Illicit Relationship Chapter 62

59 You Misheard I

Inside the bedroom, there's a young man and a beautiful mature lady sleeping on the bed. The mature lady was sleeping on the right side of the young man while hugging his right hand tightly.

the bedroom is around 5x5 meters with a bed at the center end of the room, on the left side of the bed, there is a small table with a small alarm clock on it while on the right of the bed is a large wardrobe with a dressing table beside it.

In front of the bed, there is a window with a checkered model decorated with purple curtains and above the window, there is an air conditioner.

Last night when they watched TV, Lin Xing Xue fell asleep on his shoulder, after turning off the TV, he carried her to her bedroom.

After he put her on the bed, he lied down next to her, watching her sleeping face. as he watched her sleeping face, slowly she opened her eyes and looked at him. he smiled at her and pinched her nose, making her beat his chest gently.

Because of that, she didn't feel sleepy anymore, they chatted for about twenty minutes before they fell asleep.



The sound of alarm echoed in the bedroom. Xiao Tian slowly opened his eyes upon hearing the sound of an alarm. He was happy at that time because when he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Lin Xing Xu who was still sleeping in his embrace.

A few seconds after he woke up, Lin Xing Xue also woke up.

Seeing she already woke up, he kissed her forehead and said " good morning, love "

" good morning Tian. " she said as she smiled

Using both hands, he grabbed her hips and put her on top of him.

" kya! " she was surprised and let out a cute voice when he suddenly put her on top of him " Tian, what are you doing? Let's immediately get up and have a breakfast "

"let's have breakfast later, I want to hug you first. " he said, wrapping his hands on her back.

Using both of her hands, she pinched his cheeks and smiled " Are you not hungry? "

" hnn. Breakfast comes second, and hugging you come first " he said as he shook his head.

Hearing his words, she knew that it will be useless to ask anymore, so she only leaned her head on his chest and said " alright "

They were in that position for about ten minutes before finally, she said " alright. This's enough, let's get up "
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He still wanted to hug her in that position so he shook his head when she asked him to let her go.

Seeing him shaking his head and still wanted to hug her, she sighed and kissed his lips " Tian, I'm hungry "

" kiss me again, after that we can have breakfast," he said. actually, he will still let her go and have breakfast even if she won't kiss him again, he said that because he only wanted her to kiss him again.

" Alright." she immediately kissed his lips again before she continued " alright, let's get up. "

" un " he nodded as he let her go from his embrace.

After they finished tidying the bedroom, she headed to the kitchen while Xiao Tian waited in the living room. at first, he wanted to help her with the cooking but she refused him and told him to wait for her in the living room.

After she entered the kitchen, she immediately prepared everything. The kitchen room is neither big nor small but the room is very clean with lower cabinet and upper cabinet arranged in ' n ' shape.

On the right side of the countertop, there is a cooktop with a cooker hood above it so it can help the air circulation in the kitchen when cooking. While on the middle side of the countertop, there is a sink with a window above it, letting the light into the kitchen.

Because he felt bored just sitting in the living room, he headed to the kitchen to help her. when he was in the kitchen room, he saw her wearing a white t-shirt underneath the brown apron.

As expected, if you were born beautiful, whatever you wear, you'll still look beautiful, he thought to himself while staring at her

When she was washing the vegetable, he walked quietly and hugged her from behind " love, let me help you "

When he hugged her suddenly from behind, she stopped washing the vegetable for a moment before she finally continued washing the vegetable again and said " Tian. Just wait in the living room and watch TV, you don't need to help me "

" but watching TV is boring. I want to help you " he said as he hugged her more tightly. He leaned his head on her right shoulder. At that position, every time he breathes in, he could smell the floral scent of jasmine, freesia, rose, and orchid, making him want to hug her forever.

" did you mean helping me by hugging me from behind ? " she asked. Actually, she likes it when he hugged her from behind but of course she won't say it, she only lets him hugged her because whenever he hugged her, it gave her warmth and made her heart calm too.

" un. Hugging you from behind is one of my help for you " he said as he kissed her neck.

Feeling his kiss on her neck, she felt like an electricity running to all the cells on her body, making her stop washing the vegetable again, before finally, using her left hand, she pinched his nose and said " bad boy, let me go, if you kept hugging me, it'll make me cook breakfast slower you know? "

" well, it can't be helped. you should blame yourself for it, because every time I see you, I always want to hug you. " he said, giving her an excuse so he can still hug her while she was washing vegetables.

" How can that be my fault? " she asked him " you should be the one to blame in this case right,? "

" it's your fault for making me fall in love with you this deeply, love. " he whispered close to her right ears.

She giggled hearing his words, she soaked her left hand with the water that came out from the faucet and splashed it on his face, making his face slightly wet by the splash " it's still early in the morning and you're already trying to seduce me, huh.. hehe "

" love, you made my face wet. What a bad lady " he said, pinching her nose gently again before he finally continued seducing her again " well I'm seducing you because I fall in love with you and want you to become mine that's why I'm trying hard to seduce you. "

" you're right, I'm a bad lady. " she said as she giggled before finally, she changed the topic " if you want to help me, wash this vegetable, I will prepare the other so we can have breakfast faster "

Using his left hand, he turned her head to the right side and kissed her lips " alright. Everything for you, love "

He let go of his hug and washed the vegetable. After he finished washing the vegetable, he walked closer to her and said " love, I'm done washing the vegetable. Is there anything I can help again? "

" no, I only need to cook the vegetable and everything will be ready, " she said as she shook her head.

hearing that, he hugged her again from behind and said " I can't get enough hugging you like this "

" are you going to hug me until I finish cooking ? " she sighed at him when she felt that he was hugging her from behind again

" why not? You're only cooking vegetables, so I think it's not dangerous to hugging you like this. I won't do this if you cook something like egg or other like that. " he said " and you only need moving your hand, not your body. Oh if you need to get something I'll do that instead so don't forget telling me if you need something "

Seeing he insist on hugging her, she let him hugged her from behind and continued cooking. Not long after that, they finished cooking and put the food on the dining table.

After they finished preparing the food, they started eating together in the dining room.

" ehm.. it's delicious. As expected of my lover. My lover really is an ideal woman for all men " he said after tasting the food.

She was happy when he says he likes her cooking " thank you. "

" love, are you going to come to my company today ? " he asked her.

" un. I will go to your company today because I can go home earlier than usual, " she said. she felt bad because yesterday she couldn't come to his company because there were important costumers in the shop where she works, and that important costumers made her coming home later than her usual day.

Hearing that, he was happy and said " I'll wait for you "

" but isn't there already Shi Fei who help you everything ? " she asked. She knew that with Shi Fei working under him, Shi Fei could help him with many things because she knew that Shi Fei can do a lot of work.

" but it's not the same if you're not around." He said as he shook his head.

"why? isn't it the same? the purpose of me being there is to work right? " she asked him

" well if you're there, I think my brain will work better than ever. " he said as he teased her

She knew that he was teasing her again, that's why she decided to play along " So it means you're working better if I'm in your company? "

" Yes, just standing by my side is already giving me a boost in working and I can think about everything easier, you're like a lucky goddess to me, " he said as he smiled

"hehe. So I don't need to work and I only need to stand by your side huh. Aren't you just wasting your money from paying me? " she asked as she giggled

" of course not, I feel lucky even though I have to pay you just to stand by my side. " he said as he smiled

" Alright, from now on, I will only stand by your side but you still have to pay me, understand? " she said jokingly

" sure. " he said. he knew that she was joking around. She is a strong and independent woman who hates it if people were pitying her but he decided to play along with her jokes

" hehe. I'm joking. I don't like getting paid for standing by myself " she said, afraid that he will do that later.

" I know you'll say that. " he said as he giggled

" How could you know I'll say it? " she asked curiously

" well, I know everything about you. " he said jokingly

" like what? " she asked again

" you're beautiful, kind, strong, independent, mature, gently, you don't like other people pitying you and the most I know is. you will love me in the future. Madly in love with me." he said as he looked at her

" How can you know I'll love you in the future and not no" she spoke halfway before she stopped and covered her mouth.

" what? Little Xue, you're already falling in love with me? " he asked as he smiled

" did you say anything earlier? " she acted like she heard nothing

" admit it, you want to say that you're already falling in love with me right now " he smiled

" did you hear it wrong? " she denied it shamelessly " because I never said it "

" no, I can understand it even though you only said half the word," he said

" What did I say earlier, I forget? " she said as she smiled

" You said 'how can you know I'll love you in the future and not now ' but when you want to say ' now', you stopped halfway," he said, explaining it to her.

" no, I think you heard it wrong," she said

" no, I can understand it. " he said

" no, you heard it wrong," she said

" no, I didn't hear it wrong. " he said

" no. " she said

" yes, admit it. " he said

" no " she said

" yes " he said

And then they continued debating about it before finally, he gives in. she was happy and giggled when he gives in, making her couldn't stop giggling for a few seconds.

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