Illicit Relationship Chapter 65

62 Sure. I Dont Mind It.

" huft,huft,huft,huft " the sound of her breathing could be heard after she had climaxed.

" little brother, you're the best. It feels so good. It felt like I was having an orgasm running up my spine " she said " now let me taste your huge dick too "

Saying that, she started taking off his clothes, at that moment, when she was taking off his clothes, she felt her hands moving slowly, making her want to rip his clothes off so she could see his perfect body and his huge dick quickly.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, she said in her mind as she moved her hands faster, and when she was taking off his trousers, her hands suddenly stopped moving, her eyes widened and her mouth opened wide when she saw his erect dick.

What if this huge dick penetrates me roughly, she thought to herself.

Rising her head slightly, she gulped and said " little brother, lay down above me, I want you to put your huge dick in my mouth and move your waist, feel free to get rough as you like, just think about my mouth as if it's my pussy "

" Do you really want to do it rough? " he asked her. he didn't mind it if she wanted to do it roughly but he wanted to make sure first because not all woman likes to be treated roughly.

" Sure. I don't mind it. I like rough sex too " she said.

Hearing her words, he immediately hover her on all fours with his knees by her ears.

After he hovers her on all fours, she immediately started licking and kissing the tip of his dick " ahh. Mr. huge dick, welcome back to my little mouth, feel free to penetrate my mouth roughly "

Hearing her words, the corner of his lips twitched " you really like talking with my dick, huh "

" yes " she said " because your dick is a part of your body and it always gives me a pleasure "

"It looks like you can't live without my dick anymore, huh " he said jokingly

" yes, your dick is huge and you know how to use your dick. I never feel so much pleasure in sex in the past, it makes me love your dick more and more. I think I can't live without you and your dick anymore, so because of that, I'll make you can't live without my body too " she said seriously

Every time she had sex with him, she felt so much pleasure, it's the first time she felt pleasure like that, making her want to have sex with him every day. That's why she always seduced him, to make him have sex with her every day.

Because of that, not only she feels pleasure, she also can make him addicted to her body. It feels like hitting two birds using one stone, it's a big win for her.

" hehe, looks like my dick already conquered your body. It makes mooh " he groaned when he felt that she suddenly started licking and sucking his most sensitive part of his dick.

Knowing that she started licking his dick, using both of his hands, he spread her legs and started licking her pussy too.

" ahhh " she moaned when she felt that he was licking her clitoris while playing with her pussy too.

she started playing with his testicle using her left hand while the tip of his dick in her little mouth and used her tongue skillfully to stimulate his dick.

He kept licking in light motion across her sensitive part. His movement was light and unpredictable like he wanted to tease her.

" ahhh..goodit feels so goodmy pussy feels so good.ah. " she let out a soft moans

Not long after that, he started moving his waist, thrusting his huge dick deep inside her throat. When he thrust his dick inside her mouth, she lifted her head slightly, making his dick to easily get deep inside her throat.

Because his dick is huge and long, not long after he thrust his dick deep in her throat, she started having a hard time to breathe but she didn't intend to stop him from moving his dick.

She let him did as he pleases with her mouth and only closed her eyes. As he moved his hip, her hands which already on the bed were in a sharp angle and her big and beautiful pair of breasts moved up and down as he thrust his dick.

Saliva already dripped from her mouth, and unconsciously she started moving her hip up and down.

Because she was lifting her head, her tears fell down her ears, at this time, he knew that she needs to breathe badly so he stopped moving his waist and looked at her.

Using her right hand, she took out his dick from her mouth and said " why did you stop moving your hip? "

" because you need to breath right? you seem to have a hard time breathing " he said. he knew she was having a hard time to breathe because he heard that, she was like, wanting to puke and there was a tear in her eyes.

" I didn't know that you paid attention to me too, even though you seem busy licking my pussy earlier," she said.

She thought that he wouldn't stop until he cums in her throat when she said that he could do what he wants with her earlier so, she was shocked when he suddenly stopped moving his hip and let her took her breath.

" well, I don't want something bad to happen to you," he said. sure he likes rough sex too but not to the point of hurting his partner that's why he stopped moving his hip when he knew that she needs to breathe.

" I'm fine now, you can move your hip again, " she said as she put his huge dick in her mouth again.

" Alright, " he said as he started moving his hip again, making his dick deep inside her throat again.

This time, she moved her head up and down, following his rhythm. Not long after that, he felt like he was about to climax so he moved his hip faster and faster.

"ahkkahkkahkk. " she couldn't move her head again and closed her eyes when he moved his hip faster.

" cummminngggggg. " he said as he thrust his whole dick in her throat.

She opened her eyes when she felt that his sperm was running down in her throat. When he finished ejaculating, he started taking out his dick from her mouth slowly.

When he started taking his dick from her mouth slowly, using her tongue, she started cleaning his dick and made it clean.


The sound of her drinking his sperm when she cleaned her dick could be heard.

" ahh. It's already clean, little brother " she said after she finished cleaning his dick. " and your dick is still going strong. Do you want to immediately have sex with me? "

" sure " he said
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