Illicit Relationship Chapter 58

55 How Can You Be This Perfect?

" Little brother, you're the best. How can you be this perfect? " she asked him.

" What do you mean by that? " he asked with puzzlement.

" You're so handsome, young, talented, your dick is huge, your stamina is very good, you're good at treating women, and your business is growing too," she said honestly.

" Oh! about that, you don't regret choosing to become my mistress, right?" He said as he smiled.

" Of course not. Now, my status is indeed still a mistress, but soon, my status will be an official lover, after that, I'll become your official wife" she said.

Hearing her words, he smiled and said " Oh! what great goals. "

After she finished putting on her clothes, she happily said " Oh right, little brother. We have a lot of orders again. "

" I know about that," he said as he nodded.

Because he was still using his bank account for his business, he knew when someone was ordering clothes on his online shop, because every time someone paid for the clothes they ordered, a notification will appear on his smartphone.

Thinking about it, suddenly, he remembered something important and said " Fei, let's go to the bank. I want to make a bank account for my business. "

He thought that it's time to open a bank account for his business because he no longer wants his money getting mixed up with the business funds.

" Alright! but let me change my clothes first, little brother," she said as she nodded.

" Do you want us to go to your apartment first? " he asked curiously

" No. I've prepared some of my clothes in the office room so I can change clothes anytime," she said

" Alright, hurry up," he said.

hearing his words, she headed to her office room to change her clothes, after she finished changing her clothes, she immediately returned to his office again.

after they had prepared everything, they immediately headed to the bank but when they were walking passed the employees, all the employees who saw them were blushing furiously. Some of them lowered their heads while blushing, some are looking at them and were also beet red.

" Seems like they knew that we just had sex," she said.

Hearing that, the corner of his lips twitched, he thought she seriously didn't care about it at all, she even dared to say that while they are still walking in front of the employees.

" Of course, you were moaning loudly so how could they not hear that? " he said

" Well, it felt so good having sex with little brother, so don't blame me for moaning that loud," she said.

" But you have to hold your moans while we have sex outside someday," he said

" Oh! we're going to have sex outdoor someday ? " she asked

" Of course," he said

" Ehehe. I wish that time will be coming soon " she said as she smiled

" Don't worry, it won't be that long," he said.

After that, they went to four different banks to make a bank account for business. He thought that if he only made one bank account, It won't be ideal because a lot of people use different bank accounts but making too many bank accounts is also not good.

He thought, for now, four bank accounts for business are the best for his business. After they finished making a bank account, they decided to eat.

It was already 04.00 p.m and they still haven't eaten lunch yet, because they were busy making a bank account for business.

After searching for about five minutes, they finally decided to eat at some restaurant. It's called Ocean restaurant, a restaurant that sells a variety of seafood.

When they were coming inside the restaurant, they immediately went to the second floor. When they arrived on the second floor, he looked around and saw a few people were chatting or eating.

On the second floor, there was a wooden chair with a table almost as high as his waist. It was a rectangular table with one table's leg and the tablecloth was long, it's covering more than half of the table's leg.

They chose the table on the right side, where, next to the table was a wall with a beautiful painting on it. Not long after they sat, one of the waiters headed towards them and gave them the menu.

They were ordering crab, lobster, and shrimps for the food while ordering apple juice, soda lemon and strawberry milkshake. After the waiter wrote the orders down, she immediately leaves.

They were chatting for a few seconds before suddenly an evil smile appeared on his face.

" ahhn," she moans and immediately covered her mouth when she felt his toe was rubbing her pussy through her panties.

" Little brother, you still haven't got enough ? " she said as she looked at him

" Seeing your sexy body, I can't help but want to tease you," he said.

" I'm happy that you got turned on by my body, but do you seriously want to tease me here? " she said.

" There are only a few people here, and there is a tablecloth so it's fine," he said.

" look like Little brother is a pervert," she said as she smiled

" Well, everyone will become a pervert when they see your sexy body," he said.

" You always know how to answer everything," she said as she raised her right leg and rubbed his dick through his trousers

" ehhh, what's this ? " he said when he felt her leg rubbing his dick through his trousers

" Well. You're the one who started it," she said as she moved her leg up and down.

At that time, she was sitting while covering her mouth, making sure she won't let out a moan. Seeing she was trying her best to not letting out her moans, he moves his toe up and down faster, not long after that, he can feel her panties were already wet.

" hmffff " she was holding her moan when she felt that he was thrusting his toe into her vaginal hole.

She didn't want to lose so she raised her other leg and rubbed his dick with both of her feet.

" it's growing big," she said as she felt his dick was already hard.

She moved her feet skillfully, making him groan sometimes. Seeing she becomes bolder, he used his left foot to slide her panties to the other side while using his right feet to rub her pussy directly.

" hmmmmfff " she covered her mouth harder when she felt his toe was directly rubbing her pussy.

At that time, they were trying their best to look normal, even though they were rubbing each other's private places using their feet.

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