Illicit Relationship Chapter 86

83 Lingerie Store

After they left the female's clothing shop, they wanted to look around before going to the beach. Suddenly, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin saw a lingerie shop.

Staring at each other and nodding their heads as if they agreed on something, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu held Xiao Tian's hands and headed to the lingerie shop.

Turning his head to the left and right, Xiao Tian was curious why his mother and aunt suddenly held his hands at the same time.

Xiao Tian had no idea what his mother and aunt wanted to do at that time, so he only followed them with a smile on his face.

However, when Xiao Tian realized that they were walking towards the lingerie shop, his smile froze on his face.

In his two lives, Xiao Tian had never entered a lingerie shop, so when his mother and aunt dragged him to the lingerie shop, he felt his blood freeze.

In his past life, because his father was the wealthiest person in Beijing, he rarely came to the store if he wanted to buy something. Usually, every time he wanted to buy something, he only called the store manager to come to his house and bring the stuff he wants to buy, but now, his mother and aunt even dragged him to enter the lingerie shop.

He was fine if it was another shop but, lingerie shop was... well, because it was the first time he had entered the lingerie shop, his complicated feelings could be seen on his face.

"Mother, aunt. Suddenly, my stomach hurts a lot. I have to go to the restroom," Xiao Tian tried to give an excuse so he could leave the lingerie shop.

"Don't lie," Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin said at the same time.

They knew that he was lying to them. That was why they held his hands tighter, ensuring that he could not run away.

"I am not lying. I'm telling the truth!" Xiao Tian kept trying his best to give them an excuse so he could get away from that lingerie shop because the moment he entered the lingerie shop, almost all the women in the lingerie shop looked at him in disgust.

"Tian.." Ye Xueyin said with a sad face, trying to make her son stay.

Even though Xiao Tian knew that his mother was only pretending to be sad to keep him from leaving the lingerie shop, he could only sigh and gave in, "Alright. I won't go anywhere."

Ye Xueyin giggled the moment her son decided not to leave the lingerie store.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched upon seeing his mother giggling

After that, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin began looking at lingerie for them.

"Look, that young man over there!"

"Wow! He is brave enough to enter the lingerie shop" for visiting.

"What a pervert!"

"Hehe. But he is very handsome"

"What a pity, such a handsome young man but.. sigh."

"Why? There is no rule that a man can't enter this lingerie shop, right? As long as he enters this lingerie shop with a woman, it doesn't matter."

"Yes, you're right. There is no rule that a man can't enter this lingerie shop, but.. Sigh. Does he not feel ashamed to enter the lingerie shop? Young people nowadays Forget it! Let's find sexy lingerie for our lovers."

"If only my boyfriend is as handsome as him, I would wear sexy underwear every day for him."

"You, horny girl!"

"Haha. Men and women are the same. We're all horny people who want a pleasure all the time. It's just that we, women, are better at hiding it."

"Yes, yes. Whatever you say, you, horny bitch."

"Hahaha. You're also a horny bitch."

"Yes, yes... Up to you. Let's find sexy lingerie."


Xiao Tian, who was the only man in the lingerie shop, closed his eyes the entire time and crossed his hands over his chest.

But suddenly, he felt someone kissing his left cheek.

Upon feeling the lips touching his left cheek, Xiao Tian opened his eyes and turned his head to the left. Even though Xiao Tian had guessed the person who kissed him, he wanted to make sure that what he had guessed was correct.

And what he guessed was indeed true, because as soon as he saw the person who kissed him, that person, who had just kissed him, smiled beautifully and said, "Hehe. Tian, why did you close your eyes?"

The reason Xiao Tian closed his eyes was that he didn't want to see others staring at him with disgusted eyes

"Nothing. Mother, are you done choosing the lingerie?" Even though Xiao Tian wanted to see his mother and aunt wear the lingerie they had chosen in the fitting room, Xiao Tian decided against it after remembering that he was the only man in the lingerie shop.

"What are you talking about, Tian? Mother hasn't even tried a single lingerie yet!" Ye Xueyin spoke and paused for a moment. Using her right hand, Ye Xueyin grabbed her son's left hand and continued, "Mother wants to try on this lingerie. Let's head to the fitting room. Mother wants to know about your opinion of the lingerie that mother had chosen."

Forget it. Forget it. Nobody knows me here, so I'll think other people like air. Xiao Tian thought to himself,

"Wait here. Mother wants to change first," Ye Xueyin said before she entered the fitting room and closed the curtain.

Standing in front of the fitting room, Xiao Tian waited for his mother to change into lingerie. Even though he wanted to treat other people in the lingerie shop as air, he still couldn't help himself from turning his head to the left and right, checking whether anyone was looking at him with disgust on their face or not.

After about ten minutes, Ye Xueyin opened the curtain. After raising her head slightly, she placed her right hand over her head and her left hand on her hips while one of her legs out to the other side. After she made a sexy pose, she said teasingly, "Tian, what do you think? Do you think mother is sexy?"

"Sexy," Xiao Tian said before finally a perverted idea appeared on his mind. "Wait a minute, mother."

Xiao Tian began searching for sexy lingerie.

Ignoring the strange stares that the other female customers had towards him, he kept looking for sexy lingerie for his mother.

After he found what he wanted, an evil smiled appeared on his face. Xiao Tian immediately took the lingerie and returned to the fitting room

"Mother, you will be sexier if you wear this lingerie," Xiao Tian said while giving the lingerie to his mother.

When Ye Xueyin saw the lingerie her son had picked for her, her face turned red like a tomato.

What Xiao Tian gave his mother was crotchless lingerie with a bra that has a vertical hole, so that if she wears that lingerie, he would be able to see her nipples and pussy.

"Tian, this is... "Ye Xueyin didn't know what to say. She had never worn crotchless lingerie before, so when her son gave her crotchless lingerie, she didn't know what should she do.

Ye Xueyin didn't want to disappoint her son, but wearing crotchless lingerie in that place was too much for her. It would be fine if she only wears it at home because the people who would see her were only her son and little sister.

"Mother, it's okay if you can't show it to me here. Just try and see if it's the right size or not. You can show it to me at home, "At that time, what's on his head was how to make sure that his mother and aunt would buy crotchless lingerie because he had not seen a woman wearing crotchless lingerie for a long time.

In his past life, he often called the store manager to bring crotchless lingerie to his home and made a woman wear it. But in this life, he still hasn't had a chance to make a woman wear crotchless lingerie, so because they were in the lingerie shop, he will make sure that his mother and aunt will buy crotchless lingerie.

"Alright," Ye Xueyin said before she closed the curtain and tried the crotchless lingerie.

Xiao Tian was happy when his mother agreed to try on the crotchless lingerie
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