Illicit Relationship Chapter 60

57 Beautiful Lady Are You Perhaps Interested In Me?

"Little brother, a woman has three holes, and you already used two of my holes. There is one more hole that you still haven't used. Do you want to use it now? Don't worry, little brother. I've been cleaning and stretching it every day." Shi Fei said lustfully

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian looked around. He wanted to make sure whether it was safe to have sex at the time or not. The other customers were quite far from them, but he still wondered why the waitress had still not brought their order.

If the waiter suddenly comes with their order when they have sex, it would be dangerous. However, if they really have sex, it will be his first time to have sex under the restaurant's table. In his previous life, he had sex in many places, like in a car, toilet, park, under the bridge, behind the public toilet, but he never had sex under the table.

Xiao Tian was thrilled to try this, so he replied, "Sure. But let's move close to the wall, so when the waitress comes, it would be easy for me to cover myself."

After saying that, they immediately moved close to the wall.

After moving close to the wall, Shi Fei turned around, making her buttocks face him. She then raised her buttocks high enough for Xiao Tian to fuck her while her head and hands were on the floor.

Seeing her ass, Xiao Tian raised her skirt to her waist and pulled down her purple thong to her thighs. Xiao Tian then rubbed her pussy using his middle finger to take her love juice and placed it on her ass hole, causing her ass hole wet from her love juice.

"Mmmmmmm" Shi Fei moaned and immediately covered her mouth

After making sure her ass hole was ready, Xiao Tian placed his cock in her ass hole and pulled her hips to him.

"Mmmmmm," Shi Fei cried when she felt Xiao Tian's huge cock enter her asshole slowly.

"So tight," because Xiao Tian was unable to move his waist in that position, he decided to move Shi Fei's hips using his hands.

"Emma...EmmEnmm.." Shi Fei tried her best not to let out her moans

"Fei, your ass hole is so tight,"

Shi Fei's ass hole felt different from her pussy. The tightness was on a different level, and it was tightening up whenever he thrust his cock. The feeling when the tip of his cock meets her dentate was so good, making Xiao Tian groans.

"Fei, have you done it in your ass hole before?" Xiao Tian asked when he felt her muscles ass was squeezing his cock wildly.

"Mmmm. I'm glad little brother like itmmm," her hands that covered her mouth were full of her saliva, some of her salivae even fell on the floor. "No. I never had a cock in my ass hole before. I only put a dildo inside my ass hole, but little brother's cock is way bigger than the dildo I used to please myself,"

"So, you've played with your ass too?" Xiao Tian inquired

"Mmmmm. Yes. Sometimes, I used a dildo to play with my assMmm," she replied.

Two waitresses suddenly came with their order. Those two waitresses were around eighteen years old.

One of the waitresses was a cute young woman with medium-length ginger-colored hair while the other waitress was a lovely young woman with long straight black hair.

Seeing the waitresses, Xiao Tian instantly covered his waist with the tablecloth and put his hands on the table while his cock was still inside Shi Fei's ass hole.

When Xiao Tian stopped moving his hands, Shi Fei turned her head. She wanted to know why Xiao Tian suddenly stopped moving his hands.

She was in great pleasure at that time, so when he suddenly stopped moving his hands, she felt itchy inside her body.

Shi Fei finally knew the reason he suddenly stopped moving his hands after seeing a foot next to her.

"Costumer, sorry for taking so long. As an apology, we are giving you a free drink. This free drink is good for health," the long straight black-haired waitress said as she put the food on the table.

After putting the food on the table, the female waitress with medium length ginger hair also put the drink on the table.

"It's alright," Xiao Tian answered as he smiled.

When Xiao Tian was talking with the waitresses, Shi Fei's ass hole suddenly became tighter, and her ass muscles were squeezing his cock wildly.

Feeling that, Xiao Tian craved to tease her, but because he was unable to move his waist and his hands were on the table, he did nothing.

Because Xiao Tian and the waitresses were not separated by anything, they could see each other clearly. That was why he did nothing when Shi Fei's ass muscles were squeezing his cock wildly.

If they were separated by something, he would definitely do something to her.

After putting all the drinks and food on the table, the medium-length ginger-haired waitress said abruptly, "Costumer, sorry if I'm taking more of your time, but can I ask something?"

"What is it?" at this time, Xiao Tian thought that the waitresses knew that he was having sex in front of them, but he behaved normally because they still haven't said it.

"My name is Lao Yi. I want to ask, do you have a girlfriend?" Lao Yi inquired.

Hearing Lao Yi's words, the long straight black-haired female waitress immediately whispered to Lao Yi, "Hey! What are you doing? If the manager knows about this, we could get fired."

"But it's only 'if' right?" Lao Yi whispered, "Yao Yao, it's rare to see a handsome guy like him. Don't tell me you don't want to get his number."

"That's not it. We are still working right now. What if he complains later," Yao Yao whispered.

"Don't worry. He seems like a good guy. I'm sure he won't do that" Lao Yi whispered

Hearing one of the waitresses asking his number, Xiao Tian immediately smiled and replied, "Hmm, is the beautiful lady perhaps interested in me?"

'What're you doing waitresses? I don't forbid you for asking his phone number but not now. Please leave. My body is itching because I want to continue having sex with him.'

Shi Fei was unhappy and shouted in her head.

"Yes, if it's alright, can I get your phone number?" Lao Yi asked for visiting.

"Sure" Xiao Tian smiled

Hearing his words, Lao Yi took out her smartphone and said happily, "Please."

Xiao Tian immediately put his number on her smartphone and smiled, "Done."

After Xiao Tian gave her smartphone back to her, Lao Yi wanted to make sure that the number he put into her smartphone was his number, so she called his name. Xiao Tian's smartphone suddenly started ringing.

Xiao Tian looked at the number on his smartphone's screen and showed it to Lao Yi, "Is this your number?"

Alright, you have got his number. Now leave! Shi Fei thought to herself

"Thank you. I'll call you later" Lao Yi spoke

"Un. I'll be waiting" he answered as he smiled

After that, the waitresses left.

"Ah finally they left," Shi Fei said abruptly

"Was it thrilling?" he inquired.

"Yes," she answered

"Now that the waitresses left, it's time to "Xiao Tian grabbed her hips and moved his hands again

"Mmmmm," Shi Fei immediately covered her mouth when he suddenly thrust his cock inside her ass hole.

"Mmmmm. It feels good..hmmm" at that time; the floor was wet because of Shi Fei's love juice and saliva.

Xiao Tian moved his hands faster and faster, making her almost unable to hold her moans anymore.

"Mmmm...Little brother, I can't hold it anymore. HmmmI want to moan loudly..eem.." she stated

"If you do that, they will know that we're having sex right now," he answered

"Emmm but I can't hold it anymore.hmmm," she said

"Try holding it a little more. I'm about to cum" he replied as he kept thrusting his cock

"Emmm...alright little brother but please hurry up and cumem.." she moaned

"Alright, tighten more your ass hole, it will make me cum faster," he said

"Hmmalright" she tried her best to tighten her ass hole so he would cum faster

Not long after that, he had reached his limit and said, "I'm cummingggg."

"Hmmm. Ahh. Little brother's sperm is inside my ass hole" she stated

After he finished his orgasm, he pulled out his cock and put her purple thong back.

"Hold it and don't let my sperm come out or we will get caught," he said

She tightened her ass so that his sperm won't come out. After that, she came out from under the table and headed to the toilet.

Luckily there was still an unoccupied toilet, so she could immediately go inside and sit on the toilet.

"Ahhhh. There is a lot of little brother's sperm on my ass hole," she said when she saw his sperm coming out of her ass hole.

After cleaning her ass hole, she immediately returned to the table. After they finished eating, they immediately left the restaurant.

As they walked on the road, she suddenly said, "Little brother, are you satisfied with my body today?"

"Un. Your sexy body, your pussy, and your ass hole is the best," he said as he smiled

"I'm glad to hear it. I will satisfy you and make sure you won't forget my body so that you won't leave me in the future" she said as she smiled

"Good," he said as he smiled
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