Illicit Relationship Chapter 72

69 What A Pity

"Really? " Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue asked in surprise

They were surprised by Yun Xin Er's words. They thought the composer of the song is a handsome young man or at least a normal young man.

Yun Xin Er, who saw their reaction, laughed in her head. She turned her head to see Xiao Tian's reaction. looking at Xiao Tian, who sits like a statute, she touched her stomach and could barely contain her laughter.

" Miss Yun, is there something funny? " asked Shi Fei, she was dumbfounded seeing Yun Xin Er holding herself not to laugh. She was curious why did Yun Xin Er suddenly want to laugh.

" Nothing, nothing. suddenly, I remembered something funny " said Yun Xin Er, giving an excuse.

Xiao Tian, who couldn't accept his image is stained by Yun Xin Er, immediately said " Fei, little Xue. Don't believe in big sister Yun's words. There is no way the composer of the song is that kind of person. "

Hearing his words, Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue turned their heads and looked at him

" how do you know that composer is not someone like that ? "asked Lin Xing Xue

" that's right, little brother. you don't even know the composer. Miss Yun is the only one here who knows the composer " said Shi Fei.

" un. Un. I'm the only one who knows the composer between us " added Yun Xin Er. seeing Xiao Tian's reaction, she couldn't help herself want to tease him more.

" Little Xue, Fei. Let me tell you something. If the composer is that kind of person, there is no way he can create a masterpiece like that. isn't that right? " he said to Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei, trying his best to make his image good again.

When they heard his words, they immediately nodded their heads and agreed with him. they thought if the composer didn't take care of himself and his place, the composer would have a hard time creating a masterpiece like that.

Xiao Tian was satisfied when he saw Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei nodded their heads. He thought he was succeeded to make his image good again while at the same time, Yun Xin Er stopped laughing and thinking about something.

" Tian, why are you trying so hard to give the composer a good image? " asked Lin Xing Xue curiously. " you're not even the composer of the song? "

Little Xue, I'm the composer of the song that you like so most. It's your lover who composed that song.
for visiting.

He wanted to voice it out but he couldn't do it and could only sigh.

Suddenly Xiao Tian's smartphone rang and when he saw the person who sent him messages on the smartphone's screen, he was dumbfounded. He was curious why did Yun Xin Er send him a message when she was in front of him.

When he opened the message and read it, his eyes twitched. the contents of Yun Xin Er's message is ' hahahahahahhahahahhaha '.

At that time, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei didn't know that he was reading a message because he opened it in secret.

Like an expert who memories all places on his smartphone, he replied to her message without looking at his smartphone and wrote it secretly.

" well, because I think the composer is not that kind of person " Xiao Tian replied to Lin Xing Xue's question.

At the same time, Yun Xin Er got a new message from him. she immediately read his message

' big sister, how can you do that to me? I'll make you pay for it later. Hehehehe '

After reading his message she immediately replied.

' ehhh, little brother, do you want to bully me? Hehe. This big sister wants to know what kind of bully you want to do to me. Hehe. This big sister is looking forward to it '

After Yun Xin Er replied to his message, Xiao Tian's smartphone immediately rang. when he read her message, an evil smile appeared on his face.

He didn't reply to her message and put his smartphone on the table. After that, they were talking for about half an hour before finally Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue left to works.

" Alright, big sister, let me accompany you to see my small company. " he said.

" alright " Yun Xin Er nodded

After Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue left, she kept covering her mouth and laughing.

" Why are you laughing, big sister Yun ? " he asked curiously

He was curious why she keep laughing after they left his office room, no, more precisely after Lin Xin Xuen and She Fei left his office room.

"hehe .nothing. hehehe. I just remembered how you kept trying your best to make you have a good image in front of them, even though in the end they believed me when I told them that the composer is ugly, fat, smell bad, his room is a mess or like he never takes care of his body or his room " Yun Xin Er touched her stomach and laughed out loud

" it's because of you big sister Yun, now, they thought I'm ugly, fat and smell bad " he sighed. He tried his best to make Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei believed that the composer of the song isn't a person like Yun Xin Er describe but in the end they didn't believe him and believed in Yun Xin Er.

" hahaha " Yun Xin Er laughed

Every time she remembered his reaction or how hard he tried to make the composer have a good image or in other words, to make him have a good image, she couldn't help herself from laughing.

At that time, she really wanted to take a picture or make a video of him when he tried his best to make the composer have a good image.

" ahh. What a pity, what a pity " Yun Xin Er shook her head.

She thought if she takes a picture or makes a video of him at that time, she could tease him in the future by using it.

" what do you mean by that ? " he asked her.

" do you want to know ? " she asked, giving him seductive smile.

" yes " he said

" Like, do you really really want to know? " she said again.

" stop with really really and tell me " prodded him.

" it's secret. " she said as she winked her left eyes.

Seeing her keep teasing him, he cornered her against a wall using his arms " tell me "

When Xiao Tian cornered her against a wall using his arms, she immediately said " oh! what is this ? is this the famous kabe-don from japan? "

Using his left hand, he touched her chin and slightly raised her head " yes, this is the famous kabe-don so, tell me now? "

" hehe, I don't want to. this big sister is curious about what little brother wants to do to this big sister ? " she said as she refused to give in. she wanted to know how far he dares to do something to her.

" hoo, what if I want this? " he said, looking at her beautiful pink lips while rubbing her lips using his left thumb gently.

When he rubbed her lips, he could feel her tender lips from his thumb, after rubbing her lips several times, he looked at her eyes and said " remember this big sister Yun, you're like prey to me now! "

At that time, she let him rubbed her tender lips, she didn't try to make him stop or something like that.

Looking at his eyes, she smiled and said " prey? Hehe. little brother, do you really want to kiss my lips that much? Earlier at your house, you also tried to kiss big my lips and now you want to kiss this big sister's lips again. is this big sister's lips so beautiful, making little brother couldn't help from wanting to kiss this big sister's lips? "
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