Illicit Relationship Chapter 71

68 No He Is Ugly Fat And Smell Bad

After bathing, Xiao Tian, who was dressed neatly, headed to the guest room. at that time, he didn't eat breakfast, because Ye Xueyin still hadn't finished cooking for breakfast.

After Yun Xin Er bid farewell to Ye Xueyin, Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er went to Xiao Tian's company by driving Yun Xin Er's BMW i8.

Upon arriving at Xiao Tian's company, the employees, who happened to be in the company yard, stopped what they were doing when they saw the BMW 8i parked in the company yard.

curiosity suddenly arises in the hearts of employees as soon as they see a luxury car parked in the company yard.

the employees continued looking at the BMW i8, waiting for the person inside the car to come out.

after the person inside the car got out, the employees were shocked and widened their eyes in disbelief.

They rubbed their eyes several times to ensure, that the person they saw was really the famous singer Yun Xin Er.

After the employees were sure that the one in front of them was Yun Xin Er, they immediately surrounded her. Xiao Tian, who was standing nearby was immediately pushed back by his employees.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched when he saw his employees surrounding Yun Xin Er, while at the same time, Yun Xin Er had a worried face.

Although Yun Xin Er covered most of her face with a scarf, the employees still recognized her.

Seeing Yun Xin Er in a difficult situation, Xiao Tian cleared his throat and said, "Okay everyone, please stop that. You scared Miss Yun with your actions. If you want a sign from Miss Yun, you can get it later. Miss Yun has an important meeting with our company so please don't make Ms. Yun afraid or she will not come to our company again. "

upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, one of the employees said, "Really? so, in the future, can we meet Miss Yun Xin Er again? "

"Of course. That's why, don't make Miss Yun frightened by your attitude, if you keep behaving like this to Miss Yun, there is a possibility that Miss Yun won't come to our company anymore, and you won't be able to see your beautiful idol anymore. all of you don't want that to happen, right?" said Xiao Tian, making sure that the employee will leave Yun Xin Er alone because he felt pity seeing Yun Xin Er's face when she was surrounded by his employees.
for visiting.

Hearing Xiao Tian's words, the employees started returning to work one by one before finally, all the employees returned to work.

although they still wanted to be with Yun Xin Er and ask many questions or ask for autographs, they withhold their intentions because their boss told them that Yun Xin Er will come again in the future, so there is still time to ask for autographs or something like that.

"Huft. How do they know me? I have covered most of my face with a scarf but they still recognize me. "Yun Xin Er was relieved when employees returned to work. she had no idea that the employee would still recognize her even though she covered her face.

" as expected of big sister Yun. You're really popular. even though you cover most of your face with a scarf, they still recognize you " said Xiao Tian as he laughed.

Xiao Tian laughed nonstop when he remembered Yun Xin Er's face when she was surrounded by his employees. At that time, Yun Xin Er was not like her usual self, who liked to seduce but like a little girl, who gets lost in a crowd.

" hmf. let' go to your office " Yun Xin Er was unhappy upon seeing him behaves like that.

" Alright, let's go " he said as he laughed

With a pouting face, she followed him to his office. After they were in his office room, she immediately sat on the couch.

Not long after that, one of Xiao Tian's employees knocked on the door. after Xiao Tian gave permission to enter, the employee immediately entered his office, and after the employee placed the tea on the table, the employee immediately left Xiao Tian's office.

" Please enjoy the tea big sister Yun. after that, I'll accompany you to see my company. " he said as he smiled

After they talked for around ten minutes, someone knocked on the door again.

" come in. " said Xiao Tian, giving permission to enter his office.


The sound of the door opened by someone could be heard. After the door opened, a beautiful mature lady and a sexy lady entered Xiao Tian's office.

" good morning, little brother. " said Shi Fei as she smiled

" good morning, Tian. " said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled

"Little Xue, Fei," said Xiao Tian in surprise. when he saw Lin Xing Xue in his office, he was pleasantly surprised, making him couldn't help himself from smiling.

while at the same time, Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue were stunned when they saw Yun Xin Er sitting on the couch not far from Xiao Tian

"Hello." said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

"Hello," said Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei at the same time.

"Not bad, little brother. Not bad," said Yun Xin Er, hitting Xiao Tian's chest using her right hand.

Yun Xin Er was surprised when she saw Lin Xing Xue. they had met once when she pretended to be his girlfriend. She had no idea that Li Xing Xue is working under him too.

And when Yun Xin Er looked at Shi Fei, suddenly for the first time in her life, she was jealous of how perfect Shi Fei's body was.

Even though Yun Xin Er's body is perfect, but compared to Shi Fei's body, her body is slightly inferior to Shi Fei's body. Yun Xin Er had never seen a perfect body like Shi Fei's body before, that was why when she saw Shi Fei's body, a feeling of envy suddenly erupted in her heart.

Seeing Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian sitting on the corner of the couch that's arranged in ' L ' shape, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei decided to sit on Xiao Tian's right and left side.

" what brings you come here, Miss Yun? " said Shi Fei abruptly.

Like the employees when they saw Yun Xin Er, Shi Fei was also surprised when she saw Yun Xin Er in Xiao Tian's office.

" nothing. I just want to see the company owned by Little brother " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

" wow, you're lucky little brother, for a famous singer like Miss Yun want to see your company " said Shi Fei

" you're right, Fei " said Lin Xing Xue " oh... Miss Yun, congratulation. Your album is a big hit "

" thank you," said Yun Xin Er as she smiled.

" Miss Yun, I really like your song called ' illusion' . That song is a masterpiece, even from young people to old people know about that song " said Lin Xing Xue.

Lin Xing Xue really liked that song, that why when she met with the singer of the song, she couldn't stop herself from saying that.

hearing Lin Xing Xue's words, Yun Xin Er immediately looked at Xiao Tian, who at that moment, twitching his lips. She giggled because she knew that he couldn't tell his lover that he is the composer of the song. Thinking about it, Yun Xin Er almost could barely contain herself from and began pitying him.

seeing Lin Xing Xue's behavior, Xiao Tian gave a cough and said, "Uhm. Little Xue, you're curious as to know what kind of person who created the song you like, right? "

"Un" nodded at Lin Xing Xue

" I'll prove to you that what I say to you is the truth, " he said. turning his head, he looked at Yun Xin Er and continued " big sister Yun. The composer of the song that's called illusion is handsome, kind, popular, cool, respected by everyone, humble, polite, always helping people in need and the most important thing is he diligently saving his money, isn't that right? "

Little Xue, even though I can't tell you that I'm the composer of the song you like the most, at least I will feel happy when you know how perfect I am. hehehe , Xiao Tian smiled and laughed in his head.

Yun Xin Er shook her head and said jokingly " no, he is ugly, fat, smell bad, his room is a mess, to put it in short, he is never taking care of his body or his room."

Hearing Yun Xin Er's words, the smiled was frozen on his face.

Nooooooooo, don't ruin my good image in front of Ling Xing Xue.... He shouted in his head.

suddenly he remembered something.

wait a second. they don't know that I'm the composer of that song so, my good image still hasn't tainted, thank god. sigh, Looks like this woman needs punishment. if she ruins my good image again, I'll hit her buttocks until she begs for mercy, he thought to himself
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