Illicit Relationship Chapter 84

81 Lets Go Shopping

After Xiao Tian paid the food, they left the Bamboo Restaurant. At that time, Yun Xin Er's smartphone suddenly rang, and the person who called her was her manager.

Yun Xin Er's manager informed her that she suddenly has a meeting with someone and requested her to return to the Li entertainment company immediately.

Yun Xin Er was unhappy after hearing her manager's words because she could no longer spend time with Xiao Tian and others. However, Yun Xin Er had no choice but to leave. After saying goodbye, Yun Xin Er left.

"Mother, aunt, let's enjoy the center of Shanghai first before going home," it was the first time Xiao Tian has gone to the center of Shanghai with his mother and aunt. That's why he wanted to enjoy the beauty of Shanghai downtown with his mother and aunt before returning home. for visiting.

"Yes," Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin replied at the same time.

Ye Xueyin also thought it would be better to enjoy Shanghai downtown rather than to go straight home.

Ye Qingyu was happy upon hearing her nephew's words because, when she was in Beijing, the thing she wanted to do the most was to spend her time with her family. Ye Qingyu was so lonely when she lived in Beijing.

Even though Ye Qingyu had friends who she could spend time with, but it couldn't be compared to the time she spends with her family. Her big sister and her nephew were everything to Ye Qingyu because they were her only family.

"So, where should we go?" even though Xiao Tian has a few places he wanted to visit, but he didn't want to be selfish. He wanted to know their opinions first because their happiness is the most important thing for him.

If he visits someplace, but his aunt and mother don't like the place, it would be meaningless because his main purpose was to make his aunt and mother happy.

At that time, Ye Xueyin was thinking about the place they should visit while they were in the center of Shanghai.

"How about we go shopping?" the reason Ye Xueyin wanted to go shopping was that she desired to buy clothes to make her look young and beautiful. It has been a long time since she buys new clothes. Even though all her outfits in her closet were excellent and she looks gorgeous when she wears it, but Ye Xueyin thought she needs to buy new clothes, the new clothes that can make her son unable to turn his gaze from her when she wears it.

When Ye Xueyin remembered that the women around her son were young and beautiful, like Yun Xin Er, who was gorgeous and young, Shi Fei, who was sexy and young, or Lin Xing Xue, who was pretty and mature, Ye Xueyin felt like her position was in danger.

Ye Xueyin was not as young as Yun Xin Er, Lin Xing Xue, or Shi Fei. That's why she needs to put more effort into securing her place in her son's heart so that her position in her son will not change despite many beautiful and young women around her son.

Ye Xueyin thought she would start by buying clothes that could make her son stun when she wears it.

At first, Ye Xueyin wanted to ask her son to give her several clothes because her son sells good clothes. However, every time she tried to ask her son to provide her with some clothes, she didn't know how to say that.

Ye Xueyin decided that this would be the last time buying clothes in other shops. Next time, she would ask her son if she desires some clothes because she didn't want her son to think badly about her for buying clothes at another store.

"What do you think, aunt?" even though Xiao Tian had guessed the answer, but he wanted to hear it from his aunt's directly.

"Un. It's a good idea," Ye Qingyu said as she nodded her head, agreeing with her big sister's idea.

Upon hearing his aunt's answer, Xiao Tian could only sigh. He had no idea why his aunt always accepts his mother's words. It seems like his aunt always prioritizes his mother's happiness over her own happiness.

Why do you always prioritize your big sister's happiness over her own happiness, aunt? Xiao Tian thought to himself.

After taking over Xiao Tian's body, he, Huang Chen, or now Xiao Tian, had never heard his aunt say NO to his mother's words. He didn't know why his aunt always relents to his mother. There was also no memory from his predecessor about that.

I'll try harder to make my aunt happier. He thought to himself.

"Aunt, do you have any other ideas?" Xiao Tian wanted to know Ye Qingyu's opinion, so he asked his aunt again, "You know, we can go to the place you want to go after we go shopping."

"How about we go to the beach after we go shopping?" Ye Qingyu voice out her opinion, "We can see the sunset on the beach, and it will be a wonderful time for us to see the sunset together."

"That's a good idea, Qingyu." Ye Xueyin agreed with Ye Qingyu's opinion. She thought, seeing the sunset with her son and little sister would be a beautiful moment for them.

After hearing his aunt express her opinion, Xiao Tian was happy, so he kissed his aunt's left cheek. "That's a brilliant idea."

Upon seeing her son kissed her little sister cheeks, Ye Xueyin grabbed her son's hands. "Tian, mother wants a kiss too."

Xiao Tian thought his mother also wanted a kiss on her cheeks but, he was wrong because when he was about to kiss his mother cheeks, his mother touched her lips with her left hand and said, "here. I want you to kiss my lips."

Xiao Tian had no idea that his mother was so brave, requesting to kiss her lips on the road.

However, because Xiao Tian didn't want to disappoint his mother, he brought his face closer to his mother's face.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son's face was coming closer to her face, she pouted her lips and closed her eyes, preparing to welcome her son's kiss.

Xiao Tian, who saw his mother pouting her lips and closing her eyes, couldn't hold himself from laughing. Ye Qingyu was also laughing when she saw her big sister pouting her lips and closing her eyes.

Upon hearing the laugh of her son and her little sister, Ye Xueyin opened her eyes and asked, "Why? Why are both of you laughing?"

Ye Xueyin had no idea why her son and little sister were laughing. She was only pouting her lips and closing her eyes. She didn't do anything strange so, she was curious why her son and little sister were laughing.

"Nothing, mother, nothing," Xiao Tian said, trying not to laugh anymore.

"Tian, hurry up and kiss mothe" Ye Xueyin spoke halfway before she stopped because she suddenly remembered something. "I demand you to kiss this big sister's lips right now."

After hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian immediately remembered what had happened in the couple cafe.

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded after hearing her big sister's words, "What? Big sister?"

When Xiao Tian saw his aunt's astonished face, Xiao Tian began to explain what had happened in the couple cafe.

After Xiao Tian finished explaining everything, Ye Qingyu laughed louder. Even though she once called Xiao Tian' big brother,' but it was when they were having sex, she never called her nephew 'big brother' except when they were having sex.

That was why, after hearing her big sister call herself 'big sister' to her son, she laughed loudly.

"Qingyu, stop laughing." Ye Xueyin was unhappy after seeing her little sister laughing like that.

"Alright big sis, I'm not laughing anymore." Ye Qingyu covered her mouth, trying to hold back her laughter.

"Tian, hurry up and kiss this big sister" Ye Xueyin demand again

"Alright." Xiao Tian said as he brought his face closer to his mother's face.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son's face was coming closer to her face again, she closed her eyes and pouted her lips again, but this time, Xiao Tian didn't stop in the middle and kissed her mother lips for around five seconds before he broke the kiss.

After he kissed his mother's lips, a beautiful smile appeared in his mother's face. When Xiao Tian saw a beautiful smile on his mother's face, his face broke into a soft smile.
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