to strengthen the gold swallowing type.

It's just that this time Lin Yuan chose to let Yuansha remember the shape of a metal.

Lin Yuan asked Yuansha to soft gold the red lotus into a metal wire with a three-rhombic tip.

This is the inspiration that Lin Yuan got from the iron thread.

The silk thread made by the red lotus soft gold can be a perfect substitute for the core wire, or each thread made by the red lotus soft gold is equal to the always threaded wire.

With the silk thread formed by the red lotus soft gold, the exclusive characteristic of the source sand, the sand grain, can also be used for other dimensional creatures.

Then Lin Yuan threw all the gold-tier metal spirit materials he had on hand into the vortex of quicksand, allowing the quicksand to devour it.

During this period of time, Lin Yuan had accumulated a lot of day and night spirit silver, which was nearly 50 cubic meters.

The wings formed from day and night spirit silver have always been Lin Yuan's main defense method.

After Lin Yuan let Yuansha swallow the fifty cubic meters of day and night silver, Lin Yuan could achieve truly unlimited wings.

In the battle, he can arbitrarily let the wings formed by day and night spirit silver stand in front of him, greatly increasing his own defense power.

At the same time, the infinite wings flapping freely also increased their speed and flexibility.

Yuan Yuans exclusive characteristics of swallowing gold and forming Lin Yuan have been processed.

As for the exclusive characteristic sand, Na Ling Lin, far from processing it, instead let Yuan Sha spit out the core thread of Na Ling.

However, at present, there is still no clue as to what dimensional creatures are suitable for source sand to be used for sand grain Nalinglin, or that a suitable dimensional creature has not been found.

In this regard, Lin Yuan needs to work hard to find it afterwards.

Immediately, Lin Yuan used the real data of Mobius's skills to check the exclusive characteristics of the first-level fantasy-changing source sand of the diamond rank.

[Name of Spiritual Object]: Yuansha (amber button)

[Spirit species]: Element family/Sand genus

[Spirit level]: Diamond World (1/10)

Spiritual Facts: Soil

[Spiritual quality]: Fantasy two changes

Exclusive features:

[Sand Control]: Increase the contractor's control over the source sand and reduce the spiritual power consumed when controlling the sand.

[Gold-swallowing type]: It can swallow a metal into the source sand, so that the source sand has the characteristics of partially swallowing the metal, and at the same time, it can quickly condense the metal out of the gravel and transform it into a specified form. (Radium Uranium Steel/Chain Sword) (Day and Night Spirit Silver/Feather) (Red Lotus Soft Gold/Triangular Line)

[Grit Naling]: Source sand can swallow a kind of spiritual object or dimensional creature, and the amount of swallowing depends on the energy of the swallowing creature and the complexity of the template.

Lin Yuan nodded after reading Yuansha's current attributes.

After thinking about it, Lin Yuan decided to upgrade Xiao Hei's rank.

Xiao Hei's level is to be improved. He can also increase his power when he uses the exclusive characteristic Spirit Extract burst, and at the same time he can speed up the accumulation of aura in his own Aura Mark.

With the consumption of aura crystals, Xiao Hei has smoothly upgraded to the level of a fantasy change of the diamond rank.

The body length of Xiao Hei, who has been promoted to the first level of the Diamond Rank, has reached nearly 100 meters.

Xiao Hei winding up is full of the chic and majesty of pure-blooded dragon-like spirit objects.

After Xiao Hei's illusion changed when he was promoted to Diamond Level 1, Xiao Hei discovered that the bloodline of the Flood Dragon species had changed.

The pure bloodline of the Flood Dragon seemed to have activated something, and there was already a faint sign of transformation towards a higher level.

Lin Yuan secretly said that with the improvement of Xiao Hei's quality, it is very likely that he will be able to awaken the blood of the main dragon when he is promoted to Fantasy Five Changes.

Even when he was promoted to the mythology, he transformed into a real main dragon-like spirit.

At this time, Lin Yuan couldn't help thinking of Xuan Yue, who had turned into his body.

Looking at Xiao Hei's 100-meter dragon-shaped figure, Lin Yuan suddenly felt that Xiao Hei and Xuan Yue seemed to match.

With this idea, Lin Yuan shook his head quickly.

What is this strange idea?

Did he awaken the matchmaker attribute and fail?

And it doesnt seem too good to think about this kind of problem of the elders.

However, if Xiao Hei's body grows like this according to the current situation, he doesn't need to reach the immortal species.

When he was promoted to the creation species, he could properly surpass Xuan Yue in body shape.

It is said that the higher-order dragons do not choose to transform into human form when they mate, but become the main body.

Lin Yuan, who has a picture in his mind, thinks this seems a bit awkward!

After upgrading Xiao Hei to the first level of diamond illusion, Lin Yuan has less than a hundred aura crystals in his hand.

After counting down, Lin Yuan found that he still had only 80 aura crystals left.

However, Lin Yuan still spent a full twenty aura crystals to upgrade Zi Xiao from his original level to the platinum level.

After strengthening Zixiao, Lin Yuan completely stopped strengthening his own spirit.

And there were only sixty aura crystals in Lin Yuan's hand for emergency use.

In the process of strengthening the spiritual things, Lin Yuan did not choose to strengthen the sound, not because Lin Yuan didn't like sound or sound was useless. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

The main reason is that Yinyin has been staying on the phoenix phoenix tree after it swallowed the blood of Luanfeng species and evolved into Qingyin Luanfinch last time.

Under the influence of the Phoenix Phoenix Indus, the bloodline of Yinyin has a faint tendency to change.

Lin Yuan intends to wait for the tone of the tone to mutate completely before upgrading the tone of the tone.

Lin Yuan, who had improved his level of spiritual things as a whole, felt that even now he could not beat Zong Ze and Gu Lang, even if he only controlled the fighting of spiritual things.

But fighting against the younger generation of those top forces will definitely not fall into the wrong.

After strengthening his spirit creature, Lin Yuan arranged the spirit lock space well.

Seeing the large area that was vacated, Lin Yuan thought that he should bring his wisdom to choose fifty hundred questions beasts to cultivate his wisdom.

The fat orange, which was strengthened by his first one, occupies half of the cat climbing frame alone, and there should be more cat climbing frames in the lock space.

A large number of element shells enter the spiritual lock space, increasing the utilization rate of the spiritual energy of the spiritual lock space.

Therefore, there is a large area vacated in the Spirit Locking Space. Lin Yuan intends to plan the fifty Beasts and the upcoming Beasts well.

After doing all this, Lin Yuan stretched out and secretly said.

"I think I don't need to cultivate spiritual things in a short time."

Lin Yuan looked at his shadow with ease.

Lin Yuan looked at his shadow for a long while and didn't speak, but the Void Shadow Demon that Lin Yuan was watching was uncomfortable.

The Void Shadow Demon lurking in the shadow took the initiative to ask.

"Does the master have any instructions?"

Lin Yuan chuckled and said.

"Now there is no order."

"However, the Void Shadow Demon I think the two of us should have a good talk."

(End of this chapter)

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