Illicit Relationship Chapter 68

65 Anything For You Mother

" really? " Xiao Tian asked them. he was happy upon hearing they agree to accompany him later.

" yes " Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin answered at the same time.

Shi Fei knocked on the door before she entered the room. after placing the green tea on the table, she sat on the couch and said, " sorry for late introducing myself, my name is Shi Fei and I work as a manager on this company. It is a pleasure to have met you "

" Hello, my name is Ye Xueyin. I'm Xiao Tian's mother. It is a pleasure to have met you " said Ye Xueyin

" hello my name is Ye Qingyu. I'm Xiao Tian's maternal aunt. It is a pleasure to have met you " said Ye Qingyu

" after seeing your mother and maternal aunt, now I know why CEO Xiao is handsome. It seems like it flowed from your family " said Shi Fei.
for visiting.

Actually, Shi Fei was shocked when she saw Xiao Tian's mother and aunt. Xiao Tian's aunt is so beautiful, Xiao Tian's aunt is like a model while Xiao Tian's mother, even though she is a mother of a nineteen years old young man, she is like beautiful like a rich mother who spends all her time taking care of her appearance.

" thank you " said Ye Xueyin

" so you're the one who helped my son when he made dresses and built his online shop " asked Ye Xueyin

" Yes. I'm happy because I can participate in makes the beautiful dresses and built an online shop for litI mean for CEO Xiao" said Shi Fei

Shi Fei almost called him little brother again because, she used to call it but, at that time she was wondered, was it alright to call him little brother in front of his mother and aunt when they were at the office. Shi Fei didn't want to look like an unprofessional person who call her big boss by his name.

" I hope you feel comfortable working with my son, " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

" I'm comfortable working with CEO Tian, he always cares for his employees and make his employee feel happy working under him, " said Shi Fei

"oh, he cares for his employee? " asked Ye Qingyu abruptly

" yes, CEO Xiao care for his employees." Shi Fei said as she nodded

" what is it, aunt? Did you think I'll treat my employees badly? " Xiao Tian said, looking at his aunt.

" well, you're still young so, aunt thought, you'll be a selfish boss, and not thinking about the feeling of your employees, " said Ye Qingyu honestly

Actually, that was the one that worried Ye Qingyu the most. Xiao Tian was still young and that is his first time running a business too, so Ye Qingyu thought, he wouldn't know how to treat his employees well and manage everything.

Ye Qingyu was surprised hearing Shi Fei say that Xiao Tian treated his employees well, making Ye Qingyu had a hard time believing it.

It's not that Ye Qingyu thinks badly about her nephew but usually, a young man around his age is selfish and only thinking about himself.

" well, mother, actually has the same feeling with Qingyu, " said Ye Xueyin honestly

Hearing his mother's words, Xiao Tian turned his head toward his mother and said "what? mother think like that too? "

Shi Fei who saw Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin treating Xiao Tian like that, holding herself to not laugh. Shi Fei had no idea that Xiao Tian's family would think badly about him.

" un " said Xu Yueyin as she nodded

Seeing his mother nodding her head, the corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched. He sighed and said, " mother, aunt. I know how to treat my employees. I'm not as bad as what you think you know!"

" good if you know how to treat your employees, " said Ye Qingyu

" Tian, sorry. it's not like mother think badly about you, it jus" before Ye Xueyin had finished her words, she was interrupted by him

" it's alright mother, I know what you mean " Xiao Tian said as he looked at his mother lovingly.

After that, they talked about many thinks before finally, Shi Fei's smartphone ringing.

" excuse me. I want to accept this call " said Shi Fei before she left his office room.

Not long after that, Shi Fei returned to his office again and said " lit- CEO Xiao. Please read the document on the table. That's all the information you asked me before. I have to go to meet a client right now "

" alright, I'll read it. be careful " he said

" un " Shi Fei nodded " I'll leave first Miss Ye Xueyin, Miss Ye Qingyu "

" un. Be careful " said Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu at the same time.

" mother, aunt. I want to read this document first, just sit over there and if you need something, tell me " Xiao Tian said as he sat on the work chair.

After Xiao Tian read a document for a few minutes, suddenly Ye Xueyin walking toward him. using her right hand, she raised his left hand and sat on his lap.

When his mother sat on his lap, Xiao Tian wrapped his hands around her waist and lean his head and her shoulder " what is it, mother? "

Ye Xueyin holding his arms that wrapped on her waist and said " no. mother just wants to sit on Tian's lap. Tian, you're only reading this document right? So, mother think, it's fine if mother sit on your lap while you're reading this document "

He kissed her right cheek and said " anything for you mother "

After he kissed her right cheek, she touched her right cheek that he just kissed using her right hand. Turning her head, she smiled and kissed his left cheek.

After she kissed his left cheek, he smiled and kissed her right cheek again. After he kissed her right cheek again, she kissed his right cheek again. they did it several times.

Ye Qungyu who saw that don't know whatever she wants to laugh or cry before finally, she decided to ignore them.
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