Illicit Relationship Chapter 87

84 I Am So Beautiful And Sexy

After closing the curtain, Ye Xueyin tried on the lingerie.

When Ye Xueyin looked at herself in the mirror, her face turned red like a tomato "How can my son become a pervert like this? He even wants his mother to wear this kind of lingerie."

When Ye Xueyin saw her nipples and pussy even though she was wearing lingerie, she suddenly wanted to touch her pussy and nipples. for visiting.

"Hmmm," Ye Xueyin bit her lower lip and half-closed her eyes. "I suddenly want to have sex with my son. It's because of this erotic lingerie and my pervert son."

Ye Xueyin immediately blamed her son and the crotchless lingerie when she suddenly felt aroused.

But, if I wear this crotchless lingerie, I don't need to take off my underwear and bra when I want to have sex with my son later because my son's cock can immediately enter my pussy and he can even suck my nipples too. Un. This crotchless lingerie is not bad, and it also fits my body perfectly. I will buy these crotchless lingerie. Ye Xueyin thought to herself

Thinking about what would happen when she wears that crotchless lingerie in front of her son, she felt her body suddenly itchy, and her legs become weak.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu, who finished choosing the lingerie, walked toward Xiao Tian. "Tian, have big sister finished trying on the lingerie?"

"No. Mother is still trying on the lingerie right now?" Xiao Tian pointed his index finger at the fitting room where his mother was trying on the lingerie. "Aunt, you will show me the lingerie you choose later, right?"

"Dream on," Ye Qingyu said, sticking out her tongue. She then entered the fitting room and closed the curtain.

"You don't want to show it to me, huh. But... Hehe," an evil smiled suddenly appeared on Xiao Tian's face.

Inside the fitting room, Ye Qingyu, who wanted to try on the lingerie she chooses, took off all her clothes.

After putting on the lingerie, Ye Qingyu looked at herself in the full-body mirror and nodded her head in satisfaction "This lingerie is good. It's suit my body very well."

Ye Qingyu, who wore black lingerie, was checking herself in many different angles. Even though the lingerie was suitable for her body, she wanted to make sure that the lingerie also feels comfortable when she makes many different poses.

"I'm so beautiful and sexy," Ye Qingyu stated while making a sexy pose.

"Yes, you're right. You're beautiful and sexy, aunt," At that time, after making sure that there were no people around the fitting room, Xiao Tian decided to peep at his aunt.

At first, Xiao Tian only wanted to know what kind of lingerie his aunt picked, but he didn't expect that his aunt would make a sexy post while wearing the lingerie.

Because Ye Qingyu was focused on checking herself, Ye Qingyu didn't know that Xiao Tian was peeking at her from the start.

"Kya" Ye Qingyu let out a cute voice when she saw that her nephew was peeking at her. She immediately covered her breasts and pussy using her hands, even though she was still wearing lingerie, "Tian, what are you doing?"

"Peeking at you." Xiao Tian answered honestly, "Aunt, why are you covering your breasts and pussy? You're still wearing lingerie so, I can't see your br--- wait. I've seen your naked body many times so, what's the point of covering your body? And please continue doing a sexy pose?"

"That's right, Qingyu. Tian has seen your naked body many times. Just show him the lingerie that you wear. Oh! And please do some sexy pose again," At that time, after Ye Xueyin came out of the fitting room, she saw her son was peeking at someone. She immediately knew that her son was peeking at her little sister. That was why she also peeped at her little sister.

Once again, Ye Qingyu was shocked after hearing her big sister voice.

But, at that time, it wasn't just Ye Qingyu, who was shocked, Xiao Tian, who peeked at his aunt, was also shocked.

Xiao Tian thought someone saw him peeking at his aunt, but after hearing it was his mother's voice, he immediately felt relieved.

Because his mother was peeking at his aunt from under him, Xiao Tian lowered his head and said, "Mother, are you done choosing the lingerie?"

"Yes," Ye Xueyin nodded her head.

"Can both of you leave, please?" Ye Qingyu still has two lingerie that she wanted to try. However, if her big sister and her nephew keep peeking at her, she couldn't try on the lingerie because it would be embarrassing to try on the other lingerie if her big sister and her nephew kept looking at her.

"Why?" Xiao Tian asked

"Un, why?" Ye Xueyin added

"Get out, or I will scream," Ye Qingyu hoped she would succeed in threatening them because she wanted to try on all the lingerie that she chose earlier.

"Tian, let's leave," Ye Xueyin didn't want to disturb her little sister anymore so she would give her little sister some privacy.

"Alright," Xiao Tian thought he didn't need to continued peeking at his aunt because he could ask his aunt to show the lingerie she chose at home.

Ye Qingyu was relieved when her big sister and her nephew left. She then tried on the other lingerie she chose, and of course, she also did many sexy poses again.
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