Illicit Relationship Chapter 93

90 Aunt Drink It

"Huft Huft Huft Huft Huft" the sound of Ye Qingyu breathing slowly could be heard on Xiao Tian's ears.

After Ye Qingyu's breathes back to normal, Xiao Tian grabbed his aunt's lingerie, intending to take off his aunt's lingerie.

Ye Qingyu immediately sat upright, cooperating with her nephew so her nephew could take off her lingerie more easily.

After taking off the nightgown and leaving nothing but a thong, Ye Qingyu laid on her back again.

"Aunt, press your breasts together." After seeing his aunt's beautiful breasts, Xiao Tian desired to fuck his aunt's pretty breasts. That was why he placed his cock between his aunt's breasts.

Upon hearing her nephew's words, using her hands, Ye Qingyu touched her breasts and pressed her breasts together.

"Ahh... It's warm" Ye Qingyu felt her breasts were hot when she pressed her nephew's cock between her breasts.

As Xiao Tian was thrusting his cock between Ye Qingyu's breasts and was treating it as if Ye Qingyu's breasts were her pussy, Ye Xueyin moved next to Xiao Tian and grabbed his face before starting to kiss his lips.

Xiao Tian, who was suddenly kissed by his mother, didn't stop thrusting his cock between his aunt's breasts.

As her nephew was thrusting his cock between her breasts, Ye Qingyu kept looking at her nephew's cock, which was in and out of her breasts as if her nephew's cock wanted to pierce her face. She then saw that there was a pre-cum on the tip of her nephew's cock, and her breasts immediately became wet because of her nephew's pre-cum.

A few minutes later, Xiao Tian has reached his limit, so he stopped kissing his mother and spoke to his aunt, "Aunt, open your mouth!"

Realizing that her nephew was about to cum and want to let out his sperm on her little mouth, Ye Qingyu slowly opened her mouth, waiting to receive her nephew's sperm on her mouth.

Xiao Tian immediately put his cock inside his aunt's mouth after seeing his aunt open her little mouth.

"I'm cummingggg" Xiao Tian grabbed his aunt's head and pulled her head to him.

Ye Qingyu widened her eyes when her nephew suddenly pulled her head. She thought her nephew only desired to release his sperm on her little mouth, but she didn't expect that her nephew would pull her head toward her nephew.

After letting out all his sperm into his aunt's mouth, Xiao Tain pulled out his cock "Aunt, open your little mouth and show me the sperm that I've released in your mouth."

Ye Qingyu was stunned after hearing her nephew's words. She didn't expect that her nephew requested her to show him the sperm in her mouth. Even though Ye Qingyu's mind was against it but her mouth slowly opened on its own, allowing her nephew to see the sperm on her mouth.

Upon seeing the white sperm on his aunt's mouth, Xiao Tian nodded his head in satisfaction as if he just did something spectacular. "Mm. Mm. Good! Aunt, drink it!" for visiting.

After hearing her nephew's words, Ye Qingyu looked at her nephew for three seconds before drinking her nephew's sperm.


The sound of Ye Qingyu drinking her nephew's sperm could be heard in her nephew's ears.

Xiao Tian immediately kissed his aunt's forehead and smiled. "How is it, aunt? Is it delicious?"

Even though Ye Qingyu thought that her nephew's sperm was delicious, she didn't say it because she was embarrassed to say it.

Xiao Tian knew that his aunt was too shy to say it. That was why he didn't mind it and just kissed his aunt's right eye. "Aunt, let move to the main dish."

Once again, his aunt didn't answer him, but Xiao Tian noticed that his aunt showed no reaction of rejecting.

Ye Qingyu, who saw that her nephew was spreading her legs widely, didn't' try to cover her pussy. She was only looking at her nephew intently as if she was waiting for her nephew to penetrate her pussy with his huge, long cock.

After placing his cock in his aunt's vagina entrance, Xiao Tian wanted to thrust his cock, but he suddenly noticed that his aunt was looking at him intently.

Xiao Tian stopped what he was doing and bent over. He touched his aunt's cheeks with his right hand and smiled. "What is it, aunt?"

Upon seeing her nephew's smile, Ye Qingyu's face broke into a smile. "Nothing"

After kissing his aunt's forehead, Xiao Tian spread her legs again. "I will put it in."

This time, even though Ye Qingyu was still shy, she nodded her head, giving her nephew a sign that she was ready to take her nephew's cock in her pussy.

When Xiao Tian saw his aunt was nodding her head, Xiao Tian started to thrust his cock.

"Mmmmm," Ye Qingyu could feel that hew nephew's cock slowly entered her pussy, spreading her muscle pussy to his cock size.
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