Illicit Relationship Chapter 81

78 Both Of You Look Beautiful

After they had satisfied themselves in pleasure, they laid down on the bed for five minutes, before finally, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin headed to their room to take a shower.

After bathing, they immediately began eating breakfast together in the dining room.

"Ahhh. I'm full!" Xiao Tian spoke after he finished his breakfast, "Mother, aunt, we will leave after washing the dishes."

Last night Xiao Tian told his mother and aunt that he would go to the center of Shanghai to find a place for his offline shop.

Xiao Tian questioned them whether they wanted to go with him or not.

Upon hearing his words, his mother and aunt nodded their heads, agreeing to go to the center of Shanghai with him.

However, when he told them that Yun Xin Er would be helping him in finding the places, Xiao Tian could see jealousy in their eyes, even though they didn't say a single word about it.

After washing the plates, they immediately headed to their room to change to another outfit.

Five minutes later, Xiao Tian finished changing his outfits and waited for his aunt and mother in the living room.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes changed into hours, but his aunt and mother stillweren't over with switching to different clothes.

At that time, Xiao Tian could only sigh and shook his head. for visiting.

Not long after that, his mother and aunt came out of their bedroom.

His mother wore a white blazer, paired with a black T-shirt underneath and matching black jeans, while his aunt wore a pink blazer, paired with a black T-shirt beneath and white jeans.

Upon seeing his mother and aunt, Xiao Tian wasn't able to turn his gaze away and just stand like a statute as if the world lost its color. After a few seconds, Xiao Tian came back to his senses and said, "Mother, Aunt, both of you look so gorgeous."

Ye Xueyin was pleasantly surprised by hearing her son's words and smiled wonderfully, "Thank you."

While Ye Qingyu only turned her head and spoke nothing, but a smile arose on her face after turning her head.

Looking at how beautiful his aunt and mother looked in their clothes, Tian lowered his head and gazed at his clothes.

Xiao Tian was wearing black jeans and a dark grey turtleneck sweater. The neck of the sweater was loose and high enough to touch his chin.

At that time, Xiao Tian wondered whether he should change his outfits or not because, after seeing his mother and aunt, he felt that his clothes were not right to stand beside them.

My aunt and mother look so pretty in their clothes. Does my outfit look good when I am standing next to them? Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Upon seeing her son, who was lost in his thought, Ye Xueyin walked closer to her son and stated, "Tian, what's wrong?"

Xiao Tian instantly comes to his senses after hearing his mother's voice. "I was pondering, should I change my clothes or not? Because Mother and aunt look so gorgeous in your clothes."

"Tian, you don't need to change your clothes. This outfit suits you very well. You look so handsome wearing those outfits," Ye Xueyin replied and paused for a few seconds before looking at her little sister and continued, "Isn't that right, Qingyu?"

"Un. I think you don't need to change your outfits. The clothes you wear right now are befitting of you," Ye Qingyu responded with, telling the truth. In her eyes, her nephew looked more handsome and cool in those clothes, making her unable to turn her gaze.

But, of course, she didn't want to say that her nephew was so dazzling in her eyes.She only indicated that the clothes her nephew wore suited him.

Upon hearing his mother and his aunt's words, Xiao Tian decided not to change his attire. If his mother and his aunt didn't mind his clothes, he'd wear it.

After taking a taxi for about forty minutes, they finally reached in the center of Shanghai.

Xiao Tian immediately took his smartphone from his pocket and called Yun Xin Er. After waiting for around ten minutes, Yun Xin Er came and quickly brought them to the place that she told him about.

When they reached their destination, a middle-aged man was waiting for them. They thought that he was the owner of the building that Xiao Tian wanted to rent.

The building was around 18x16 meters with a large parking area. The building wasat the edge of the main road so, people will notice the establishment when they pass by.

When Xiao Tian knew that there weren't many clothing stores near the building, making him like that building more.

After inspecting the outside of the establishment, Xiao Tian and others entered it, intending to observe the inside of the building.

Inside the building, there was one bathroom, two restrooms, and one large room. After checking inside the building, Xiao Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. Xiao Tian then asked the owner about the rent fee, etc.

At first, the establishment fee was too high, but because Yun Xin Er assisted him bid the price, the owner ultimately reduced the price. After they have a deal with the price, Xiao Tian decided to rent that building for one year.

After he was done with everything, they went to eat someplace because it was time for lunch.
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