Illicit Relationship Chapter 76

73 Autumn Restauran

Upon sensing that Xiao Tian was walking closer to her, Yun Xin Er, who sat on the couch said, " what took you so lo-- " Yun Xin Er spoke halfway and couldn't finish her words when she suddenly saw him.

Yun Xin Er couldn't stop herself from being stunned like a statue when staring at him from head to toe. She knew that he is a handsome young man but at that time, he is so dazzling and the clothes he wore suited for him, making him look more handsome and mature at the same time.

" wow, little brother, you're so perfect, " Yun Xin Er said once she came to her senses. After saying that, she grabbed his hand and continued " let's go "

After Xiao Tian closed the door, they headed to Yun Xin Er's silver-colored BMW i8.

" Can you drive? " Yun Xin Er asked, showing Xiao Tian the car keys.

" of course. " Xiao Tian said as he nodded.

In his past life, his father owns a lot of cars, from ordinary cars to luxury cars, from antique cars to the newest cars.

He even drives a different car every day because his father had so many cars, making the people who see him burning with envy.

Yun Xin Er was surprised by his words.

At first, Yun Xin Er only wanted to give him a chance to look cool, because she thought, when going out on a date, a man would feel embarrassed when a woman was driving a car while the man was sitting in the passenger seat.

"really? " Yun Xin Er wanted to make sure that he was telling the truth, not because he wanted to make himself look cool in front of her

"Yes" even though Xiao Tian had never driven a car in his new life, but in his past life, he had driven a car even when he was in his first year of high school.

Looking at his expression, Yun Xin Er threw the keys to him " here, drive it "

Seeing she throw the key to him, Xiao Tian caught it and nodded his head " alright "

At first, Xiao Tian drove at normal speed but when he saw that there were only a few cars on the road, he suddenly changed the engine from normal mode to sport mode and drove faster.


The sound of a car engine turns louder when it changed from normal mode to sport mode.

" haha.. I miss this sound. " Xiao Tian was happy to hear the sound of a car engine. Because in his new life he did not have a car, he felt alive again when he heard the sound of a car engine in sports mode, making him remember his past life.

actually, Xiao Tian wanted to buy a car but decided against it because he thought, it wasn't the right time to buy a car. he wanted to expand his business first before deciding to buy a car.

" I don't know you're good at driving, little brother? " At first, Yun Xin Er wanted to ask him to drive more slowly but, after seeing his happy face when he was driving the car, she decided not to tell him that and only smiled at him, letting him drives her car as he please.

" big sister Yun, let me tell you something. One of the best things I can do is drive a car. " Xiao Tian said proudly.

Actually, Xiao Tian was telling the truth, because, in his past life, he was even better at driving a car than his past father, it's like he was born to drive a car.

" oh so what the other thing? " Yun Xin Er asked.

" secret. " Xiao Tian winked his right eye

" well, I'll know in the future. " Yun Xin Er said as she smiled

" So where are we going to have dinner? " Xiao Tian asked her.

" at Autumn restaurant, I've reserved a table at Autumn restaurant. " upon arriving at her house, Yun Xin Er suddenly wanted to have dinner with him at Autumn restaurant, that why she immediately reserved the VIP table before coming to his house.

hearing Autumn restaurant, a flash of memory appeared on Xiao Tian's head. Autumn restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Shanghai, many businessman, actresses, actors or upper-class people often have dinner at Autumn restaurant.

" alright. " Xiao Tian said as he drove the car toward the Autumn restaurant.

Even though the owner of the original body never had eaten at Autumn restaurant but the owner of original body knew where Autumn restaurant is.

At that time, Xiao Tian felt grateful because the owner of the original body knew where the Autumn restaurant was, if the owner of the original body did not know where the Autumn restaurant was, he did not know what to do because, it was impossible for Xiao Tian to ask Yun Xin Er where the Autumn restaurant is located

Xiao Tian would lose face asking silly things like that, and he couldn't search the internet because he was driving a car, that why, for the first time after he took over Xiao Tian's body, he felt grateful to the owner of the original body.

Not long after that, they arrived at the Autumn restaurant. After parking the car in the parking lot, they immediately headed to the highest floor.

Autumn restaurant has six floors with the VIP room on the highest floor. Upon arriving at the highest floor, Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er headed to the VIP room.

Xiao Tian nodded his head in satisfaction upon entering the VIP room.

Nod bad.not bad Xiao Tian said in his head as he nodded his head

In the VIP room, the room is circular with chairs arranged neatly by the window, so customers can see the beautiful view of shanghai at night.

In the middle of the room, there is a small circular stage room with a glass wall as high as 50 centimeters where the singers entertain the customers, to add to the atmosphere in the Autumn restaurant to becomes more beautiful. Behind a small circular stage, various types of wine are arranged with three waiters ready to serve customers.

Not long after they entered the VIP room, a waiter welcomed them and guided them to the table that had been reserved by Yun Xin Er

" what do you want to eat, little brother ? " Yun Xin Er asked.

" I'll have steak and red wine " it had been a while for Xiao Tian to drink red wine again so when he saw there was red wine on the menu, he decided to order red wine.

" me too. " said Yun Xin Er
for visiting.

After the waiter wrote it down, the waiter immediately left and after a few minutes, the waiter came with their order.

Once the waiter finished placing the steak and red wine on the table, he placed his right hand on his stomach and slightly bow " please enjoy the meal "

" thank you " Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er said at the same time.
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