Illicit Relationship Chapter 95

92 Exercise On The Bed

"Ooooo" when his aunt was cleaning his cock with her pink tongue, Xiao Tian was startled. He didn't expect his aunt to clean his cock on her own.

When his aunt finished cleaning his cock, Xiao Tian's cock was hard again. At that time, Ye Qingyu was looking at her nephew's cock intently, as if her nephew's cock was the most delicious candy in the world.

At first, Ye Qingyu only wanted to clean her nephew's cock, but after seeing her nephew's erect cock, which was moving on its own, she started to feel aroused again.

And when the pre-cum was dripping down, Ye Qingyu moved her face closer to her nephew's cock and started to lick the pre-cum.

After licking the pre-cum, Ye Qingyu held her nephew's cock and pulled it to her face, sniffing and licking her nephew's cock.

When Xiao Tian saw what his aunt was doing, he smiled and said, "What is it, aunt? If yo Mmmm."

However, before Xiao Tian had finished his words, his mother suddenly kissed his lips and put her tongue in his mouth, searching for his tongue.

After finding her son's tongue and intertwining their tongues, Ye Xueyin then sucked her son's tongue hungrily.

Xiao Tian let his mother do as she please, but when he saw his mother's wet pussy, he suddenly thought of something. Using his right hand, Xiao Tian put his index and middle fingers into his mother's pussy.

"Ahhhh." Ye Xueyin cried out seductively and broke the kiss when she felt two of her son's fingers were in her pussy, but she showed no reaction of rejecting.

As she was moaning, Ye Xueyin only looked at her son for three seconds before finally kissing her son again.

Ye Xueyin broke the kiss and moaned again when her son suddenly pinched her left breast. Once again, she let her son do as he wanted and kissed her son again. It was as if she couldn't live without kissing her son.

Kissing her son was like taking a drug for Ye Xueyin. Once she kissed her son, she wanted to kiss her son over and over. With how skillfully her son uses his tongue, coupled with the sweet scent of her son's mouth, it's made Ye Xueyin addicted to kissing her son.

At this time, Ye Qingyu, who was licking and sniffing her nephew's cock, stopped what she was doing. However, the reason she stopped licking and sniffing her nephew's cock was that she had reached her limit and unable to hold herself anymore.

After standing on her knees above her nephew's cock, Ye Qingyu lowered her body slowly, allowing her nephew's cock to enter her pink pussy.

"Ahhhhh," Ye Qingyu moaned and tilted her head back when her nephew's cock slowly entered her pussy.

When Xiao Tian felt his cock inside his aunt's pussy, he groaned softly because he felt his aunt's pussy was so tight. He also felt as if his aunt's pussy muscles were squeezing his cock wildly like a snake wrapping around its prey.

That was why, Xiao Tian unconsciously pinched his mother left nipple hard and put his fingers deep in his mother's pussy, making his mother also moan.

At that moment, the three of them moaned at the same time.

As Ye Qingyu was moving her hips, she started moaning and calling hew nephew's name. The sound of her nephew's huge cock spreading her pussy could be heard on her ears.

Xiao Tian started moving his hands again, playing with his mother's pussy. As he kept thrusting his two fingers in his mother's pussy, the love juice started coming out and dripping down his hands.

Ye Xueyin was unable to kiss her son anymore when her son thrust his two fingers in her pussy. However, several seconds after her son thrusting his fingers, Ye Xueyin started moving her hips forward and backward.

They kept pleasing each other for several minutes before finally, Ye Qingyu stopped moving her hips, intending to change to straddle sex position.

Ye Qingyu grabbed her nephew's left leg and made it slightly bends.

"Mmmmm," Ye Qingyu let out a soft moan when she turned her body while her nephew's cock was still in her pussy.

Now Ye Qingyu legs were on one side next to her nephew's bend legs. After placing her left hand on her nephew's chest and her right hand on her nephew's left knee, Ye Qingyu closed her thighs tightly to make her pussy tighter.

"Ohhh so tight," Xiao Tian exclaimed when his aunt started to move her hips again with her thighs close tightly.

The way his aunt's pussy wrapped around his cock was different when it was from sideways, making Xiao Tian groan and stop playing with his mother pussy.

When her son stopped playing with her pussy, Ye Xueyin moved her body and placed her pussy in front of her son, asking her son to lick her pussy.

Seeing that, Xiao Tian stuck out his tongue and began to lick his mother's pussy.

His mother started to moan when Xiao Tian licked her pussy.

Intending to give her more pleasure, Ye Xueyin started playing with her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples.

"Ahh. Ahhh.. Ah. Ahhh," Ye Xueyin's legs became weak when her son suddenly bit her clitoris, making her pussy fall on her son's mouth.

"Mmm mmmm," Xiao Tian wanted to say that he couldn't breathe when his mother pressed her pussy on his mouth and nose.

"Noo. Ah. Tian, don't talk when you're eating your mother's pussy. Ah." Ye Xueyin grabbed her son's head and pressed her pussy to her son harder.

Ye Xueyin had no idea that her son was in a position of hard to breath when she pressed her pussy on her son's face. She only moved her hips to the left and right while saying to her son not to talk on her pussy.

Because his mother was still pressing her pussy on his face, Xiao Tian had no choice but to insert two fingers in his mother's ass hole to make his mother stop what she was doing.

"Ah.. Tian, not two fingers. Ah Mother's ass hole still can't endure two fingers" Ye Xueyin stopped pressing her pussy on her son's face and raised her pussy slightly. "Tian, not two fingers. Please one finger, one finger. Ah"

"What a bad mother!" Xiao Tian was relieved when he could breathe again. While his left hand was still playing with his mother's ass hole, Xiao Tian's right hand pinched his mother's right nipple.

"Ahhh I'm cumminggg" Ye Xueyin suddenly had an orgasm when her son pinched her right nipple hard while playing with her ass hole. for visiting.

After Ye Xueyin had an orgasm, she laid down on the bed.

Because his mother was not above him anymore, Xiao Tian sat upright.

Ye Qingyu was surprised when her nephew suddenly sat upright.
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