Illicit Relationship Chapter 70

67 Yes This Big Sister Likes I

Xiao Tian was surprised upon seeing Yun Xin Er in the living room, suddenly, flashes of memories appeared in his head, flashes of memories where Yun Xin Er called him in the morning and told him that she would come to his house to see his company with him.

Remembering that, the corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched. this morning, he told her that, he would be ready when she arrived at his house later but, not only was he not ready but, he had also just woken up.

" good morning big sister Yun. " Xiao Tian said as he smiled beautifully.

although Xiao Tian knew that he was wrong because he had made Yun Xin Er wait for him, he still acted calmly as usual and did not rush to explain everything to Yun Xin Er, he even acted as if he had done nothing wrong.

" good morning, my ass?! huu huuu... I remember, someone telling me that he would be ready when I arrived at his home later but, it seems that person is lying to me. It makes me sad " said Yun Xin Er as she pretended to cry and wiped her eyes using her sleeve, even though there were no tears in her eyes.

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian wanted to give her an excuse " big sister Yun, actually I-----"

But before he had finished his words, he was interrupted by Yun Xin Er " you don't need to lie, your mother told me that you were still sleeping when I came here. "

Actually, Xiao Tian had prepared an excuse but because she knew the truth, he could only smile awkwardly.

" but because this big sister has a big breast, I will forgive you " Yun Xin Er said as she smiled. walking closer to him, she touched his stomach before working her way to his chest and continued " by the way little brother, I don't know that little brother has a good body."

When Xiao Tian saw her touching his left chest, he grabbed her hips using his right hand and pulled her to him, making their body touches each other. After that, he brought his face closer to her face and smiled " do you like my body, big sister Yun? "

When he did that, she didn't try to let go of his hug or did anything to him, she even looked back into his eyes and smiled seductively " yes, this big sister likes it. "

She wasn't shy when they were in that position even though at that time they were at his home, which meant, his mother or aunt could suddenly appear and see what they did in the living room.

hearing her words, he brought his face to her left ear and said, " wow, big sister Yun, you admit it?! I thought, big sister Yun won't admit it "

" this big sister has always been like this since this big sister was born. I'm not going to lie to something that I like " she said seductively and paused for three seconds, before she continued " more importantly, are you sure you still want to continue talking in this position? What if your aunt or mother sees us? "

" ohhhh. don't tell me, big sister Yun is afraid that my family sees us in this position? " he said, teasing her.
for visiting.

But it seems Xiao Tian underestimated Yun Xin Er, because what she said after that was something he had never thought of.

" sure. Let's continue talking in this kind of position. In this position, this big sister can feel little brother's perfect body directly " she said, making a circle on his left chest using her right hand.

Interesting. Let's see how far she will continue behaving like this, Xiao Tian thought to himself

Suddenly he bought his face closer to her face, he wanted to know, will she stop him if he wanted to kiss her. inch by inch his lips were coming closer to her lips but when his lips were around two centimeters from her lips, using her index finger, she stopped him from kissing her.

" it's too fast for little brother to kiss this big sister's lips. " she said as she smiled.

He was dumbfounded by her words and he looked at her with disbelief.

Too fast? So she doesn't mind if it's in the future? what the hell is wrong with this woman? Usually for women, when a man they just meet wants to kiss them, they will slap them. I was even ready to get slap but not only she didn't slap me, she even says it's too fast. Is she really like my song that much and want to get a song from me again? He thought to himself.

" too fast? " he said. using his other hand, after he moved her index finger from his lips, he touched her chin and raised slightly " so, I can kiss big sister's lips in the future?! "

" Who knows, it depends on how little brother makes this big sister happy. " she said as she smiled.

Knowing her character, he knew that she only said it haft true and half lie but...

Using his thumb, he rubbed her beautiful pink lips gently and said " I can't wait for that moment to come. I want to know, how do big sister's beautiful pink lips feel like "

" If little brother wants to kiss my lips, little brother has to give your best to make me happy, maybe I'll allow Little brother to kiss my lips someday. " she said as she smiled.

" how about I compose five songs for big sister and one song for free, Can I kiss big sister's lips after that? " he whispered in her ear

" maybe ." she said

Even though you will pay me 500,000 RMB later, but what you will earn is worth millions of RMB, so does she mean, one kiss on her lips is worth a million RMB?

Xiao Tian suddenly let go of his hug and said, " alright big sister, I'll take a shower first, after that we can go to my company together "

" Don't take a long time when you take a shower, understand? " she said as she winked her left eyes.

Hearing her words, he bowed a little and said " as you command, my princess "

Seeing he act like that, she covered her mouth and giggled.

This Yun Xin Er is sure interesting. mmmmfff. should I make her mine too? He thought to himself.
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