Illicit Relationship Chapter 7

4 Home

After Ye Xueyin was giving Lin Xing Xue a cup of tea, she asked abruptly " so miss Lin, is there something that I can help with? "

" no miss Ye. I'm coming here because I want to explain something to miss Ye " said Lin Xing Xue with a complicated face.

" what is it? " asked Ye Xueyin as she smiled
for visiting.

Lin Xing Xue began explaining what had happened today from when thugs that trying to ra-pe her and his son who was injured because he fought the thugs to help her.

Lin Xing Xue also told Ye Xueyin that she brought her son to her house to treat his wound before he was going home, that why he was late coming home but of course, she didn't tell anything about something like when he asked her to become his lover or the event on the road when he always flirting her or the uncle thought they were a lover or they were holding hands when they were coming to his house.

When Lin Xing Xue told Ye Xueyin everything, there was a feeling of sorrow and gratitude on her face, the sorrow feeling was because he was injured for helping her and the grateful feeling was because if he didn't save her, the thugs would already ra-pe her.

When Ye Xueyin listened to Lin Xing Xue 's story, she didn't blame Lin Xing Xue for what had happened to his son, she even felt happy because his son was still had the heart to help others in need because nowadays it's rare for a person to help others if they didn't get benefit from it, let alone fighting the thugs where they could get killed when trying to help her.

Ye Xueyin as a woman could feel how scared Lin Xing Xue was, when the thugs were trying to ra-pe her, luckily her son was there to help Lin Xing Xue. Well even though Lin Xing Xue is in her late twenties, her beauty is still glowing like the girl in her early twenty that why she knew why the thugs want to ra-pe Lin Xing Xue.

But Ye Xueyin didn't know that her son knows martial art, even the thugs got beaten by her son because all this time she had never seen her son learning a martial art but she immediately thought that maybe her son learned martial art without her knowing about it.

" it's ok. I'm happy miss Lin is alright " said Ye Xueyin as she didn't blame her " and miss Lin already treated my son wound so miss Lin don't need to feel guilty anymore "

With teary eyes, Lin Xing Xue said " thank you miss Ye for understand me " she then looked at Xiao Tian but he was only sending a flying kiss and winked his eyes.

Lin Xing Xue pretend she didn't see anything because his mother was next to her, she didn't want his mother think that she seduces her son.

Xiao Tian who saw that decided that he will punish Lin Xing Xue later for ignoring him. if he decided to get something, he would do anything to get it but he needs to do it step by step because if he forces it, he's sure that Lin Xing Xue will not like it, maybe their relationship will become worse so he needs to seduce her carefully until she fully accepts him.

He needs to create the right moment but he also wanted to create that right moment as soon as possible.

After that, Ye Xueyin invited Lin Xing Xue to had dinner with them, at first she refused but because Ye Xueyin insisted, Lin Xing Xu finally accepted it.

After they had dinner together Lin Xing Xue said that she would be the one to wash the dishes so Ye Xueyin let her do it because Lin Xing Xue kept insisting that she would be the one to wash the dishes so because Ye Xueyin didn't wash the dishes, Ye Xueyin immediately took a shower while Lin Xing Xue was washing the dishes.

When Lin Xing Xue was washing dishes, Xiao Tian walked behind her quietly and said close to her ear " little Xu, let me help you "

" kyaa " she was surprised and let out a cute voice when he suddenly spoke close to her ear.

Her face and ears suddenly became red " what are you doing here? "

He stood next to her and smiled " of course, I want to help my lover washing the dishes "

" who's your lover. Just go watch TV " she said while washing the dishes

" how could I do that. isn't I'll become a bad lover if I don't help my girlfriend " he said as he looked at her.

" sstt. Speak quietly. What if your mother hears that ? " she said worriedly " and who's your lover? "

He looked at her lovingly and pointing his index finger at her " of course it's you "

She was surprised when she saw his loving face and his gentle voice when he told her that she was his lover. She stopped washing the dishes and looked at him with puzzlement, she was wondering why he wanted her as his lover? because she thought it was weird, he's still young and she's already in her late twenties.

There were many beautiful young girls out there. Did he want to play with her body and toss her when he feels bored later? But she was a little happy because she had already forgotten about this kind of feeling after she got divorced.

After her divorced, she had never thought about getting any lover again because she wanted to make a lot of money so she could take her daughter as soon as possible. Of course, giving her beauty, there were a lot of men who wanted to make her theirs but she never put them in her eyes.

That's why she didn't accept him but unlike the others, she also didn't reject him. if other men did what he did to her today, she would already get angry and maybe call the police.

At this moment, she was still wondering about her feeling. After he had saved her from the thugs, there was a different feeling when she was with him, added with his persuasive attitude in making her his lover, she couldn't refuse him or get angry to him.

But if she were to immediately accept him, she afraid he will think that she was an easy woman and she didn't want him to think her as an easy woman.

" just go before your mother see us " she said as she looked at him

" don't worry, when my mother is taking a shower, she won't come out immediately. I even wonder what she did in the bathroom for her to take that long " he said.

He knew that because, in his memories, her mother always took a long time when she showered.

" I don't care, just go watch TV and don't disturb me " she said as she glanced at him.

He then moved behind her and hugged her from behind " I don't want to. I want to spend time with my lover "

she was immediately shaking her body, trying to let go of his hug but because he hugged her tightly, she failed to let her body go from his hugs

" what are you doing? Let me go " she said as she tried letting go of his hug again. but when he still won't let her go from his hug, she immediately had a worried face.

She was afraid, what if his mother suddenly coming in and saw them in that position. his mother will get angry because she thought every mother didn't want her young son to have an old woman as a lover so she tried her best let go of his hands but because he still won't let his hands go, she gives up and let him hug her from behind.

She only thinks that she had to finish washing the dishes as soon as possible so she can be free from this awkward position. she then continued washing the dishes while being hug by him from behind.
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