Illicit Relationship Chapter 90

87 Thank You For Taking Care Of Me And Make Me Happy

After kissing for a few minutes, Ye Qingyu broke the kiss and smiled at her nephew. When Xiao Tian saw his aunt's smile, a beautiful smile also rose on his face.

"Tian" Ye Xueyin shouted

When he heard his mother shouting his name, Xiao Tian immediately turned around.

"Tian" Ye Xueyin shouted again while running toward her son. As soon as she was in front of her son, she immediately jumped on him.

After seeing his mother jump on him, Xiao Tian immediately caught his mother. He was used to his mother's behavior, who often suddenly jumped at him. Xiao Tian had told his mother many times that it was dangerous to jump on him like that but, his mother had never listened to him, making him could only sigh and hope nothing would happen to his mother when she jumps at him in the future.

"What is it, mother?" Xiao Tian inquired.

Ye Xueyin didn't respond her son's question and suddenly kissed his lips.

When his mother was kissing him, Xiao Tian immediately welcomed the kiss, intertwining their tongues and exchanging saliva.

Ye Qingyu, who saw her big sister kiss her nephew hungrily, giggled and said, "It seems big sister is jealous after seeing what we did earlier" for visiting.

As Ye Xueyin was kissing her son, she wrapped her legs tightly around her son's waist and touched her son's neck right under his ears, to make it easier for her to kiss her son and dominate the kiss.

Ye Qingyu, who saw her big sister kissing her nephew passionately, covered her mouth. She wondered if she was likes her big sister when she kissed her nephew earlier.

As Ye Qingyu lost in her own thought, Ye Xueyin, who was kissing her son, started breathing heavily and wringing her son's hair.

Ye Xueyin and Xiao Tian kissed for about forty seconds before Ye Xueyin broke the kiss. "Tian, mother is happy right now." Ye Xueyin voiced out her feeling to her son.

Upon hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian smiled and said, "Me too. I'm also pleased right now because I can spend time with mother and aunt in this wonderful place,"

After Xiao Tian put her mother down, they played with water for several minutes before it was time for the sun kissing the cerulean water.

As the sun was setting, Xiao Tian, Ye Qingyu, and Ye Xueyin stopped paying with water and sat on the sands. At that time, Xiao Tian was sitting between his mother and aunt.

The sound of ocean water waves hitting the shore, the gentle breeze that makes their hair and clothes dancing along with it, and the beautiful orange-colored sky, created a relaxing atmosphere for them.

"It's beautiful!" Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu stated at the same time.

"Yes. it's beautiful." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a moment. With his right hand grabbing his aunt's hips while his left hand grabbing his mother's hips, Xiao Tian then continued, "But, what makes me happy is not this beautiful atmosphere. It's because I can spend time together with aunt and mother in this magnificent atmosphere."

"Tian, we'll be together forever, right?" Ye Xueyin asked, as she leaned her head on her son's left shoulder.

Hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian turned his head to looked at his mother's eyes. "Mother, please don't say something like that in the future because, whatever happens in the future, I, Xiao Tian will always be by mother and aunts side forever and ever, until my last breath."

When her son's eyes were locked on her, Ye Xueyin knew that those words were coming out from the bottom of his heart.

"You have to remember the words you had said because mother will be angry if you forget your words in the future," Ye Xueyin said, ensuring that her son has to remember all the words he had said to her.

"Do not worry, mother. I'm a man of my words. Even if in the future, mother and aunt hate me or don't want me to be by your side, I will do anything, so I can be by your side again, even though I have to lose everything in the process to make it happen." Xiao Tian answered in the gentle and sincerity tone, making sure his mother to never have such thoughts in the future.

"Tian." Ye Qingyu spoke, calling her nephew's name abruptly.

Turning his head to the right side, Xiao Tian smiled softly and said in a soft loving voice, "Mm, what is it, aunt?"

After locking her eyes into her nephew's eyes for about three seconds, Ye Qingyu's face broke into a soft smile, "Thank you"

"I should be the one who says that," Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a moment before he continued, "Thank you for taking care of me and make me happy. I'm so pleased having sweethearts and family, like both of you."

"If you are so happy, then you should cherish aunt and big sister ev" Ye Qingyu spoke halfway before correcting her words "You should cherish aunt and big sister forever and ever, and don't ever make us sad, do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand. I'll cherish aunt and mother forever. If in the future, I unwittingly hurt or make both of you sad, please tell me so, I can apologize and remember not to repeat it again," Xiao Tian answered while looking at his aunt.

Xiao Tian was not a perfect human being. That was why, even though he will give his best to make his aunt and mother happy and doesn't want to hurt them; there must be a time, where he unwittingly hurts his mother's and aunt's feeling, which is why he wants his mother and aunt to tell him if one day he involuntarily hurt their feelings.

"Un" Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

'Aunt, mother, I hope I can make both of you happy forever and ever. I have promised my predecessor that I will take care of both of you and won't make both of you sad.'

Xiao Tian then hugged his mother and aunt tighter.

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin leaned their heads on Xiao Tian's shoulders when he embraced them tighter.
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