Illicit Relationship Chapter 57

54 Yes It Was Grea

" little brother, let's go for another round. I'm fine now " she said

Hearing her words, he was a bit surprised. A few seconds ago, she has had an orgasm and now, she was ready for another round.

What is this? Don't tell me, I've met my match, He thought to himself

" sure " he said

" Actually, you can do what you want with my body, you know. I'm fine with it." she said

" wow, my mistress is the best " he said as he smiled

" hehehe. Because I want to become your wife, I have to satisfy my future husband, right? " she said as she smiled

" ohh..You have to do your best to get that position " he said

Grabbing her hip, he placed her near the edge of the workbench, and after made her rest on the hip and forearm of one side, he pressed her thighs together and placed his dick on her entrance pussy.

" ahhhh " she moaned when he thrust his dick from behind.

" It's tight " he groaned, at that position, her pussy was tighter than usual and her pussy muscle was moving wildly too, making him feel so great.

" so hardahh.ah I can feel the shape of little dick very well in this position...ah.. " she moaned but not long after that, she began moving her hip too, following his rhythm.


The sound of her pussy being spread wide open echoed the entire room

"ah little brother,..ahh. let me tighten my pussy again ah " she said as she moaned.

"ohhh " he groaned again when she tightens her pussy.

At this time, some of the employees were blushed when they heard her moans.

Not long after that, he felt like he was about to climax so he moved his hip faster and faster, making her breasts sway uncontrollably.

" ah..ahahh.ahah " she let out multiple moans every time he thrust his dick inside her pussy

" I'm cumming... " he groaned. After a few seconds, he finally finished his climax and pulled out his dick

" ahh. Little brother, did you just cum inside me? " she said. spreading her legs, she saw his sperm coming out of her vagina.

" what is it? Do you not want me to cum inside your pussy? " he said as he looked at her

" well, today is not a safe day, so little brother, you need to buy birth control for me later, do you understand? " she said but immediately she covered her mouth when she saw his dick was still erect " wow, little brother, you already cum twice and your dick is still going strong "

She thought his dick will be shrink after he cum twice and need a few minutes to become hard again but looked like she was wrong because his dick was still erect, ready to have another battle.

" hold onto me. " he said as he lifted her

" kya " she let out a cute voice.

As he lifted her, she had no choice but immediately wrapped her slender arms around his neck and entwine her legs on his thighs on both sides.

After he lifted her, slowly, he lowered his hands that holding her buttocks, making his dick slowly enter her pussy again

" ahhhh " as his dick slowly entered her pussy again, she felt like his dick fully covered in electric impulse inducing pleasure knobs, rendering her powerless and robbing her of her sense of control.

As he continued thrusting his dick in her pussy, she started to move her body, following his rhythm.

" ah ah.. it's good it feels so good...ahI'm going to die from this pleasure..ah.... " she moaned, leaning her head on his shoulder

Her love juice began falling on the floor and ' SCLICK ' sound could be heard in their ears.

" ahah.ah. " she moans as she threw her head back, making her breast right in front of his lips.

Seeing her breast that moving around every time he thrust his dick inside her pussy, he brought his face close to her right breast and licked her erect nipple

" ahhhhh..more..more. this feels so good....ah..... " she moaned, caressing his back and torso.

As his dick continued touching her womb, coupled with how skilled he was licking her nipples, the pleasure she feels was so amazing, making her feel like she was about to climax again.
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" ahh.cumming..ahcummingI'm cumming again. ahhhhhhhh " she said with a fascinating expression

As she had an orgasm, he stopped moving his waist and said " how is it? did you enjoy that? "

" yes. that was great. " she said

" but I haven't finished yet " he said

" ahhhh " she moaned again when he moved his waist.

He kept moving his waist, making her let out multiple moans. after a few minutes, he felt he was about to cum so he moved his waist faster, making her moans louder and louder.

" cumming..I'm cumming " he said, cumming inside her again.

Feeling he cum inside her pussy again, she immediately said " ahh..little brother, you cum inside me again. "

"Un. Your pussy feels so good, makes me unable to hold myself and cum inside your vagina" he said while kissing her lips

Hearing his words, she smiled and said " really? Did you enjoy my pussy? If so, I'll forgive you, just accompany me buying birth control later "

" Yes. hmm. do you want me to accompany you buying birth control? " he said as he touched his chin " alright, we will buy a lot later because we will have a lot of sex from now on "

" good. Let's have a lot of sex " she said happily.

With this my first step is a great success, she thought to herself
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