Illicit Relationship Chapter 6

3 Thank You Uncles For Your Blessing

Actually the distance between Lin Xing Xue's house and Xiao Tian's house is just around a hundred meters so they didn't need much time to arrive at his house.

at that time, they walked together and of course, he never stopped teasing her until her face was red like a tomato. They were happy at that moment, added with the beautiful night, making the situation became more pleasant for both of them.

The yellow color of the street lights which emits light every ten meters, the beautiful flowers on the sidewalk and full moon at that night, made that night became a perfect night for him, of course, it was also because there was a beautiful lady next to him.

if he was enjoying the atmosphere alone, the feeling was different because he couldn't share it with someone.

There was also a street vendor, but because the road is not the main road, there were rarely cars on the road but there were a lot of people enjoying the night on their bicycle.

Many youngsters and the old man laughed as they were enjoying the beautiful night.

" little Xue. I'm really lucky I can spend this beautiful night with a beautiful lady like you " he said as he smiled

" stop calling me little Xue. " she said as she hit his chest gently " un, this night is really beautiful "

" Little Xue, stop hitting your lover. Your lover is still hurt right now. How about holding my hand instead " he said, pretending he was in hurt after she hit him.

She turned her head and said " hmf.. you bad boy "

He pinched her cheek gently and laughed " my little Xue is cute when she acts like this "

She didn't push his hands, instead, she smiled beautifully.

seeing her smile, he felt like the time was stop at that moment. The beautiful night added the beautiful smile on her face, making him stunned and didn't move for a moment.

" Little Xue, you're really beautiful " he said unconsciously

" thank you " she giggled

He was stunned because this was the first time she didn't reject him when he called her as little Xue, usually, she always told him to stopped calling her like that even though she was never angry.

Thinking about this, he was really happy because this was proof that their relationship was getting better. Looking at them like a sweet couple who was in love, one of the uncles smiled and said loudly " looking at the sweet couple over there, making us old man leaving with envy "

" that right old Ma, they're really made for each other. Ahh making this old man happy " said another uncle as he looked at Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue

Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xu immediately stopped their footsteps and turned around, after making sure they were talking about them, Lin Xing Xu blushed while Xiao Tian had a smile on his face.

" see, even they know that we're made for each other " he said happily

She then pinched his waist " you're really a bad boy "

" but you like a bad boy right? " he said as he smiled

She kept silence, pretending to hear nothing and turned her head to avoid his eyes, however she failed to hide her blush.
for visiting.

Xiao Tian immediately said " thank you, uncles, for your blessing. My lover is really happy hearing that "

After he said that, her face became redder and didn't know what should she do, she wasn't a teenager anymore but at this time she couldn't help but feel happy and felt like she was at her teen.

" treat your girlfriend preciously young man, don't make her sad. " said the uncle as he smiled widely

Xiao Tian grabbed lin Xing Xue's waist and said " don't worry uncle, I'll treat my little lover very well and cherish her with all my heart "

" good if you understand, young man. don't regret it later because your girlfriend is beautiful so I'm sure there is a lot of men want to take her from you " said the other uncle as he gave Xiao Tian a little advice.

Xiao Tian nodded his head but he suddenly felt his hand that hugging Lin Xing Xue was got pinched by her.

" Alright, little Xu, let's go to our home " he said as he held her hand

" it's your home, not ours " she said as she tried releasing her hand from his hand but because he was holding her hand tightly she couldn't release her hand and as a result she let him hold her hand.

Not long after that, they had arrived at his house. His house is a little bigger than an ordinary house and there is a blue color iron fence as high as one and a half meter.

He opened the blue iron fence and saw a small garden in the front yard of his house with a few flowers.

" Mother, I'm home " he said as he opened the door. He turned his head toward Lin Xing Xu and said " what're you standing there for? come in "

" excuse me " she said shyly

They immediately headed toward the living room. The living room is a little big, it's around 4x6 meters with a family picture hanging on the wall and there is also a 21 inch TV. Purple sofa and a small table are placed in front of the TV.

He didn't see his mother in the living room but not long after that, there was a beautiful mature woman in her thirty-five years wearing a blue shirt and white skirt. Even though she is already thirty-five years old, she still has fair skin, long legs, and an elegant figure.

Her hair that draped over her shoulders were slightly curled at the ends, and she wore a pair of silver earrings. There're no wrinkles on her face, she looks like a woman who spends all her time taking care of her appearance. Yes she is Xiao Tian's mother, her name is Ye Xueyin

" Tian, you're already home. What happens to your head? " said Ye Xueyin. She then looked at the woman next to her son and said " miss Lin. It's rare for you to come over "

" Sorry to disturb you in the evening miss Ye " said Lin Xing Xue as she bowed a little

" it's alright " said Ye Xueyin. She walked toward his son and said " son, what happened to your head? "

" it's nothing mother " he said as he smiled.

" Miss Lin, please have a seat " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

" thank you miss Ye " said Lin Xing Xu as she sat on the sofa
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