Illicit Relationship Chapter 80

77 Morning Pleasure


The sound of alarm echoed in Xiao Tian's bedroom. He slowly opened his eyes upon hearing the ringing of the alarm.

A smile appeared on Xiao Tian's face when he saw his mother and aunt, who were still sleeping naked on both sides, while hugging his hands.

A few seconds after Xiao Tian got up, his mother and aunt woke up too. Turning his head to the right side, Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's forehead and spoke tenderly, "Good Morning, aunt."

"Good Morning, Tian," Ye Qingyu replied as she kissed her nephew's right cheek.

"Tian, what about mother?" Ye Xueyin inquired with a pout.

Upon hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian turned his head to the left and gave a peck on his mother's forehead and responded lovingly, "Good Morning, mother."

"Good Morning, Tian," Ye Xueyin smiled, then using her left hand, she touched her lips and continued, "Tian, here too."

"Sure." Xiao Tian immediately brought his face closer to his mother's face again.

Upon seeing her son's face getting closer to her face, Ye Xueyin slowly opened her little mouth, as if she was ready to welcome her son's lips with a passionate kiss.

When Xiao Tian's lips were touching his mother's lips, his mother's tongue instantly tried invading his mouth, like giving a signal that his mother wanted to do an intense kiss with him.

Not disappointing his mother, Xiao Tian opened his mouth and inserted his tongue, seeking for his mother's tongue. After a second, their tongues met and promptly intertwined.

Ye Qingyu, who saw them have a deep kiss, unconsciously opened her mouth and spoke hazily, "Tian Aunt.., Aunt wants a kiss too."

Ye Qingyu, at first, was satisfied with a good morning kiss. But, when she witnessed her big sister and nephew doing a deep kiss after they woke up, suddenly, a feeling of desire to do an intense kiss with her beloved nephew erupted inside Ye Qingyu.

Upon hearing his aunt's words, Xiao Tian broke the heated kiss with his mother and directed his head, towards his aunt.

When Xiao Tian was facing his aunt, his aunt rapidly moved her face closer to his face. At first, his aunt only kissed him casually, but a few seconds later, his aunt began smooching him strongly.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son and little sister kissing so dearly, she quickly crawled to her son's lower body and spread her son's legs.

After that, Ye Xueyin sat down between her son's legs. Because they were sleeping naked until a moment ago, she could feel her son's cock directly.

At the same time, using his left hand, Xiao Tian pinched his aunt's erect pink nipples. However, because his aunt's lips were entangled with his lips, his aunt's moans were not clear.

Since Xiao Tian and his aunt were smooching in an uncomfortable position, Xiao Tian felt his neck tingling in pain, causing him to break the kiss.

Ye Qingyu knew the reason her nephew stopped the kiss, because she also felt her neck hurting. Since she wanted to continue kissing her nephew, Ye Qingyu shifted her body and stood on all fours. Her knees were on both sides of her nephew's waist while her hands were placed on her nephew's chest.

After Ye Qingyu positioned her body adequately, she instantly drew her face in front of her nephew's face, intending to resume where they left off earlier.

Upon seeing his aunt's face approaching his face, Xiao Tian opened his mouth to embrace his aunt's kiss.

As her son and her little sister smooched each other deeply, Ye Xueyin was startled when she saw her little sister's ass was in front of her.

While still stroking her son's cock using her right hand, utilizing her left hand, Ye Xueyin spread her little sister's pink pussy and put her tongue inside her little sister's pussy.

"Ahhhnhh.. Big sister's tongue is inside my pussyAh.." Ye Qingyu felt as if an electric jolt running through her entire body when her big sister's tongue abruptly entered her pussy.

Ye Qingyu raised her head and gritted her teeth when she felt her big sister's tongue skillfully moving inside her pink pussy. After she took deep breaths for a few seconds, Ye Qingyu got near her nephew's face and began battling with her nephew's tongue intensely again.

Love juice started dripping from Ye Xueyin's pussy when she was stroking her son's cock and playing with her little sister's pussy using her tongue, but she ignored it and continued what she was doing.

Not long after that, Ye Xueyin stopped caressing her son's cock and moved her hand to her little sister's ass hole.

"Ahhhnh.. Big sis, not my ass hole tooAhAhh" Ye Qingyu moaned when she sensed one of her big sister's finger was going inside her ass hole.

When his aunt halted the kiss, using both hands, Xiao Tian lowered his aunt's head and began kissing her lovingly.

Ye Qingyu felt her body losing stregnth when her big sister and nephew were pleasing her simultaneously. Because the pleasure she was feeling was too marvelous, Ye Qingyu thought she was close to climaxing.

Ye Qingyu wanted to stop the kiss because she was almost at the edge, but because her nephew wrapped his hands around her neck and won't let it go, coupled with her body which was in a weakened state, she couldn't end the kiss and just decided to continue it

"Hmmm..Ahh.Mnmm..mm..Ah..," Ye Qingyu opened her eyes wide when she reached her climax. As she achieved her climax, love juices were spurting out, making Xiao Tian's waist and cock wet from her liquids before falling on the bedsheet.

Xiao Tian immediately broke the kiss after he saw his aunt was done with her climax.

"HuftHuftHuftHuft " the sound of Ye Qingyu breathing heavily could be heard in the room.

After her little sister finished her climax, Ye Xueyin lowered her head and put her son's massive cock into her mouth slowly.

When her son rod was in her mouth, Ye Xueyin could taste her little sister's love juices on it. As she gave her son a blowjob, using her left hand, she played with her wet pussy before finally, she put two of her fingers in her pink pussy.


The sound of Ye Xueyin giving her son a blowjob echoed in the bedroom.

As his mother was presenting him with a blowjob, Xiao Tian caressed his aunt's cheeks and gazed at her. Like she knew what he wanted, his aunt opened her mouth, ready to accept his kiss.

Seeing his aunt opening her mouth, Xiao Tian immediately lowered his aunt's head and kissed her. They had a hot kiss for a few minutes, before Xiao Tian felt like he was about to approach climax.

Xiao Tian instantly broke the kiss and kissed his aunt's neck strongly, leaving a hickey on it.

"Hmmmm..mm.." Ye Qingyu shut her eyes when her nephew was kissing her neck strongly, giving her a hickey.

While Ye Xueyin, who knew that her son was close to climaxing, moved her head faster and faster before stopping when her son spurted inside her mouth and filling it with her son's semen.

After her son finished his climax, Ye Xueyin pulled out her son's cock and inched towards her little sister. Like they had the same thought, Ye Qingyu immediately opened her mouth.

When her little sister opened her mouth, using both of her hands, Ye Xueyin raised her little sister's head before opening her mouth, too, sharing her son's sperm with her little sister.

They had a satisfying expression when they drank Xiao Tian's sperm. After they shared her nephew's sperm, Ye Qingyu pushed her big sister down.

Upon seeing his aunt pushing his mother down on the bed, Xiao Tian knew what his aunt wanted to do. As Ye Qingyu was on top of her big sister, she began kissing her big sister's lips, which got welcomed by her big sister.

When Xiao Tian saw his mother and aunt having an intense kiss, he crawled towards his mother and licked his mother's pussy.

"Hmmmm..mmm..nm..," Ye Xueyin cried out with pleasure when she felt her son licking her pussy. for visiting.

As Xiao Tian licked his mother's pussy, using his right hand, he played with his mother's clitoris, too, making his mother moan again.

Because Ye Xueyin was already turned on before her little sister and son giving her pleasure, it didn't take a long time before she felt like she was about to orgasm.

Ye Xueyin immediately broke the kiss when she sensed she couldn't hold it back anymore, "Ah.CummingCumming I'm cummingAnhh.." Ye Xueyin enveloped her hands around her little sister's neck when she started orgasming.

After she finished her climax, Ye Xueyin let go of her hands and was panting heavily "HufttHufttt.Huft."

After that, they laid down on the bed for a few minutes before taking a shower.

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