Illicit Relationship Chapter 63

60 Sorry I Made Mistakes

After he had breakfast at Lin Xing Xue's house and helped her wash the dishes, he immediately went home to change his clothes before he heads to his company.


He opened the door and wanted to immediately head to his bedroom but when he was in the living room, he saw his mother and aunt sitting on the sofa.

When his mother saw him, she immediately runs toward him and hugged him tightly " Tian, where did you sleep last night? Mother is worried. "

" I'm sorry mother, for making you worried. Next time, I'll tell you if I'm not going home " he said, patting his mother's back. He didn't know why when his mother saw him, she immediately hugged him tightly like that.

"it's alright, mother is already fine seeing nothing happened to you. " said his mother as she hugged him more tightly. At that time, she felt like she would lose him if she didn't hug him tightly.

" big sister, you're loving him too much. " said Ye Qingyu angrily before staring at her nephew angrily.

Looking at his aunt's angry face, he wanted to know where did he do wrong. He kept thinking, searching for the answer but still can't find the reason.

" It's because you're not a mother, Qingyu. You don't know what I feel." said Ye Xueyin, defending her son. She didn't want her little sister blaming her son for what happened

" but big sister, you waited for him until now, you even haven't slept yet because you're worried for him. " said Ye Qingyu

Hearing his aunt's words, he was stunned, he didn't know that his mother was waiting for him to the point that she hasn't sleep yet. He felt guilty at that time, while he was happily spending time with Lin Xing Xue, his mother at home was waiting for him worriedly.

Suddenly, a flash of memory appeared on his head. On those memories, the owner of the original body never spend the night at another place but his home, and when he was about to come home late, he always calls his mother to tell her about it.

At that time, he didn't know what to think of the owner of the original body. He didn't know that the owner of the original body was loving his mother that much, until he didn't want to make his mother worry and always gives his mother information about where he went, always telling his mother if he was about to go home late, and what he thinks the weird thing was, he never spend a night at other places besides his home.

He thought a young man in the nineteenth is when they behave wild, like often spending the night at other places or his friend's place, went to the pub, or something like that but the owner of the original body never did that. he always studies and studies because he wanted his family to live a better life.

As the person who took over his body, he still hasn't made his family happy but he already made his family sad and worried about him.

" Mother, I'm sorry, I made mistakes. I forgot to tell you that I won't be coming home. I won't do this again. next time, if I was not going home or be late going home, I'll tell you beforehand " he said with a sad voice.

Hearing his words, his mother patted his back and said " it's alright, son. Mother knows that a young man around your age wants to spend time at other places too. Mother understands that "

Even though she said that, she still felt like she wasn't willing to see her son spend the night other than their house but she knew, she couldn't be selfish, he is a young man so she couldn't make him always stay in the house and she didn't want to see him sad like that.
for visiting.

When he heard that his mother didn't blame him and even understand him like that, the guilt inside him grew deeper and deeper.

letting go of his hug, he touched his mother's cheeks and looked at her eyes " mother, please don't do this again. I don't want something happened to you. "

when he said that, his face looked very sad and the light in his eyes faded, he felt like his body responded on its own when his eyes saw his mother worried face and tired body.

Even though he also didn't want to see his mother in that state, but at that time, it felt like his body has its own thought, making what he's feeling to double.

" but.. " his mother wanted to say something but got interrupted by him

" No buts! promise me to never do this again. What if mother will get sick because you haven't had sleep waiting for me? " he said, making sure that his mother won't do something like that again in the future.

" Mother just wants " his mother hasn't finished her words but got interrupted by him again

" Mother, I know what your feeling but please don't do this again, it's alright if you wait for me but if I still haven't got home at 11 p.m, please sleep first and don't wait for me" he said

" Alright. Mother will do what Tian wants " said his mother. She didn't want to see and hear her son's sad face and sorrowful voice again so she decided to do what he wants.

" un " he nodded. He was relieved when his mother agreed to him.

" It's good if you know that you're the wrong one here. Just don't make big sister worried again next time " said Ye Qingyu. She didn't want to blame her nephew but seeing her big sister worried face all night until making her big sister to not sleep yet, she couldn't help herself from blaming her nephew.

She and her big sister called his smartphone many times but it said that his smartphone was turned off.

" un. I understand " he said

" Tian, have you eaten breakfast yet ? " asked his mother, changing the topic.

" of cou"" he spoke halfway before continuing " wait, don't tell me, mother and aunt still haven't eaten breakfast yet because you were waiting for me? "

" Of course. I'm already starving but big sister forbids me for eating breakfast first. Big sister said we have to wait for you first because big sister thinks that you'll be coming home in the morning. " said Ye Qingyu.

She was starving at that time but every time she wanted to eat breakfast, her big sister told her to wait for her nephew first. She didn't want to make her big sister sad again so she did what her big sister told her, even though she was starving.

At first, he wanted to tell them that he already had breakfast but after hearing what his aunt said, he didn't have the heart to say it " I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Let's eat together "

" Alright. Let's eat breakfast. Mother already cooked your favorite food " said his mother as she grabbed his hand and dragged him to the dining room with a smile on her face.

" Finally, I can eat breakfast " said Ye Qingyu with a relief.

They headed to the dining room to eat breakfast together. when they were in the dining room, his mother immediately prepared his food but..

" wait, mother, I can't eat that much. " he said when he saw his mother was giving a lot of cooked rice on his plate with two crispy fried chickens, some crispy mushroom and soup.

Hearing what her son said, Ye Xueyin immediately said " what are you talking about Tian. I know you still haven't eaten anything from yesterday night right? you must be starving right now? that's why mother give you a lot of food right now"

" but yesterday night, I---- " but before he could finish his words he got interrupted by his aunt

" Just eat it. don't make big sister worry and sad again. " said Ye Qingyu, giving him a death stare.

Hearing that, he couldn't say anything anymore.

"Here Tian. Eat it " said his mother with a smile on her face.

" a..ahh.. thank you mother. " he said.

" un! " nodded his mother happily.

Seeing a lot of food in front of him, he felt like wanting to cry. He already had breakfast at Lin Xing Xue's house so he is still full and now he has to eat breakfast again. What made him want to cry was his mother giving him a lot of food for his breakfast.

He is still full, so even though the food in front of him looks delicious and one of his favorite foods, he didn't have the appetite to eat it but because he didn't want to make his mother sad, he had no choice but to eat it.

"Why do you eat so slowly? Isn't this food one of your favorite foods? " asked her aunt

"What is it Tian? Don't you want to eat it ? " asked his mother in a sad voice.

she thought that he didn't like the food she cooked again, usually, whenever she or her little sister is cooking, he always ate it with a happy face but this time, he looked like he didn't like the food she cooked. It really makes her really sad seeing him like that.

turning his head, he looked at his mother's sad face and voice. at that time, he wanted to cry but he could only smile and said " No. I like this food very much. I'm just so happy, that's why I'm eating it slowly "

After saying that, he eats the food faster.

I want to puke, he said in his head while still eating his food faster like he really was enjoying it.

" Really? " his mother's sad face immediately turned to a happy face when she heard his words " ohhh. Don't eat too fast, Tian "

" it's so delicious mother, making me want to eat it fast. " he said while holding himself not to puke and sometimes hit his stomach to make space for the food he eats now.

" Is that so? Mother likes hearing it " said his mother as she smiled

" I thought, you don't like the food but it seems like I was wrong. " said his aunt when she saw him eating his food like that.

As he kept eating the food, he kept hitting his stomach to make his stomach still have a space for the food again.

he also holds himself and often covering his mouth whenever he wanted to puke. At that time, he felt like his mother and aunt were torturing him like they wanted to take revenge on him.

after a few minutes trying his best eating all the food, hitting his stomach and holding himself not to puke, he finally finished eating but..

" Tian, you already eat all the food. It seems you are starving. Here, mother will give you the food again " said his mother while giving him a bowl of rice, crispy fried chickens, crispy mushroom and soup again

Seeing his mother giving him food again he shouted " Nooooooooo.. mother please don't give me food again..... I'll die..... "

edited by Vrethragna
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