Illicit Relationship Chapter 74

71 Son Happy Birthday

Today, after Xiao Tian accompanied Yun Xin Er to see his small company and finish all his work, he went straight home. upon arriving at his house, he immediately took a shower because he felt he was sweating a lot.

" ah, I feel fresh again, " Xiao Tian said after he finished bathing. " alright, lets head to the backyard "

Xiao Tian immediately headed to his backyard while carrying mats, lamps, and pillows. After he arranged everything neatly, he laid down and enjoy the night alone.

The scenery at night was very beautiful, the gentle breeze, the moon which was surrounded by stars. the atmosphere that night was so perfect, making him feel calm in his heart.

Looking at the sky, he began thinking about his life.

' Oh right, now that I remember, this is another planet called earth. I did some research on this world and it says this planet is called earth too. But this is definitely not the same earth where I used to live before, yes, it's definitely different, and I live in China again, or more precisely in Shanghai ' .

Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China with the undisputed most populous and wealthiest city in China.

Shanghai is a global financial, innovation and technology, and transportation hub, with the world's busiest container port.

Due to the incomparable geographical advantages, Shanghai has grown from a little town to the world's largest city proper in the past century or so, as well as becoming the largest center of commerce and finance in Mainland China.

Many Chinese companies open offices there, with Li family and Xiao family becoming the leader of the market.

But. He touched his chin.

' But this is not the future of the earth I used to live too, because I don't remember a big family like Xiao family or Li family, where those two families are the market leader in Shanghai with net-worth multi-billion RMB.

This is not the past either, because if this is the past, there must be news about me or my past father. There is no way there could be no news about my past father or me because my past father was the sole market ruler in Beijing.

Ah, talking about my past father, Huang Feng, suddenly, I miss my past life father. even though he is a bastard or asshole father, but I had so much fun spending time with him. he also cared for me deeply. For him, I'm the most important person in the world '.

Little by little Xiao Tian closed his eyes as a flash of memories appeared on his head.

" son, what wrong with that face? here, your awesome father brings two beautiful women home. You can choose one for you " said Huang Feng as he laughed.

Huang Feng walked closer to his son with two beautiful women in both his arms.

" beautiful lady, can you please make my son happy? Look, his face is like that. it's so pitiful. As a father, I can't bear looking at my son like that. " said Huang Feng to one of the beautiful woman in his arms.

" Alright. " said the beautiful woman.
for visiting.

Another day

" son, let's go to the pub. Let's drink until morning. Tomorrow is a day off " said Huang Feng as he dragged his son to the pub

Another day

" son, happy birthday. " said Huang Feng as he smiled beautifully " now tell father, what do you want? Woman? Woman? Or woman? "

" what's wrong with that option? " Huang Chen said dumbfounded.

[ Huang Chen is the person who took over Xiao Tian's body and Huang Feng's only child ]

" what do you mean by that ? " asked Huang Feng

" why is the option only about the woman? " Huang Chen asked with puzzlement.

" well because the woman is the source of happiness. Father wants to give you happiness, that why father will give you a woman. Son. If there aren't women in this world, this world will be like hmm.. cooking without using seasoning, it will taste bland " said Huang Feng.

Another day..


The sound of someone opening the door loudly could be heard.

" son. You're sick? Let's go to the hospital. " said Huang Feng worriedly

" Father, I'm fine, I just need to rest and I'll be alright. " said Huang Chen.

" what do you mean by you're fine? " asked Huang Feng worriedly

Suddenly Huang Feng's smartphone rang.

" what wrong, assistant Hu? " said Huang Feng coldly

" Sir, there is a meeting in ten minutes. Please come back to the company. " said assistant Hu

" meeting my ass. Cancel all my schedules. My son is sick and I want to accompany my son until he recovers. " said Huang Feng coldly

" but Sir, if we canc--- " before assistant Hu had finished his words, Huang Feng hung up the phone.

" father, you should go to the company. " said Huang Chen.

" no. father will accompany you " said Huang Feng insisted

" sigh. Up to you " said Huang Chen " if you want to accompany me, just make me a hot soup so I can recover quickly "

" as you command, your highness, " said Huang Feng before he headed to the kitchen

remembering about his past life, Xiao Tian felt like someone stabbing his heart using a knife.

" Father, I miss you. I really miss you. I really hope you were here with me now " Xiao Tian mused as tears fell down his cheek.

Suddenly Xiao Tian's smartphone rang. because Xiao Tian was still remembering about his past life, he ignored his smartphone which ringing nonstop.

because his smartphone kept ringing, it's disturbed his mood. He took his smartphone and looked at the smartphone's screen.

" Yun Xin Er? " he mused. " why did she call me at this moment? "

Xiao Tian was unhappy at that moment because when he remembering his beautiful past life with his past life father, Yun Xin Er suddenly called him.

He ignored her call again but because she kept calling him, with a sigh, he picks up the phone because if he did not pick up the phone, she would keep on calling him.

" what is it big sister Yun? " he said, trying his best not to scold her at that time.

" little brother, why did you just pick up my phone ? " asked Yun Xin Er.

She was unhappy when he didn't immediately pick her call earlier. Something like that never happened to her, usually, whenever she calls someone, that person will immediately pick up her call. That why she immediately asked him that question after he picks up her calls.

" Sorry, I was busy earlier. " he said, giving her an excuse.

What wrong with your tone of voice. I should be the one who is unhappy and here, I'm trying my best not to scold you and you... sigh he thought to himself.

" oh busy? Are you already finish now? " Yun Xin Er asked him.

" no. I'm still busy right now. What wrong big sister Yun? " Xiao Tian asked her curiously.

" I'll help you if you're still haven't finished yet. After that let's have dinner. " said Yun Xin Er.

" dinner? I can't, big sister Yun. How about next time ? " said Xiao Tian. he wanted to have a calm moment that night, if she invited him to dinner, his beautiful time will be ruined. That why he refused her offer.

At that time, Xiao Tian wanted to remember his past life, remembering his past life father, remembering the beautiful moment he had with his past father. Even though Xiao Tian likes women but there is a time where he wanted to be alone, not get disturbed by any other people, including the woman.

" no, I want tonight. I already near your house right now? " Yun Xin Er said as she insisted.

Yun Xin Er went straight to his house after she finished bathing, because she wanted to have dinner with him, she hasn't eaten dinner yet, even though she was starving at that time.

That why she was unhappy when he refused her offer. There are a lot of people who wanted to spend time with her but they couldn't do it, and here, she offered him to have dinner with her but, not only he wasn't happy, he even rejected her offer.

" what, you're already close to my house. " Xiao Tian said in surprise

Sigh. Now my beautiful moment will be ruined, he thought to himself
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