Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105: Harvest

Chapter 1106

If it weren't for Zhen Lingsi's chance to enter the abyss world, Miao Zhenshan would never agree to Zheng Kaiyuan.

Because at this time, it was too eye-catching for the Miao family to dispatch two emperor-level powerhouses to help the Zheng family.

Even the behavior of the Miao Family who openly helped other forces to fight to the extreme will cause discussion and dissatisfaction among the major forces.

Thereby affecting the influence and reputation of Miaojia Di Animal Garden.

But now the Miao family does have something to ask Zheng Kaiyuan for help, borrowing the relationship between Zheng Kaiyuan and Lin Yuan to catch Lin Yuan's line.

So Miao Zhenshan took a deep breath and said.

"I will inform Lao Liu, but you can't just take your master Miao Qi, but also Miao He and Miao Zhuo."

"Let Miao Zhuo apologize to the disciple of Master Moon."

When Zheng Kaiyuan heard the words, his eyes flickered, and he knew that his grandfather wanted to create an opportunity for Miao He to contact Lin Yuan.

Mention of Miao Zhuo is just a rhetoric.

Zheng Kaiyuan felt that if he was standing in Lin Yuan's position, he would not care about Miao Zhuo's apology.

But now that Mr. Liu has been borrowed, Zheng Kaiyuan is unwilling to speak out in his heart.

After Zheng Kaiyuan agreed reluctantly, he immediately got up to leave.

What Zheng Kaiyuan didn't know was that the moment he turned around, Miao Zhenshan's gaze looking at his back was no longer bored.

Instead, a slight killing intent appeared.

Now almost all the major forces in the Huiyao Federation knew that the veteran force Zheng family initiated a **** fight against Sky City, and Sun Ningxiang naturally heard the news.

Unlike Zong Ze, Gu Lang, Long Tao, Gao Feng, Li Xuan and others, Sun Ningxiang knew Lin Yuans identity as the city lord of the Sky City.

Thinking of the recent rumors between the Miao family and the Zheng family, Sun Ningxiang secretly said.

"The Miao family is really self-inflicted, and they have to take the initiative to lift their feet to kick the immovable iron plate."

After a moment of thought, Sun Ningxiang opened his mouth and said to Taoyao beside him.

"Taoyao, check it out and see who the Miao family sent this time to take part in the **** battle between the Zheng family and the Sky City."

Before Taoyao could come down after speaking, Sun Ningxiang shook his head and changed his words.

"Forget Peach Demon, there is no need to check. The plan to go home to see grandma recently has been cancelled. We will stay in the capital for a few more days."

"The day after tomorrow, I will take you and Xingguo to the Extreme Arena to watch the **** battle between Sky City and the Zheng Family, and cheer for Sky City."

Taoyao nodded when she heard the words, with a trace of worry in her expression.

The relationship between Sky City and Ninglu Immortal Garden is a cooperative relationship. Now Sky Tech suddenly wants to go to the Zheng family for a **** oath. Tao Yao always fears that Sky City will suffer.

Although the Miao family has always looked down on the Zheng family, the relationship between the Miao family and the Zheng family is actually by marriage.

At this critical moment, the Miao family is likely to help the Zheng family.

Hearing my lady said that she would take herself and Xingguo to cheer for Sky City, Tao Yao was not surprised.

But Tao Yao obviously didn't understand Sun Ningxiang's true intentions.

On the one hand, Sun Ningxiang went to cheer for Lin Yuan.

On the other hand, I also went to see the jokes about the downfall of the Zheng family and the Miao family.

Lin Yuan and Wen Yu returned to the room after discussing the development of the Star Net power domain in the Sky City.

He didn't care about his **** oath with the Zheng family.

Because Lin Yuan still has a lot of his own affairs to be busy next.

The nine juvenile elemental shells that were just obtained from the Brahma Shear Wing are still waiting for themselves to induce mutation.

You should know that the heavenly girl-level elemental pearls produced by the elemental shells of various lines are Lin Yuan's main source of materials.

Among the thirteen elemental shells currently owned by Lin Yuan, there are three burning elemental shells, three azure elemental shells, five aquamarine elemental shells and two thick earth elemental shells.

Lin Yuan allocated the proportions of the element shells after careful consideration.

Now that Lin Yuan has obtained nine more elemental shells, he naturally needs to think about how to allocate the lines of these nine juvenile elemental shells.

But this time, Lin Yuan didn't plan to consider it as carefully as the last time.

The previous allocation has made the ratio of element shells reach Lin Yuan's expectations.

In fact, to put it bluntly, the thirteen elemental shells of various elements provided by Lin Yuan were already enough for Lin Yuan to use.

The nine newly acquired juvenile elemental shells are just to increase the output of the celestial-level elemental pearls in Lin Yuan's hand.

Therefore, Lin Yuan intends to distribute them equally, with two of each element shell.

As for the remaining juvenile elemental shellfish, Lin Yuan plans to cultivate one more sea blue elemental shellfish.

The output of water attribute celestial elemental pearls directly determines the strength of Azure.

It is more serious than hoarding resources to improve the strength of one's own spirits.

Lin Yuan's layout in the dimensional world and increasing the power of faith in his body both require the use of the blue water of faith.

Lin Yuan is now an easy way to induce the juvenile elemental shellfish mutation. Soon nine juvenile elemental shellfish were successfully induced by Lin Yuan.

In the following time, Lin Yuan kept improving the rank and quality of these element shells.

All the nine element shells that have just induced mutation have been upgraded to the level of legendary bronze rank.

Now the number of element shells of each line cultivated in Lin Yuan's Suo Ling space has reached 22.

Among them, there are five scorching elemental shells, five azure elemental shells, eight aquamarine elemental shells, and four thick earth elemental shells.

Seeing the elemental shells of various elements constantly absorbing the pure aura in the lock space to produce elemental pearls, Lin Yuan smiled.

Now, I will never lack elemental pearls again.

Even if there was a problem in the Locking Space and his elemental pearls were cleared to zero, the twenty-two elemental shells of the various types of celestial-level elemental pearls were enough for Lin Yuan to face most problems.

Before that, Lin Yuan thought that the 22 element shells of each element should be able to make the spiritual energy utilization rate of the spiritual lock space reach more than 95%.

That is to say, by decomposing the energy ore, 95% of the transformed aura will be consumed immediately. UU Reading www.uuknshu.com

In fact, what Lin Yuan thought was not wrong.

It's just that Huihui has hatched from the eggshell now, and there is no need to absorb pure aura like before.

This is equivalent to one less expensive consumer in the Soul Locking Space.

After some exploration and calculations, Lin Yuan estimated that the utilization rate of the aura appearing in the spiritual lock space should reach about 80%.

Exactly the remaining 20% can be allocated to the five Dark Crystal Beetles that will be sent from the Brahma Cage.

Let these dark crystal beetles also have enough aura to be absorbed.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yuan took out the 519 aura crystals left before, ready to continue to upgrade his own aura.

Smart, after the acid-etched queen bee was ascending, the only spiritual things that Lin Yuan could lift with aura crystals were Yinyin, Lily Lily, Xiaohei, Zixiao and Yuansha.

(End of this chapter)

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