Illicit Relationship Chapter 66

63 Its A Secre

Hearing his words, she smiled and said " Little brother, let me be on top this time. "

" Sure," he said as he laid on his back

Using her left hand, she placed his dick in her vagina entrance. After rubbing his dick in her vagina entrance several times, she lowered her body slowly.
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" ahhhhh " she moaned when his dick hits the entrance of her womb.

After his dick entered her pussy, with the help of her both hands which she placed on his chest, she started moving her hip up and down.

Moans escape from her mouth, and her beautiful breast swayed every time she was moving her hips.

Seeing her breasts which were swaying every time she moves, using both of his hands, he squeezed her breast and started playing with her nipples.

" ahhh " she moaned louder when he's pinching and pulling her nipples.

Looking at him lustfully, she lowered her upper body and opened her mouth while still moving her hips. Seeing her like that, he knew that she was asking for a kiss so he stopped his hands which were playing with her nipples and wrapped it around her back as he kissed her.

As they kissed, using both hands, she touched his cheeks, wanting to become the dominant side in the kiss while still moving her hips. Knowing she's still moving her hips, his hands that were wrapping around her back moved to her hips, intending to help her move her hips.

" mmmmhh " she let out soft moans.

When he helped her with moving her hips, his dick which is already deep inside pussy, entered deeper again, making half of the tip of his dick penetrate her cervix.

They kissed around two minutes before she finally broke the kiss and stopped moving her hips " hehehe "

" What is it? why did you laugh? " he asked her curiously. Seconds ago, she let out multiple moans and now she suddenly stopped moving her hip and laughed, making him curious about what was in her mind.

" Nothing, I'm just happy right now " she said as she smiled. At that moment, she was really happy because, when they were having sex and became one, she could feel his warmth, making her feel like she was the closest and most important person to him.

She knew that in his heart, even though he treated her nicely, she still hasn't gotten a special place in his heart, their relationship is only in physical contact, that's why, when they were having sex at that moment, she felt like he is hers and she is his important woman.

" Why? " he asked again.

Did she really like having sex with me? added him on his head.

" It's a secret " she winked.

" oh, now you dare to play mysterious to me, huh " he said as he pinched her nose

" hehe. Of course, if you were curious about me, you will think about me and won't forget about me. " she said as she giggled " alright, let's continue "

Saying that, she slowly leaned right backward, supporting herself on the bed with her hands behind her back.

Once she was in that position, she started grinding on him by thrusting her hips forward and backward.

" ohhh " he groaned when suddenly she changed her movement from grinding on him to the rotation.

She kept changing from grinding to the rotation for a few minutes before she suddenly stopped moving her hips and asked " Little brother, does it feel good? "

" Yes, you're very skilled at this " he said, touching her clitoris using his right hand

" ahhh I'm glad you like it.ah. " she moaned as she raised her head when he rubs his thumb up and down gently on her clitoris.

" I'll drain up your sperm today " she said as she turned around, making her sit with her back facing him.

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on the bed and started moving her hips again. Immediately, multiple moans escape from her mouth, her love juice was also dripping on her thighs and the sound of her pussy being spread open by his huge dick echoed in the room.

After a few minutes of moving her hips, Xiao Tian raised his upper body and stood on his knees.

" kyaa! " she was surprised when he suddenly stood up on his knees, making her head fell on the bed.

" Aaah so fast.ah.it feels so goodahh..." she let out multiple moans

As he kept moving his hips, at that position, he could see her ass hole. When he saw her cute ass hole, a smile appeared on his face.

" ahhhhh.. it feels goodah it felt good when little brother is playing with my ass hole while thrusting your dick deep in my pussy...ah.. more. Ahhh play with my ass hole moreah. " she moaned louder when she felt that he was playing with her ass hole using his thumb.

" So you like it when I played with your ass hole while thrusting my dick deep in your pussy, huh Fei ? " he asked as he teased her

" ahyes I like it very much.ah. it feels so good.ah. moreah " at that time, the sheet was already soaked from her saliva and some of it touched her left cheek but she didn't mind it because she already lost herself in pleasure.

Seeing her like that, he suddenly stopped moving his hip and pulled out his dick. Feeling him pulling out his dick out, she turned her head and wanted to ask why did he stop but, before she could ask him, she suddenly felt his dick going inside her ass hole.

" ahhhhhhhh " she moaned when he thrust his dick in her ass hole in one thrust " ahhahah my ass hole feels so goodit feels like my ass hole is burning ah. "

" Which one do you like more? when my dick in your pussy or your ass hole " he asked, squeezing her ass and sometimes stretching her ass

" bothit feels so good when little brother's dick is in my pussy or ass hole...ah.. it makes me addicted to this pleasureaddicted to your dick too.a..h...ahhhlittle brother..ahah. " at that time, she felt so good every time he was thrusting his dick in her ass hole.

Because after she had anal sex with him under the table at the restaurant, she felt as if the dildo couldn't satisfy her anymore, and she also hopes that he would fuck her on her ass hole again.

So when he thrust his dick in her ass hole again, she was so happy because she could feel that amazing feeling again, a feeling where a great pleasure runs through every inch of her body whenever he thrust his dick in her ass hole.

Lowering her upper body, he moved his hand and squeezed her breast

" ahhhhh. " she raised her head a little when he squeezed his breast.

As he kept thrusting his dick deep in her ass hole, she kept opening her mouth and let out her tongue while sometimes moving her tongue like she was licking something

Several minutes later, he felt like he was about to cum so he grabbed her ass again and moved his hips faster, making her moaned faster too

" I'm cummingggg.. " he said as he cum inside her ass hole.

After he finished cumming inside her ass hole, he pulled out his dick and lied on his back next to her.

"it feels good Fei," he said as he looked at her

" Yes. it felt good for me too " she said as she smiled

Saying that, she immediately prone on top of him. after prone on top of him, using her right hand, she grabbed his dick and put it inside her pussy again.

" hmmm " she let out a soft moan. Even though his dick is already shrinking a little, but she could still feel it when she put his dick inside her pussy.

" What is it ? do you want to continue ? " he asked when he saw her putting his dick inside her pussy again.

" I want to talk with you while still being connected like this " she said " Also, I'm fine if little brother wants to continue to have sex again"

" Oh, I thought you wanted to have sex again " he said as he smiled

" I feel so close with you, little brother if we talk while still connected like this. " she happily said. Even though they didn't move their bodies, but with his dick deep inside her pussy, she could feel the closeness of their body.

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