Illicit Relationship Chapter 64

61 Are You Trying To Seduce Me Again?

In the bedroom, a handsome young man was lying on the bed, there was something unusual about that young man, the young man's stomach was as large as a pregnant woman's stomach and he continued to gently hit his stomach using his hands.

I'm very full. I'll really die if they treat me like this every day. Other people die of starving but I can die from overeating, thought Xiao Tian to himself.

After he had breakfast with his aunt and mother, he immediately headed to his bedroom and lied down on the bed.

" At first, I just want to take a shower and immediately head to my company but look like I have to keep lying down for a few more minutes. I really can't move my body right now " he mused

Thirty minutes later his stomach shrank and almost like his normal stomach, flat stomach. Feeling that he could move his body like usual, he stood up and immediately headed to the bathroom.

After bathing, he went to the company and headed to the company bedroom to rest for a while. The bedroom is around 5x5 meters, there is only a bed and wardrobe in the room.

lying on the bed, he suddenly heard the sound of the door opened by someone. He turned his head to the source of the sound and saw Shi Fei coming out of the bathroom.

at that moment, he was a little surprised when he saw Shi Fei naked. She didn't put a towel to cover herself and walked naked as if it was her room.

" ah little brother, you came early?! " she said. she was surprised when she saw him lying in bed.

hearing her words, he immediately sat down on the bed " Why did you come out of the bathroom naked? "

" well, the one who uses this bedroom is only Xue, you and me. you've seen my naked body before so why should I bother covering myself.. and naked after bathing is feel good, you know ? "she said

Because she was naked at that time, he could see her perfect body clearly, her big breast that has a beautiful pink nipple, her slender waist with a perfectly flat stomach, slim navel, and her clean vulva or mons pubis that didn't have any hair.

When she saw him examining her body from head to toe, a seductive smile appeared on her face. Rising her head slightly, she bit her lips and half-closed her eyes, her hands squeezed her hair over her ears and she put one leg out to the other side. After she made a sexy pose, she said teasingly " what do you think about my body, little brother? "

" perfect! " he said as he smiled. When she made a sexy pose, she looks so sexy, making him couldn't turn his gaze and forget to blink.

Hearing his words, a satisfied smile appeared on her face. walking closer to him, she kissed his lips for two seconds and said " I'm glad to hear that " and then she lied on her back next to him

" Why don't you just wear clothes instead of lying on the bed? " he asked her.

" what is it, little brother ? are you got turned on by seeing my naked body? " she asked, looking at him with a seductive smile.

" let alone your naked body, even if you wear any clothes, any male will still be aroused to see your sexy body. " he said.

even combined with my past life, your body is in the top three, he thought to himself

Sometimes he wondered, how could she has such a perfect body, because since he first met her until now, he had never seen her exercise and she also often eats fried chicken when they make dresses.

after she spread her legs, she squeezed her breast using her hands and said " if you get turned on and want to have sex with me, I'm fine with it. you can do anything with my body, you know? "

" what is it? are you trying to seduce me again? " he asked her.

He isn't a saint, so when she spread and squeezed her breast, coupled with biting her sexy lips, he was turned on, after all, he is a healthy young man. seeing a sexy lady did that to him, there was no way he wasn't turned on but he could hold himself and not turn into a beast.

When she saw his face, she knew that he got turned on by seeing her body. Intending to seduce him more, using her two fingers, she spread her pussy and said "little brother, look, my pussy is getting wet "

Hearing her words, he looked at her pussy, because she spread her pussy using her fingers, he could see her pussy hole and love juice dripping from her pussy.
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" ahh"she moaned when she felt one of his finger in her pussy, moving wildly

" wow, your pussy muscles squeezing my finger wildly like it won't let go my finger " he felt her pussy muscles squeezing his middle finger wildly as he moved his finger in her vagina.

" do you like i---ahhh " her moans became louder when he touched her G-spot using his finger, playing with it skillfully.

because G-spot is part of the clitoris, her body was quivering the moment he played with her G-spot, and at that moment, she felt like her clitoris was stimulated by him.

Seeing her reaction, he was smiled and continued playing with her G spot gently. Using his other hand, he pressed the outside of her tummy, around her mons pubis, intending to give her more pleasure.

" ahhh.. " she moaned louder when he did that. her love juice started dripping faster from her genital area and some of her love juice also dripped on his hand.

" do you like it Fei ? " he asked, kissing her tummy gently

using her hands, she rubbed his hair and haft-closed her eyes " yes. I love it, it's amazing. You're very good at this " she felt like she was in ninth cloud, making her bite her lips

" I'll make you feel better. " he said as he began licking her clitoris while playing with her G-spot at the same time.

" ahh little brother,.ahhh it feels so good. I'm going to die by this pleasureahhhlittle brother.... " she raised her head slightly while her hands squeezing the bed sheet, making the bed sheet become tangle.

She kept moaning louder and louder, no longer concerned with the employees who heard her moaned. Well because they had heard her moans yesterday so she no longer cared about their opinion.

As she moaned, she moved her head left and right. the feeling when he gently caressing her G spot and licking her clitoris at the same time was something that she couldn't describe with the word. She felt like she was in heaven, making her addicted to that feeling.

because the pleasure she feels was too great, she couldn't hold it anymore and almost reached a climax

" little brother, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumminggggg " she screamed in ecstasy as she lifted her hips in a shape of an arc.

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