Illicit Relationship Chapter 8

5 Why Are You Smiling?

Hugging Lin Xing Xue from behind, Xiao Tian could smell the fragrance of her body every time he breathed, making him want to tease her.

Xiao Tian decided to move her hair to the left side and kissed the right side of her right neck gently .

Feeling Xiao Tian's lips on her right neck, Lin Xing Xue's entire body trembled for a second. She stopped washing the dishes for a few seconds before washing the dishes again. "What are you doing?"

"Kissing your neck. Little Xue, don't mind me. Just continue washing the dishes." Xiao Tian said.

"How could I not care about that!" Lin Xing Xue said in a small voice.

Lin Xing Xue wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened. However, her body responded to his kiss.

As Lin Xing Xue washed the dishes, Xiao Tian kept kissing her neck before working his way up to her right earlobe. Because Xiao Tian kept kissing her right earlobe, Lin Xing Xue couldn't wash the dishes properly. She ended up spending a lot of time washing one dish before finally, she couldn't wash the dishes anymore.

At this moment, Xiao Tian could barely contain himself. He wanted to push her down and do SHAKE-SHAKE-AH-Ah thing with her.

[ Shake-shake-ah-ah thing = have sex. if you ask why? My answer is because I want to write it like that. haha]

At that moment, Xiao Tian tried his best not to become a beast and force his way on her. It could make Lin Xing Xue hate him. He needs to make the right time to do shake-shake-ah-ah thing with her. However, there was one problem. His cock was standing firm.

Xiao Tian placed his cock between her buttocks and slightly moved his waist.

Feeling something big and hard between her ass, Lin Xing Xue knew that it was his cock. Feeling that sensation again after such a long time, Lin Xing Xue bit her lower lip and half-closed her eyes.

Knowing that Lin Xing Xue didn't push him, Xiao Tian became bolder and kissed her right neck a little more passionately while his hands were squeezing her breasts.

Feeling his kiss and his hands that's squeezing her breasts, the lust within Lin Xing Xue's body began to grow rapidly, making her lean her head on his left shoulder. "Ahh No.Ah.. Stop it..Ah.."

Seeing Lin Xing Xue react to his kiss, there was no way Xiao Tian would stop what he was doing because he knew Lin Xing Xue liked what he was doing.

If Lin Xing Xue didn't like what he was doing, she would have been angry and push him away. However, she did nothing, and she even moaned.

Aware that she began losing herself in lust, Lin Xing Xue thought that she had to stop it. It would be dangerous if they keep doing what they were doing because they were not alone in the house.

However, Lin Xing Xue's body betrayed her mind because the lust within her body had piled up, making her lose herself in lust.

After playing with Lin Xing Xue's breasts for a few minutes, her nipples began to erect and look as if trying to get out of her blue shirt.

Xiao Tian pinched her nipples gently and pulled it before letting her nipples go.

"Ahh." Lin Xing Xue bit her lower lips and let out a soft moan.

Ling Xing Xue's soft moan was like a beautiful song in his ears. Xiao Tian wanted to hear it again. Therefore his left hand went under Lin Xing Xue's blue shirt from near her neck to squeeze her soft bare breasts and play with her nipples, making her moan repeatedly.

"No,..Ah. We must stop thisAh "Lin Xing Xue tried hard not to let out her moan.

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her right ear and said, "You said we have to stop this, but why did you move your ass?"

"What are you talking about? I did nothing!" Lin Xing Xue didn't realize that she moved her ass. She thought Xiao Tian was the one who moved his waist.

"Is that so? But I also didn't move my waist." Xiao Tian said while enjoying the soft tenderness of her ass.

"Ah Stop it! I have to finish washing the dishes." Lin Xing Xue could barely contain herself and was afraid she would go wild.

It has been a long time for Lin Xing Xue to feel that feeling again, that's why it would be dangerous if she let it out. She was in someone else's house, and they were not alone, either.

Xiao Tian grabbed Lin Xing Xue's waist and turned her body around to make her face him. "Little Xue, just forget about washing the dishes."

After saying that, Xiao Tian tried to take off the dishwashing gloves that she was wearing

Lin Xing Xue immediately had her hands behind her back and said, "No! I promised your mother that I'd wash the dishes."

Lin Xing Xue thought, after putting her hands behind her back, Xiao Tian wouldn't be able to take off the dishwashing gloves that she was wearing. However, she was wrong.

Xiao Tian immediately hugged Lin Xing Xue and grabbed her hands. His cock, which had been hard from rubbing her ass before, was now poking her pussy through her skirt.

When Xiao Tian's cock was poking her pussy, Lin Xing Xue could feel his hard cock, because only her thin skirt separated it.

"Hmmm," Feeling that sensation again after a long time, Lin Xing Xue's head fell on his left shoulder.

After Xiao Tian managed to take off the dishwashing gloves that Lin Xing Xue was wearing, Xiao Tian put the dishwashing glove on the table and said gently, "I'll help you later."

"You never helped me! All you did was only teasing me," Lin Xing Xue's head was still on his left shoulder, and she began to breathe heavily

Using both hands, Xiao Tian touched her cheeks and raised her face to make her look at him. "But you like it, right?"

"I.. I.." Lin Xing Xue was too shy to answer it. "You... You always bully me"

"My little lover is this cute, so how could I not bully you," Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

"Who's your lover?!" Lin Xing Xue said, pretending she was angry

"Tian, open the door! Your aunt can't enter the house." Ye Xueyin suddenly shouted.

Upon hearing Ye Xueyin's words, a smile appeared on Lin Xing Xue's face, but for some reason, she was also disappointed while Xiao Tian, on the other hand, was twitching his lips.

"Hurry up and open the door! Your aunt is waiting for you." Lin Xing Xue said, touching his shoulders. "Your aunt will be angry if you open the door too late for her."

"Let her wait! Let's continue what we did just now," Xiao Tian said.

"Tian, have you opened the door?" Ye Xueyin shouted again

"Did you hear that? I'm sure your aunt is calling your mother using her smartphone. Your mother is angry because it was disturbing her time in the bathroom. Hurry up and open the door!" Lin Xing Xue said while pushing him.

Xiao Tian wanted to continue what he was doing with Lin Xing Xue. However, his mother had told him to open the door for his aunt. Xiao Tian had no choice but to obey it. If it were someone else, he would have ignored it, but he could not disregard his mother's words. He had promised to the owner of the original body that he would obey his mother's words and make his family happy.

Even though Xiao Tian was disappointed, he couldn't do anything about it.

After taking a deep breath, Xiao Tian broke into a smile. Xiao Tian knew that there was a green light with Lin Xing Xue, and he was happy because of it.

"Why are you smiling?" Lin Xing Xue asked with puzzlement.

She didn't know why he suddenly smiled. She thought he would be sad.

"Nothing. I'm happy because you accepted me as your lover," Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

She hit his chest gently and said, "When did we become lovers?" for visiting.

"Just now." Xiao Tian said as he looked at her lovingly. "Little Xue, I want to open the door for my aunt first, or else my mother will be angry at me again."

"Un. Hurry up and open the door." Lin Xing Xue said as she pushed him from behind.

Edited by vrethragna
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