Illicit Relationship Chapter 82

79 Bamboo Restauran

After driving for about ten minutes, they finally arrived at the restaurant.

The name of the restaurant was Bamboo restaurant. It's called Bamboo restaurant because the building was made from bamboos and there were several small bamboo trees near the restaurant.

When Xiao Tian and the others were almost at the restaurant entrance, they saw a middle-aged man standing at the entrance. The middle-aged man was wearing a suit, and a beautiful smile appeared on his face after seeing Yun Xin Er.

"Good afternoon Miss Yun. Do you want to eat in the usual place?" the middle-aged man asked after Yun Xin Er, and the others were in front of him.

Yun Xin Er stopped her footsteps when she was in front of the middle-aged man. "Good afternoon, manager Chu. Please take us to the usual place."

"I understand," manager Chu replied. After that, Manager Chu escorted them to the table where Yun Xin Er usually ate.

Before coming to the Bamboo restaurant, Yun Xin Er had sent a message to the manager Chu, telling him that she would have lunch at Bamboo restaurant.

After manager Chu received a message from Yun Xin Er, he immediately ordered two waiters to prepare the table where she usually ate. After that, he waited for Yun Xin Er to arrive at the restaurant entrance.

The restaurant has two different places for customers to eat. One for ordinary customers and one for important customers. The place for ordinary people was rectangular, with tables and chairs neatly arranged.

They walked past the building for ordinary costumers, and after walking for about 40 seconds, they finally saw the place to eat for essential costumers.

To get to that place, they need to walk on a white rectangular stone. The white stone has a length of about two meters and a width of about one meter, which was neatly arranged as a bridge to the building because a pond surrounded the building.

After crossing the stone bridge, manager Chu and the others headed to the table where Yun Xin Er usually ate. When they arrived, two professional waiters, who wore a white shirt and black trousers, smiled at them.

The two professional waiters bowed slightly after seeing their manager and the others.

"Welcome costumers. Please have a seat," one of the waiters said as he smiled.

Yun Xin Er and others immediately sat on the chairs. The dining table was rectangular with four chairs. The table was covered with a white tablecloth, and there was a candle in the middle of the table.

After one of the waiters wrote down their orders, the manager said, "Alright, I will take my leave. If Miss Yun and the others need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me."


Xiao Tian Looked at Yun Xin Er after seeing how Manager Chu behave in front of Yun Xin Er.

"Alright," Yun Xin Er answered while Xiao Tian, Ye Qingyu, and Ye Xueyin only smiled.

The waiters and manager Chu immediately left.

"This place is beautiful!" Xiao Tian said,

The building was circular, and of course, it was built by bamboo too.

The table and chairs were close to the pond, allowing Xiao Tian, who was sitting near the pond, to touch the water if he wants to.

In the middle of the pond, several small bamboo trees were decorated with lights. The distance between one bamboo tree and the other bamboo tree was around four meters.

This restaurant is exquisite. I'm sure; this restaurant will look more beautiful at night. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"That's right," Yun Xin Er spoke and stopped for a second before she continued, "But the scenery here will be more beautiful at night."

Xiao Tian nodded his head, agreeing with Yun Xin Er's words.

"Miss Yun, do you often eat here?" Ye Xueyin was curious about it because they treated Yun Xin Er very well. Even the manager waited for them at the entrance.

"Oh! Lately, I often come here, especially at night. This restaurant is wonderful at night. It makes me feel calm when eating here," Yun Xin Er knew Bamboo restaurant after meeting with a clothing designer for her concert in the past. The clothing designer arranged a meeting at Bamboo restaurant.

When Yun Xin Er first came to the Bamboo Restaurant, she was amazed at how beautiful the restaurant was at night.

The lights that emitted yellow rays, the bamboo trees which were decorated with colorful lights, the dining table which was located close to the pond, all of that made Yun Xin Er feel calm. That was why she came to the bamboo restaurant several times after she had a meeting with the clothing designer.

Too bad it's still daytime so they can't see the beautiful landscape in this Bamboo Restaurant. Yun Xin Er thought to herself.

"Little brother, it seems you were born to become a businessman. You started your business a few days ago, and now you already want to open your first offline shop," Yun Xin Er still had a hard time believing that Xiao Tian would open his offline shop in a few days. Even though it was her, who was promoting his online shop but, his business growth was too fast.

Yun Xin Er thought, at least Xiao Tian needs a few months for his business to grow rapidly and open his first offline shop, but she was wrong. It only took a few days, and Xiao Tian's company had developed very well.

Well, all the clothes in his online shop have an excellent design, so it's naturally that his business is developing rapidly. He is even still nineteen years old. He is still young, very young, but his clothing designs are on a par with professional designers who has many years of experience. Just who is his teacher? Yun Xin Er thought to herself,

"Big sister Yun is overpraising me. I'm just a typical college student. It's because big sister Yun helped me promote my online shop. That's why my online shop can grow until it reaches what it is now," Xiao Tian stated the truth. Even though he has good clothing design, without Yun Xin Er's help, his business will not be developing very rapidly like that. Because it's hard to make other people know about his online shop if he tries to make other people know his online shop by himself. for visiting.

He at least needs to advertise his online shop, but it won't be as good as Yun Xin Er promoting his online shop. There was a lot of online shop advertisements on TV, but the people who watched the ads are only slightly interested or maybe not interested at all.

It's different if he advertises his online shop using famous people, many people will check his online shop, or at least that renowned person's fans will check his online shop.

Yun Xin Er was very famous in China, coupled with his excellent clothing design, which he knew from his previous life, Xiao Tian was 100 % sure that his business will grow rapidly.

"Yes, Miss Yun. All of Tian's successes are due to Miss Yun had promoted Tian's online shop," Ye Xueyin was sure all of this was due to Yun Xin Er, who helped her son promote her son's online shop.

"No, No. I'm only promoting little brother's online shop, nothing more than that. It's because little brother's clothing design is perfect. That's why his business is developing rapidly," Yun Xin Er was sure all of that was because Xiao Tian's clothing design was perfect. "Mrs. Ye is fortunate to have a son like little brother. Little brother is still young, but little brother has become a successful businessman."

"Miss Yun, you should stop praising Tian, or he will fly to the ninth cloud," Ye Qingyu asserted when she saw her nephew smiling after hearing Yun Xin Er praise him.

"What are you talking about, aunt?" Xiao Tian was happy because a pretty lady praised him, making him smile from ear to ear. However, his happiness was shattered to dust after hearing his aunt's words.

"What am I talking about?" Ye Qingyu stared at her nephew, "You were smiling like an idiot when Miss Yun praised you."

"No. No. No. You're wrong there, aunt!" Xiao Tian shook his head and denied shamelessly, "I'm smiling because I'm happy to be able to eat with beautiful ladies."

Did I look like an idiot just now? Not good, not good. I need to maintain my good image. As a handsome young man with a bright future, I need to maintain my good image. Xiao Tian thought to himself,

"You always know to answer," Ye Qingyu stated,

Yun Xin Er and Ye Xueyin, who saw them behaving like that, smiled beautifully.
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