Illicit Relationship Chapter 79

76 We Should Do This More Often

After Ye Xueyin had climaxed, she pulled out her son's cock from her pussy and laid down on her back, catching her breath before continuing again later.

Knowing his mother was resting on the bed next to him, Xiao Tian stopped licking his aunt's breasts and wrapped his hands around his aunt's back.

Ye Qingyu lowered her head and gazed at her nephew. She was curious to know why her nephew suddenly stopped licking her bosoms.

But not long after that, she was startled and hastily enveloped her hands around her nephew's neck, when her nephew suddenly sat on the bed, making her feel like she was about to fall.

When he sat on the bed with his legs outstretched, Xiao Tian looked at his aunt lovingly and said, "Aunt."

At that time, Ye Qingyu and Xiao Tian stared at each other deeply for a few seconds, before finally, Ye Qingyu touched his cheeks and kissed his lips for two seconds.

Ye Qingyu knew what her nephew wanted, so after kissing her nephew's lips, she straddled his waist and positioned her feet on the bed. She then bent her knees to lower herself onto her nephew. Using her left hand, Ye Qingyu grabbed her nephew's cock and directed it to her pussy's entrance.

"Ahhhhhh" Ye Qingyu wailed in delight when her nephew's cock entered her pussy slowly.

When Xiao Tian's cock fully entered his aunt's pussy, he placed his right hand on his aunt's hips while his left hand was on his aunt's buttocks.

Using both hands, Qingyu touched her nephew's cheeks before finally, raising her nephew's face and kissing him on the lips. At first, it was just a normal kiss, but it only lasted for a few seconds before turning into a passionate kiss.

As they kissed intensely, Ye Qingyu caressed her nephew's hair and started to move her hips up and down slowly, making her gorgeous breasts bounce as well.

Seeing Ye Qingyu's jugs that were moving around, Ye Xueyin, who now was breathing normally, relocated behind her little sister and squeezed her little sister's soft bosoms.

"Ahhhhh" Ye Qingyu was startled and broke the kiss with her nephew because of her big sister abruptly clutching her breasts, but she didn't stop moving her hips and only moaned.

Seeing his mother milking his aunt's breasts, Xiao Tian moved his hands and clasped his mother's breasts.

"Ahhhh" Ye Xueyin cried out seductively as her son suddenly squeezed her breasts.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu also groaned loudly because when Xiao Tian pinched Ye Xueyin's nipples until making her gasp loudly, unconsciously, she also held Ye Qingyu's nipples strongly. This made her movements come to a pause.

Upon witnessing his aunt pausing her hips motion, Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her and entangled his lips with hers.

As her son was kissing her little sister's lips, using her right hand, Ye Xueyin pushed her little sister's hair to the other side and began licking her little sister's right neck while staying behind.

Ye Qingyu and her nephew kept satisfying each other for a few minutes until finally, Ye Qingyu, who was receiving pleasures from both her nephew and her big sister, couldn't hold it back anymore, making her end the kiss with her nephew and leaned her head on her big sister's shoulders.

Seeing that, Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's neck, making her let out multiple groans.

Enjoying the smooch, Ye Qingyu started calling her nephew's name as she moaned bewitchingly.

Upon hearing his aunt calling out his name as she was moaning, it felt as if it was the rain in the summertime, making Xiao Tian stop kissing his aunt's neck. for visiting.

Xiao Tian then looked at his aunt's face, who had a fascinating expression, for a few seconds before he gazed at his aunt's neck again.

Seeing her smooth, milky white beautiful neck, Xiao Tian started tasting his aunt's neck before finally, he kissed it strongly, intending to give a hickey.

"Tian, don't leave a hickey in that place! Aunt can't cover it." Ye Qingyu said when she understood her nephew's plan to give her a hickey on her neck.

After presenting his aunt with a hickey on her neck, Xiao Tian looked at her and grasped her breasts, "So, if I give you a hickey on this place, you don't mind right?"

Xiao Tian kept pressing his aunt's breasts, providing his aunt with an indication that he desired to give a hickey on her bosoms.

When Ye Qingyu heard what Xiao Tian said, she blushed and didn't respond to him.

Seeing his aunt flushing and not say a single word, Xiao Tian knew that she didn't mind it if he gave her a hickey on her breasts.

With a smirk on his face, Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's neck, before working his way down to her breasts. After that, he smooched his aunt's right breast firmly.

Wrapping her hands around her nephew's head, Ye Qingyu held her nephew's head to her tits and bit her lower lips when her nephew was playing with her right breast intensely.

At that time, Xiao Tian felt like his aunt's pussy was clutching his cock tightly, and her pussy muscles were also moving wildly.

After he finished playing with his aunt's breast, Xiao Tian gazed at the place where he kissed her earlier. Xiao Tian smiled in a satisfied manner when he saw a red sign on his aunt's right breast.

Seeing his son giving her little sister a hickey, Ye Xueyin was full of envy.

"Tian, Mother, wants a hickey too!" Ye Xueyin expressed as she touched her neck using her index finger of the right hand.

Not like his aunt, his mother wanted him to give her a hickey where people can see it. Seeing that, Xiao Tian smiled, and replied, "Sure."

Xiao Tian then lowered his aunt's head to the left side while making his mother's head go to the right side so that he could give his mother a hickey.

"Hmmm..m.mm. " Ye Xueyin half-closed her eyes when her son started kissing her neck. She was delighted to have him giving her a hickey.

It's like a sign that she was his woman and not mother, well even though she knew that she was his woman and his mother at the same time.

But with a hickey on her neck where other people could view it, it gave everyone a clue that Ye Xueyin has a partner who loves her dearly, even though her beloved was her son.

After granting his mother a hickey, Xiao Tian immediately spoke, "Let's change positions."

They quickly changed their positions where Ye Qingyu was on top of Ye Xueyin. Ye Qingyu was facing Ye Xueyin while Ye Qingyu's ass was facing Tian.

After that, Xiao Tian placed his cock on his aunt's pussy opening before finally, ramming his cock inside her.

"Hiiii...Ahh" Ye Qingyu gritted her teeth when her nephew shoved his huge cock in her pussy in one go.

As Xiao Tian was thrusting his cock inside his aunt's pussy repeatedly, using his right hand, Xiao Tian inserted his index and middle finger in his mother's honeypot, making her wail in pleasure.

Xiao Tian's bedroom was full of his mother and aunt's moans, the sound of the immoral thing they were doing. As he kept shoving his cock in his aunt's honeypot and played with his mother's garden, his aunt and mother stared at each other for a while before beginning to kiss each other intensely.

As Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were kissing, their nipples started to touch each other's, making them hornier every time those juicy pearls touched the others.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian stopped playing with his mother's garden. Using both of his hands, he grabbed his aunt's hips and raised her body, making her stand on her knees on the bed while Xiao Tian kept on ramming his rod deep inside his aunt from behind.

As Xiao Tian was thrusting his rod inside his aunt, her head leaned on his left shoulder, and the body was swaying backward and forward, following his rhythm.

Ye Qingyu kept gasping as her nephew was hitting her insides deeply with his cock, and she also opened her little mouth, making saliva ooze out from the corner of her mouth.

Seeing her little sister's bosoms swaying around, Ye Xueyin, stood up on her knees and licked her little sister's left nipple while her left hand, pinched her little sister's right nipple.

Not long after that, Ye Qingyu felt like she was about to climax, "Cumming, cumming,.ahh.ah.a. I'm cummingnhhhh"

Her body twitched for a few seconds after she climaxed, while Xiao Tian ended his movement when he knew his aunt had done climaxing.

"Mother, please lay on your back again," There was a position that Xiao Tian wanted to try. That's why he asked his mother to lay on her back again.

"Why?" Ye Xueyin questioned. But despite that, she still did what her son had told her.

After his mother laid down on her back, Xiao Tian placed his aunt on top of his mother. Ye Xueyin was interested in what her son desired to do.

After placing his aunt on top of his mother while she was facing her big sister and his aunt's ass facing him, Xiao Tian planted his huge cock in between his mother's and aunt's gardens.

"Ahhhhhh..., " his mother and aunt moaned at the same time as Xiao Tian was moving his cock between their pussys because, at that position, every time he pushed his cock, it was rubbing their clitorises.

Xiao Tian also felt great waves of pleasure when his rod was going in between their wet pussys. The feeling of two gardens rubbing his cock was so delightful, that it made him groan aloud in satisfaction

At that moment, Ye Qingyu was already so weak that she couldn't move her body anymore. Her frail head was leaning on her big sister's shoulder.

Ye Xueyin, who was feeling marvelous with her son's cock grinding her clitoris every time her son moved his waist, extended her hands forward, giving her son a signal that she wants a hug and kiss.

Not disappointing his mother, Xiao Tian lowered his upper body and kissed his mother. They smooched each other dearly for a few minutes before finally, he felt like he was about to reach climax.

Xiao Tian broke the kiss and moved his waist quicker and quicker, making his aunt and mother moan faster too.

"Cumming..ahhnh..Cumming... I'm cumming...ahH..h," Xiao Tian groaned loudly when he reached his climax.

After a few seconds later, he finished cumming, and laid down on his back beside his mother's right side, while his mother, placed her little sister on her left side.

"Ah..AhAh It feels so great, mother," Xiao Tian mentioned while still panting heavily.

"Yes.. it feels wonderful! We should do this more often in the future," the pleasure that Ye Xueyin felt was excellent, making her want to do that again in the future.

Hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian nodded his head, "Sure."

With that said, they laid on the bed for a few minutes before falling asleep.

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