Illicit Relationship Chapter 55

52 Oh Thats A Good Idea

She broke the kiss and said " little brother, it's been a long time for me to kiss a man again and when I kissed someone again, it's a handsome and talented young man like you, it makes me excited. Ah no, I mean besides the time when I stole a kiss from you last time. "

" is that so? how long has it been ? " he asked

" what's it, little brother? are you curious about me? hihi " she asked as she giggled. She was happy when he wanted to know about her because it was a good sign for her who wanted to become his lover.

" of course. Anyone would die to know more about a beautiful and sexy lady like you, you know? " he said " so tell me more about you. "

" So, little brother would die to know more about me? " she asked jokingly. Even though she knew that he wouldn't be willing to die just to know more about her, she was still happy when she heard his words.

" no, If I die, who will make you happy ? " he said as he looked at her lovingly

When she heard his words, she was stunned for a second before finally, a beautiful smile appeared on her face " you really know how to please woman, aren't you?"

Using his right hand, he pinched her nose gently and said " I think you're wrong. If someone talking to a beautiful and sexy lady like you, I'm sure every man will be an expert at pleasing woman because it's natural to appreciate the beauty, right? "

" hehe. The more I spend time with little brother, the more I like little brother. " she said as she smiled. Hearing his word that always praised her, she couldn't stop herself from liking him more and more.

" then I'll make you like me more " he said as he pinched her erect nipples through her white blouse.

" ahhh " she lifted her head and moaned when he suddenly pinched her erect nipples

While his right hand was pinching her left breast, he moved his right hand and squeezed her right breast " so, do you want to tell me more about you now? "

" ah.I've been single for three years and ah until now my ex-boyfriend is only ah. three. After I broke up with my last boyfriendah. I never had a boyfriendah againah" she said as she moaned.

Hearing that, he stopped moving his hand and said in surprise " only three? "

" yes. only three. " she said as she nodded

"why? for a sexy lady like you, it's not hard to have a boyfriend again, right ? " he asked her

" I just not in the mood to have a boyfriend. " she said

" not in the mood, huh? but here, you seduce me and even want to become my mistress, so are you in the mood to have a boyfriend right now ? " he asked as he teased her

"let's say it's love at first sight. But then moment we spent time together when we made dresses I realized that my love for little brother is growing every day. That why I want to become your mistress, maybe someday I can change my status from mistress to wife " she said as she smiled

" you have to give your best for that to happen " he said as he smiled

Wrapping her hand around his neck, she looked at him and said " of course, I'll do my best. My first aim is to have a lot of sex with little brother so little brother won't forget the taste of my body and can't live without my body anymore "

" oh that's a good idea " he said honestly

" good. Let's have a lot of sex from now on " she said happily

" sure " he said.

Using both of his hands, he started taking off her trousers. When he unzipped and unbuttoned her trousers, a sexy blue G-strings thong she wore could be seen.

When he unzipped and unbuttoned her trousers, she looked at him and giggled " hehe. Does little brother already want to see and play with my pussy? "

" I only want to check your pussy, to know, is your pussy acceptable to become my wife or not. hehehe " he said jokingly

" sure, here, you can take your time and check my pussy carefully. " she said as she stood up, making him easier to take off her trousers.

after he took off her trousers, he saw a small wet spot in her sexy blue G-string thong. Seeing a small wet spot in her sexy blue G-string thong, he rubbed the wet spot in her sexy blue G-string thong and said " ah.. what is this? Have you gotten wet just by kissing me? "

" ahhh..yes. kissing with little brother and imagine what we will do later is..ahmaking me wet..ah " she said as she moaned

" oh. what a horny lady huh " he said as he pushed his index finger into her vaginal hole through her sexy blue G-strings thong.

" ahh. Yes I'm a horny lady. That why I hope little brother will satisfy me from now on and have sex with me every day..ah " she said as she moaned

" don't worry, I will take care this horny sexy body of your form now on " he said as he pulled up her thong up, making her G-strings thong slip between her pussy and rubbed her clitoris.

" ahh. I'm happy to hear..ah that..ah.. " she said as she held his shoulder tightly. As he continued pulling up her G-strings thong, her sexual arousal started rising, making her wetter and wetter.

Not long after, he stopped pulling up her G-strings thong and began taking off her wet G-strings thong. when her wet G-strings thong was on her thigh, he saw there wasn't a pubic hair on her pussy.

Moving his head closer to her right ear, he smiled and said softly " ee. Did you shave your pubic hair? "

" yes. I shaved it for you, little brother. I think little brother will like it when my pussy is clean like this " her body was quivering for a second when he spoke close to her right ear and blew a hot breath.

" well done " he said as he licked her earlobe

" ahhhh.. I'm glad little brother like it " she said as she moaned.

When he finished taking off her G-strings thong, he lifted his head and said "Now I need to check the inside of your pussy "

Using her right hand, she spread her pussy and said " alright. Please check my pussy carefully. "

After she spread her pussy, he can see all her pussy clearly, her labia minora which slightly sticking outwards is still pink and look beautiful. her vagina hole that kept twitching, and her love juice that dripping out from her pussy, looked so lovely in his eyes.

" ahhh " she moaned when he put his index finger inside her pussy

" the tightness of your pussy is good " he said while moving his index finger in her vagina

" ahh. I'm glad you like ah..h.. it " she said as she moaned. Her love juice started dipping faster when he moved his index finger in her pussy

As he played with her pussy, he started searching for her G spot and after he found it, he moved his index finger up and started playing with it gently.

" ahhhhh " she moaned louder when he moved his index finger on her G spot gently.

" hey, your voice is too loud, the employees will hear it " he said while still playing with her G spot.

" ahh. But it feels so good when little brother playing with my G spo-- Ahhh " she moaned louder.
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"Are you not afraid when employees hear your moans? " he asked

" let them know, let them know that I'm your mistress..ahh " she said. Not long after he played with her G spot, she held his shoulder and started moving her hips back and forth.

Seeing she move her hip back and forth, he smiled and said " eehh what is this? Do you feel so good that it makes you move your hips like this? "

" yessahhhh. It feels so good..ah " she moaned

Not long after that, she felt like she was about to climax, she immediately holding his shoulder tighter and lifted her head " I'm cummingggggg "
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