Illicit Relationship Chapter 56

53 It Feels Good

Her body shivered for a few seconds after she had an orgasm.

" huff. It feels good " she said " now, it's my turn to make you feel good too, little brother "

Saying so, she immediately squatted down in front of him and using both hands, she started to take off his trousers.

Her heart started beating faster when she was taking off his trousers, and when his trousers were on his feet, she could see his erect dick clearly.

Seeing his erect dick in front of her, she gulped and said " it's so big. "

" my little brother is awesome, right? " he said proudly

Imagining his huge, long dick in her pussy, her pussy was getting wet and twitched uncontrollably. At that time, she wondered what it would be like if his big dick was inside her pussy.

raising her head, she looked at him and said " little brother, I like you more again after seeing your huge, long dick. Now I only need to test your stamina."

" I'm sure you won't disappoint in my stamina. " he said as he smiled
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At that time, lust began to appear on her eyes and unconsciously, she started opening her mouth little by little as if she couldn't wait to taste his huge dick.

Looking at his dick as carefully as something precious to her, She brought her face close to his dick and when she was so close to his dick, she started breathing heavily and unconsciously letting out her tongue.

" little brother, let me taste your huge dick. " she said lustfully

Seeing herself filled with lust, he smiled and said " what is this, Fei? are you impatient to taste my dick? "

" aaa yes. looking at your huge dick that looks so delicious..aaaaa I can't help myself to taste your dick " she said as she breathed heavily

" if you can't help yourself, then you can taste it " he said

" thank you, little brother my huge dick, let me taste you " she said as she started to lick the tip of his dick, and tasted his precum.

After tasting his precum, she licked the tip of his dick, before inserting his dick into her mouth

As she gave him a blowjob, using her left hand, she started playing with his testicles skillfully.

" ooohhh " he groaned when she was giving him a blowjob and played with his testicles skillfully.

Seeing his reaction, she stopped giving him a blowjob and said " do you like it, little brother? "

" yes. You're good at this " he said as he nodded

" hehe. I'll make you feel better ? " she said.

Saying so, she began to take off her white blouse and black lace bra, after that, she threw her white blouse and black lace on the floor. Placing his huge dick between her big breasts, she began to move her breast up and down, making him could feel her soft breasts.

Not long after she moved her breast up and down, she changed the movement of her breast, moving her left breast up while moving her right breast down.

When she moved like that, he groaned a little. The feeling was different when she skillfully moved her breast like that while she also licking the tip of his dick, it feels so good to him, making him groans.

Not long after, he felt like he was about to cum, so using both hands, he held her head and raised his head.

" I'm cumming. " he said when he reached the climax.

After he finished his climax, let go of his hands and pulled out his dick. After he let go of his hands and pulled out his dick, she immediately raised her head and opened her mouth, showing him the sperm on her tongue.


The sound of sperm that she drank could be heard in his ears. When she finished drinking his sperm, she smiled and said " it's delicious, little brother "

" do you like it ? " he asked

" yes, I like it. " she said as she smiled

" oh. You'll like it more when my dick was in your pussy " he said as he pinched her cheeks gently.

" yes.. I can't wait to feel your huge dick in my pussy " she said as she smiled

After that, he grabbed her hip and placed her on the workbench, making her sit on the workbench.

" are we going to do it on the workbench? " she said curiously

" yes. " he said

After he spread her legs, he placed his dick on her entrance vagina, preparing to have a real battle with her.

Seeing he was placing his dick on her entrance vagina, she held his shoulder and said " ahh. Little brother huge dick is about to come inside my pussy "

rubbing his dick several times, he immediately thrust his dick deep inside her pussy

" ahhh. " she moaned loudly, feeling his dick hit her womb.

He kept moving his hip, making her let out multiple moans. At that time, she no longer cared about what the employees thought about herself and just moaned loudly.

Seeing her moans loudly without restraint, he looked at her and asked "are you not afraid the employees will hear your moans? "

" no. let them hear it, I don't care. Let them now that I'm yours " she said as she moaned

" is that so? then I won't hold back anymore " he said, pushing his dick deeper, making half of the tip of his dick enter her womb.

" ahhhhh.. so good. Little brother, the tip of your dick is inside my womb ahhh this is the first time I feel like this..ahI'm going to die from this pleasureah "she let out multiple moaned.

This was the first time she feels so much pleasure to the point she didn't want it to end.

As he thrust his dick deep inside her pussy, her love juice started dripping more swiftly, making the workbench become wet and some of her love juice dripping from workbench to the floor.

Because the pleasure she feels was so great, her body started to feel weak, making her unable to sit on the workbench anymore.

" ahhahhhahhhh " she moaned as she lied down on the workbench

As she lied down on the workbench, he held her knees and moved his waist faster.

" ah..ahh..ah..ahah.. " her big breast was moving up and down every time he thrust his dick while her hands formed a sharp angle.

She let out multiple moans before suddenly she raised both hands, making hug sign. Seeing that, he knew that she wanted him to hug her.

As he continued to move his waist, he lowered his upper body and kissed her lips.

When he kissed her, she immediately wrapped her slender long arms around his neck and intensely intertwined her tongue and sometimes sucked his tongue wildly.

Not long after they kissed, he broke the kiss and began playing with her breast

" ahhh " she moaned loudly when he bit her nipples.

As he kept moving his waist, he licked her left breast while playing with her right breast using his left hand.

Feeling pleasure in her breast and pussy, she can't hold it any longer and felt like she was about to climax.

" ah.ah little brotherah I'm cumming I'm cumming. I'm cumming " she wrapped her arms around his neck and she also wrapping her legs around his ass when she has an orgasm.

Knowing she had an orgasm, he stopped moving his waist for a while, to give her time to climax.

After she had an orgasm, she looked at him and said " it's feel good. Little brother sorry I cum alone "

" it's alright. " he said as he smiled
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