Illicit Relationship Chapter 77

74 Lets Hold Hands

When they were having dinner, two people walked to the small circular stage room. After those two people were on a small circular stage, one person sat in front of the grand piano and lifted the lid while the other person sat on the chair carrying a flute.

After those two people looked at each other and nodded their heads, a calm and beautiful melody came out and entered the costumer's ears.

Upon hearing the sound of piano and flute, the costumers immediately felt calm, as if all the burden in their life were lifted.

Autumn restaurant was famous for its beautiful view at night, and customers can see the beauty of Shanghai at night.

From Autumn restaurant, they could see various colors of lights illuminate the beauty of Shanghai. Coupled with soothing music, Autumn restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Shanghai.

For this reason, Autumn restaurant immediately became the most famous restaurant in Shanghai after they inaugurated the restaurant.

"Little brother, I've checked your online shop before, and saw many people buy clothes in your online shop." Yun Xin Er said while slicing the steak using a steak knife, "The clothes that you sell in your online shop are now more numerous, there are already various types of clothing for males and females in your online shop."

Yun Xin Er thought Xiao Tian would only sell clothes for a woman but, when she checked his online shop last time, there were already various types of clothing for men too.

"Will you be adding various types of clothing for children too?" Yun Xin Er asked curiously

"Of course. I'll design it later but, not now, because I'm busy right now" Xiao Tian has various types of clothing designs for men, females or children, so naturally, he will sell various types of clothing for men, females or children. It's just, he had a limited time to design all of it.

Due to his limited time, he even thought that it's time to hire a designer to help him design the clothes.

"You know how to design clothes for children too?!" Yun Xin Er asked in surprise. "Wait, don't tell me, you design all the clothes in your online shop?"

"Un. I know how to design clothes for children, and yes, all the clothes were designed by me" Xiao Tian nodded his head

"Wow...ehm, little brother, you didn't forget about your promise, right?" Yun Xin Er asked as she smiled.

When she suddenly brought up the word promise, Xiao Tian stopped eating and looked at her. "Don't worry. I still remember it. alright, this dinner is on me?"

"No! This dinner is on me. I want little brother to take me to dinner in a special place, not in a place like this"For Yun Xin Er, eating in Autumn restaurant was normal. There was nothing special about it. Therefore, she wanted him to take her to have dinner at a special place, and that special place is up to him.

"Special place?" Xiao Tian asked with puzzlement. He thought he only needed to treat Yun Xin Er to dinner after she had promoted his dresses because she only told him that he should treat her to dinner. "But, big sister Yun, isn't this dinner is special too? We are having dinner at the most famous restaurant, and the view from here is stunning. We can even see the beauty of Shanghai, coupled with the calm melody played by musicians, isn't this dinner special?"

"No. I don't want to have dinner in a place like this again when we have dinner later. Take me to a place that can make me happier than this place," prodded Yun Xin Er.

Seeing her behaves like that, Xiao Tian could only sigh. He thought she must often eat in a place like this. That's why she wanted him to take her somewhere she had never visited. for visiting.

"Alright, alright. I'll think about it later." Xiao Tian said, giving up.

After hearing his words, a smile appeared on her face, "Really? How about tomorrow?" Yun Xin Er couldn't wait for that to happen and was curious to know where he will take her to have dinner later.

"I can't. Tomorrow, I need to go to central Shanghai. I want to open my first offline shop over there, and I need to find a suitable place to open it." At first, Xiao Tian wanted to look for a place to open his offline shop in the next few days, but suddenly he decided against it. He thought the faster he open his offline shop, the faster he can get more money.

Many people also asked him to open an offline shop as soon as possible, because they thought, with offline shops, they can try the clothes and know whether the clothes are suitable for them or not.

Even though all the clothes have a size, sometimes, the size doesn't fit on their bodies. That's why some people prefer offline shops than online shops.

"What?" Yun Xin Er said in surprise.

It's hasn't been a month since she promoted his online shop, and he already wanted to open his first offline shop.

Isn't it too fast for him to open his first offline shop? Did he make a big profit in such a short time? I know his design is all excellent but isn't this too fast for him to open his first offline shop. She thought to herself

Yun Xin Er had a hard time believing what she was hearing, and what more was, Xiao Tian wanted to open his first offline shop in central Shanghai.

All the places in central Shanghai are expensive and yet he still wanted to open it in the center of Shanghai.

Just how much is the profit he gets per clothes? Yun Xin Er thought to herself.

Suddenly Yun Xin Er remembered something "Little brother, I know the most strategic place for your first offline shop."

"Oh! where is it?" Xiao Tian asked curiously.

"Yuwen Mall." Yun Xin Er said.

"Yuwen Mall. Is it Yuwen Mall, which is the biggest Mall in Shanghai?" Xiao Tian asked.

"Un. Un" Yun Xin Er nodded.

"No. No. I don't need to open my shop at the Mall, on the roadside is fine, as long as it's in central of Shanghai"Even though Xiao Tian was interested, but opening his first offline shop in the biggest Mall in Shanghai is a big NO for him. Not only the rent fee was high, but the taxes as well. Maybe in the future, he will consider opening his offline shop in the mall, but not now.

"Don't worry. I know someone who can reduce the rental fees and mall tax." Yun Xin Er said.

Upon hearing that, he was interested but, after thinking for a while, he thought to open his first offline shop in the mall is not the best choice.

"Big sister Yun, I think I'll pass for now." Xiao Tian declined her offer, "Do you know another strategic place to open my offline shop?"

Yun Xin Er is a famous singer and has a lot of money, so he thought she had a lot of connections or at least knew of a good place to open his offline shop.

Yun Xin Er touched her chin and thought for a moment, before finally, she said, "I know. Let's go to that place tomorrow."

"Alright," Xiao Tian said happily

They chatted until 10.pm before finally, they went home.



Xiao Tian opened the door and wanted to head to his bedroom immediately but, when he was in the living room, he saw his mother and aunt were watching TV.

When Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin sensed that there was someone behind them, they immediately turned their heads.

"Tian, you're already home!" Ye Xueyin said. After saying that, she stood up and ran toward him. When she was close to him, she suddenly jumped at him.

Seeing his mother jump at him, Xiao Tian immediately caught his mother and smiled at her.

"Tian, mother misses you." Ye Xueyin said as she wrapped her hands around his neck.

"I miss you too, mother." Xiao Tian said as he smiled. After saying that, he walked toward the couch and laid her down next to his aunt.

"I'm home, aunt." Xiao Tian said as he kissed his aunt's right cheek.

"Welcome home." Ye Qingyu said as she smiled.

Seeing her little sister get a kiss, Ye Xueyin, who saw it, immediately wanted to get a kiss too.

"Tian, mother, wants a kiss too," Ye Xueyin said as she touched her right cheek using her index finger.

Seeing his mother's cute behavior, Xiao Tian immediately smiled and kissed her right cheek too.

"Tian, sit here. Sit between us," Ye Xueyin said as she grabbed his right hand. They immediately gave him space for him to sit between them

"Alright, alright," Xiao Tian said, sitting between his mother and aunt.

"Tian, let's hold hands," Ye Xueyin said as she slipped her finger into his and squeezed his hands.

Xiao Tian immediately squeezed his mother's hand back, and after that, he looked at his aunt and said, "Aunt, do you want to hold hands too?"

Ye Qingyu didn't answer Xiao Tian's question but, her hand had suddenly moved toward his. Upon seeing that, Xiao Tian slipped his fingers into hers and squeezed it too.

A smile appeared on Ye Qingyu's face when Xiao Tian squeezed her hand before she finally squeezed his hand back.
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