Illicit Relationship Chapter 9

6 Maternal Aun


He opened the door, as soon as the door opened, he saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him. yes, it's his aunt. Her name is Ye Qingyu, she is his maternal aunt, this year she is twenty-eight years old.

She was wearing a slim white dress that makes anyone could see her perfect figure, her black hair descending down onto her waist like a waterfall. Her dark grey eyes are as deep as the night skies and her skin glistening like the luster of beautiful jade, every part of her is like a perfect piece of artwork.

He was stunned.

are the women around him all beautiful? First, Lin Xing Xue, then his aunt even his mother that already in her thirty-five years old still look beautiful. he thought to himself

Suddenly he wanted to look at his face because he thinks if his mother and his aunt are beautiful, he's sure that he is also good looking.

Actually, he was curious because he didn't know why his appearance in his memories was vague, not like other people in his memories.

" hmm. do you still want to see your beautiful aunt? " she said seductively " should your aunt do a sexy pose for you? "

" yes please do some sexy pose for me, aunt. " he said as he smiled.

If a beautiful woman wanted to do some sexy pose for him, of course he'll accept it without thinking because it could be said as a gift from heaven

Hearing his answer, she was dumbfounded because she remembered that he was a shy person, that why she has always teased him whenever she sees him.

" eh. What did you say? " she wanted to make sure that she didn't hear it wrong so she asked again.

" Please do some sexy pose for me aunt " he said as he smiled

He was waiting for her to do a sexy pose, he wanted to know, was she dare to do that or not? because in his memories, his beautiful aunt was always making fun of him but he was not Xiao Tian, he is Huang Chen who's taking over Xiao Tian body so of course, he won't pretend to be a shy people, whatever happened he'll be himself in the past or in the future.

" What's wrong, aunt? What take you so long just to do some sexy pose ? " he said as he smirked " do you need me to help you? I can search for a sexy pose on the internet if you want "

seeing she failed to tease him for the first time, she was annoyed and immediately coming inside the house and ignoring him.

A fragrant wind blew past him as his beautiful aunt passed by him. he stood there like a statue for a few seconds because of it.

but after the smell of her fragrant disappeared, he just realized that he was standing there alone, therefore, he closed the door and locked it.

After arriving in the living room, he saw his aunt was chatting with Lin Xing Xue. He suddenly remembered what he did with Lin Xing Xue earlier.

Not long after that, his mother was coming out of her bedroom and his aunt immediately stood up and hugged her " big sis, it has been a while. I miss you "

Ye Xueyin looked at Ye Qingyu and said " un. It's been about one and a half years "

" big sis, what happened to that brat, why is there a bandage on his head? " asked Ye Qingyu

When Ye Qingyu says brat, it was obvious she was talking about Xiao Tian.

Ye Xueyin told her what had happened to him from the start until the end. When Ye Xueyin had finished telling the story to Ye Qingyu, Ye Qingyu was shocked, like when Lin Xing Xue was telling Ye Xueyin the story.
for visiting.

Ye Qingyu didn't know he was so brave, facing thugs and saved the woman, it was like in the legend, a hero saving beauty.

" so how long you will be stay over this time? " asked Ye Xueyin

" big sis, I am transferred to the company that's located here, in Shanghai. So from now on, we will be together again every day " said Ye Qingyu as she smiled happily

After her parent passed away all Ye Qingyu has are only her big sister and her nephew so for her, to be able to stay together again was the happiest thing in her life.

When Ye Qingyu was working in Beijing, she was often busy so she only can visit her big sister and nephew once a year and she always misses them in Beijing.

In the past, Ye Qingyu was working in Shanghai but she was transferred to Beijing because of her good work. after she was working in Beijing she regretted it because she couldn't spend her time with her big sister or nephew again so she always looking for a way to get transferred back in Shanghai but always got rejected by her boss.

This time her friend had become her boss so she asked her friend to transfer her back to Shanghai, at first her friend rejected it but after asking her friend repeatedly finally her friend gives in and made her transferred back to Shanghai.

Ye Xueyin was happy when she heard that "really? "

" un " Ye Qingyu nodded as she smiled " and I can help you in the coffee shop too "

" no. you don't need to help me in the shop. You already working, you'll be tired if you help me in the shop too. " said Ye Xueyin " I can still do it myself "

" Qingyu, Have you had dinner ? " asked Ye Xueyin

" I already ate dinner " said Ye Qingyu as she nodded

After that Ye Qingyu, Ye Xueyin, Lin Xing Xue and Xiao Tian were talking together while they were watching TV in the living room. Time went by quickly and it was already at 10 P.M so Lin Xing Xue asked for leave.

When Lin Xing Xue left Xiao Tian's house, he was immediately run after her.

" wait " he said as he run after her

" Xiao Tian. What are you doing here? " she said

" I'm worried, what if there are another thugs that want to do something to you again " he said worriedly

" don't worry, I'll be alright, because there are a lot of people on this road " she said as she smiled

" but.. " he wanted to say something but got interrupted by her

" no but.. hurry up come back. Your mother will be worry. after all, you are still hurt. Look, there is a bandage on your head " she said as she touched her head.

She was touched when she knew that he was worried about her and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

Looking at her beautiful smile, he unconsciously walking toward her and hugged her.

She was shocked by his sudden hug and immediately said " what are you doing? "

" what ? is it wrong for me to hug my lover? " he said as he hugged her tightly

" alright, alright. Are you done hugging me? " she said as she gently patting his back

" one more hour. " he said

She shouted in surprise " heyy. That too long "

He let her go of his hug and said " be careful little Xue "

" un " she nodded " hurry up and come back "

But he didn't come back, he even brought his face closer to her face. she knew what he wants to do at this time, suddenly her heart was beating faster and faster until his lips were touching her lips.

There was no tongue on this kiss, it was a pure love kiss. She closed her eyes to feel his kiss.

After a few seconds, when he broke his kiss, she opened her eyes and immediately she blushed.

" as I thought, my lover is cute " he said as he laughed

She turned her head and said " who is your lover? "

" of course it's you, little Xue " he said as he pointing his index finger at her

She crossed her hand in front of her chest and said " I still haven't accepted you as my boyfriend "

" it's alright because it will happen in the near future, " he said as he laughed

she pushed him and said " alright. Hurry up come back to your house "

" alright, my princess. " he smiled

Then she walked to her home. after she had arrived in front of her house, she suddenly stopped her footstep and said " alright, I'm already at my house so you can go home now "

suddenly a young man with a bandage on his head was coming out and said " how did you know I'm following you"

She turned around and said " at first I just feel it but after I was walking at the street vendor where the uncles ware talking about us earlier, I was sure that you were following me "

He was already making sure that she didn't know he was following her but looked like he was underestimating her instinct

" thank you Xiao Tian " she said lovingly and then beautiful smiled appeared on her face

Looking at her beautiful smile and hearing her melodic voice, it was like rain the middle of summer. At this time he likes her even more. Inside his heart, he will do anything to make her his woman and he will protect or make her happy.

" it's alright. Hurry up come inside your house. It's cold outside, it's bad for your body " he said as he smiled

She was pleasantly surprised by his word and nodded " un "

Then she coming inside her house and he then left
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