Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106: The Hunk Will Cry Too

Among them, what Lin Yuan wanted to improve first was the strength of Yuansha.

Lin Yuan let the amber button-shaped source sand on his sleeves turn into a vortex of quicksand under his feet, and then threw the aura crystals one after another into the vortex of the quicksand that the source sand turned into.

Yuansha's strength has also been continuously improved with the consumption of aura crystals.

When Lin Yuan threw the 209th aura crystals into the vortex of quicksand, Yuansha smoothly upgraded to the level of first-level fantasy and second-change diamond.

A wave of sand flow was set off in the vortex of quicksand in front of Lin Yuan, and the sand flow was intertwined in the air.

These sand flows are all composed of guard sand, which is also the most flexible part of the source sand.

Lin Yuan looked and found that these guard sands had changed drastically at this time.

If the previous sand guards were only sand grains with a clearer color, then the sand guards at this time had turned into almost transparent crystals.

These crystals have no color, but they seem to be able to contain any metal spirit material in time.

It is as if the metal spirit material is put into the guard sand, and the guard sand can obtain the characteristics of the metal spirit material by extracting the metal spirit material.

Although the quicksand vortex did not expand outward under Lin Yuan's control, the sinking force in the quicksand vortex was a thousand times higher than before.

The current vortex of quicksand is just a matter of burying a diamond-level tenth-level ordinary spiritual creature.

The source sand of the first-level fantasy second change of the diamond rank still focuses on the control ability. Compared with the control ability, the attack ability can only be regarded as the younger brother.

However, if the life trapped in the sand sea sinks to three hundred meters underground, how can it easily survive under the condition of huge high pressure from all directions.

What's more, the sand sea also has the ultimate move brought by exclusive characteristics.

At this time, Yuansha had already sent a request to Lin Yuan.

Ask Lin Yuan to choose an exclusive feature and strengthen it.

As a special source item, source sand is different from ordinary source items and spiritual objects.

After the source sand is upgraded, a new level will not appear, but you need to choose to strengthen any of the exclusive characteristics of the gold swallowing type and the gravel naling.

This time, Lin Yuan was the same as last time, still giving up the exclusive characteristics of strengthening the source sand.

After choosing to promote the source sand from the gold rank to the diamond rank, the two opportunities to strengthen the exclusive characteristics are all given to the exclusive characteristics gold swallowing type.

One of these two opportunities Lin Yuan increased the types of metals that can be swallowed by the gold swallowing form.

One of the opportunities is to increase the shape that can be formed by the exclusive characteristic gold swallowing metal.

So far, the evolution of the source sand has been completed.

However, Lin Yuan did not immediately strengthen the other spirit creatures, but continued to issue instructions to Yuansha.

Let Yuansha spit out all the copper-level metal spirit manganese that had been swallowed before.

Hearing Lin Yuan's instructions, neatly shaped ferromanganese continuously precipitated in the vortex of quicksand.

Yuan Sha spit out Lin Yuan and harvested it. After a while, Lin Yuan packed all the ferromanganese that Yuan Sha had spit out into a platinum-tier trap.

Although the metallic properties of ferromanganese are very suitable for the source sand, as the level of the source sand increases, the opponents they face become stronger and stronger.

The use of copper-grade metal spirit material ferromanganese has become smaller and smaller.

Therefore, letting the source sand swallow the ferromanganese is equivalent to wasting the metal spirit material that the source sand's exclusive characteristics can swallow the gold form.

Lin Yuan had long planned for the metal spirit material that Yuansha would devour after he advanced.

Before that, Lin Yuan had prepared the gold-swallowing metal spirit material that Yuansha needed to advance to the diamond rank.

One of them is radium uranium steel.

Radium uranium steel is a diamond-level metal spiritual material, but it has a solidity that cannot be easily destroyed by mythological spirits.

In addition to being strong, radium uranium steel is also very sharp.

When sculpting some metal spirit materials, the sculptor often chooses polished radium uranium steel as the head of the carving knife.

Therefore, in Lin Yuan's opinion, replacing ferromanganese with radium uranium steel into a chain sword is the most appropriate.

Although replacing ferromanganese with radium uranium steel will make the grit of the source sand lose the sharpness of a file.

But the firmness of radium uranium steel also increases the strength of the gravel, making it more difficult for objects trapped in the sand to break free.

As the source sand swallows more types of metals, it is entirely possible to increase the offensiveness of the entire sand sea by adding new metals.

Lin Yuan took out the platinum-level metal spirit material Honglian soft gold that he had collected for more than a month before letting listen.

Although Red Lotus soft gold is a platinum-level metal spiritual material, it is definitely more rare than a diamond-level metal spiritual material.

Because the platinum-level metal spirit material, Honglian Soft Gold, has only been found in the rift in the next element of the fifth level, it is considered a specialty of the next element of the fifth level.

In order to help Lin Yuan find the ten cubic meters of red lotus soft gold, Listening used almost all the income since the Linglu Chamber of Commerce sold luxury items.

When the whole piece of Red Lotus soft gold is held in his hand, it looks like a lump of soft liquid metal with a red halo scattered on it.

This liquid metal is somewhere between transparent and non-transparent.

As the soft red lotus soft gold changes shape, the red halo on the surface of UU Reading www.uukanshu.com will flow quickly.

The flowing halo is like a red lotus blooming on the red lotus soft gold.

Red Lotus Soft Gold is also named for this.

Don't look at the red lotus soft gold that seems harmless in its soft state, but when the red lotus soft gold stretches into filaments.

The red lotus soft gold infused with aura is the strongest puncture needle in the world.

After the source sand has swallowed the red lotus soft gold through its exclusive characteristics, the red lotus soft gold can be precipitated like silk threads at any time in the sand sea.

The silk-like red lotus soft gold into the aura is a killer hidden in the sand.

In the absence of aura, the intertwining of the silky red lotus soft gold is also a strong net that can be continuously extended.

Can cooperate with the sand sea to attack or restrain.

At the same time, Red Lotus Soft Gold is highly corrosive and toxic, when living objects come into contact with Red Lotus Soft Gold.

The red lotus soft gold will leave scars on the object like red lotus.

The red lotus scar is essentially a small rash caused by the toxin of the red lotus soft gold on the skin.

The toxicity of the Red Lotus Soft Gold will make the target lose his mind in severe pain and appear mad.

The toxins can also stimulate the lacrimal glands to make the target's eyes flow out of tears uncontrollably, causing blurred vision.

After this toxin contaminates the enemy's target, it is very likely that someone in the enemy will go crazy and attack the surroundings wantonly.

In the face of multiple enemies, it is virtually equivalent to an extra 250 teammate.

After watching Yuansha consume a large amount of radium uranium steel, he swallowed ten cubic meters of metal spirit material, Red Lotus, soft gold.

Lin Yuan felt that he had obtained a part of the red lotus soft gold characteristic sand grains, and if a determined person stepped on it, they would scream in pain instantly.

There will be inexplicable tears, just like being scared to cry.

(End of this chapter)

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