Illicit Relationship Chapter 61

58 Do You Know That Song?

Not long after that, they arrived at the company building. That day, he worked until night.

" hhhhh. So tired " he said, stretching his hands. Turning his head, he looked at the clock " it's already 09.00 p.m. what is little Xue doing at this time? I'm going to take a shower first before heading to her house. "

Ten minutes later, he finished taking a shower and ready to head toward Lin Xing Xue's home. When he passed Shi Fei's office, he saw Shi Fei's office light was still on.

Seeing that Shi Fei's office light was still on, he stopped his footsteps and opened the door.

After he opened the door, he saw Shi Fei was still working on the computer. He sighed and walked closer to her and said: " Fei, what are you doing ? you still haven't gone home?"

" ah little brother, I still have work, I'll go home later," she said. Because she was focusing on her work, she didn't notice that he was in front of her. she thought she was the only one in the office at that time, that's why she was a little shocked when she heard his voice.

" just do it tomorrow. It's already 09.00 p.m " he said. he didn't want her to work overtime, if she gets sick because of working overtime, he would be the one who will lose. With Shi Fei helping him, his work became easier because she knew how to handle a lot of work.

At first, he was shocked when he saw her handling a lot of work, not only can she handle programming, she could do management too. For him, she is a great asset, that why he didn't want anything to happen to her.

" no, it's alright, my works are almost finished, " she said as she smiled.

" ok, but promise me, you'll stop working fifteen minutes later. It would be bad for your body if you work overtime," he said.

" un, I understand. " she said as she smiled

He brought his face closer to her face and kissed her lips. When he kissed her lips, she immediately wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him back.

They immediately kissed passionately and a few minutes later, he broke the kiss and said " it's enough, we already had a lot of sex today and I still have something to do right now "

Hearing his words, she immediately said" it's fine with me if little brother wants to have another sex right now. There is no one here so I can moan loudly "

" what are you talking about? You even moaned loudly when we had sex this morning in my office, making the employees hear your moans" he said as he flicked her head gently

" hehe. Well it's because sex with a little brother feel so good " she said as she rubbed her head

" alright, remember don't work too hard " he said as he waved goodbye

" alright " she said as she nodded

Saying that, he immediately went towards Lin Xing Xue's home but he suddenly stopped his footsteps in the middle of the road.

"un, I'll buy it," he said as he nodded

After he bought something, he headed to Lin Xing Xue's house again and not long after that, he arrived at her house and knocked on her door

" Little Xue, it's me your lover," he said

for visiting.

The sound of the door opened by someone could be heard.

" Tian ? " said Lin Xing Xue

" I bought a watermelon and hot soup," he said, showing the hot soup and watermelon to her.

" come in," she said

" un " he smiled

They immediately headed to the living room. The living room is around 4x4 meters. In the living room, there is a gray sofa arranged in an L shape and at the front of the sofa, there is a small table with grey colored carper under it.

3 meters in front of the sofa, there's a white-colored wooden table close to the wall where a 21 inch TV is in the middle of the wooden table.

Next to the living room, he can see half of the dining room because the dining room was on the right side of the living room and nothing is blocking the view to see the dining room. From the living room, he can even see the dining table.

" wait here and watch TV while I prepare the soup and watermelon, " she said

" un " he took the TV remote on the table then turned the TV on.

But when he watched all the channels on TV, it was about Yun Xin Er, or more precisely it's all about his song ' illusion '.

Not long after that, Lin Xing Xu came with hot soup and watermelon that has been sliced into small pieces. She placed it on the table and said " here. Eat it "

" come here and sit near me," he said as he patted the couch near him.

After she sat next to him, she watched TV and said " oh it's about miss Yun. "

" sigh, all the channel is about Yun Xin Er," he said as he sighed

" well, her album is a big hit. do you know her song that's called illusion ? " she asked " that song is so good. I like that song very much. You should hear it if you don't know that song. I'm sure you'll like it because that song is a masterpiece. All people, from young to old people know that song."

When he heard that, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Little Xue, it's my song. Of course, I know because I'm the one who created it. I'm the composer, you know?! He said in his mind.

Of course, he didn't tell her that, he already sold that song so he couldn't tell anyone that he was the composer of that song.

" I know that song. " he said as he smiled

" it's a good song right ? " she asked

" not just a good song but the best song ever. From the song, I know that the creator of that song is handsome, kind, popular, cool, respected by everyone, humble, polite, always helping people in need and the most important thing is he's diligently saving his money " he said proudly

Hearing that, she giggled and said " how do you know that? you even talking like you're the creator of that song "

" I can tell from the lyrics of the song," he said

Well, because I'm the creator of that song, he added on his mind.

" is that so? so you mean, if you know the lyrics of the song, you'll know about the creator of the song like their appearance or personality ? " she asked jokingly

" of course...not " he said as he laughed

" haha. I knew it, you're lying to me " she said as she laughed

He took the spoon to get the soup, and because it was still hot, he blew to the hot soup that's on the spoon, after that, he said " here little Xue, open your mouth "

Seeing he wanted to feed her, she giggled and said " what is it? Do you want to feed me? "

" un. Here, open your mouth " he said

Seeing he insisted on feeding her, she opened her little mouth and ate the soup.

" how is it ? is it delicious ? " he asked her

" un delicious. Try it " she said as she nodded her head

He tried testing the soup and said " un it's indeed delicious but not as delicious as you "

Hearing that, she immediately said, " I'm not a food you know, why did you compare me with the soup?"

" but to me, you're like the food, without you I'll starve and I can die because of it," he said

" You always know how to answer anything right? " she asked

" well, it's because when I'm with you, my brain suddenly worked very well, I even wonder why. That's why never leave me and always stay by my side " he said

" Alright, alright," she said

With that, they continued eating the hot soup and watermelon while watching TV

edited by Vrethragna
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