Illicit Relationship Chapter 54

51 Do You Want To Feel Something Sweeter ?


After he opened the door, suddenly his mother ran towards him with a smile on her face, and when she was close to him, his mother jumped on him without a second thought.

Seeing his mother jump on him, using his hands, he caught his mother and said softly " mother, that's dangerous "

As she wrapped her hands around his neck, she smiled and said " mother know that Tian will catch mother. "

Hearing her words, only smiled and looked at his mother lovingly. Bringing her face closer to his face, his mother kissed his lips for three seconds before she broke the kiss " welcome home, Tian " said his mother after she kissed him

" I'm home. " he said as he smiled " so what happened? mother looks so happy right now? "

" nothing. mother just happy to see you " she said as she shook her head

Intending to put his mother down, he loosened both of his hands, but when he was loosening his hand, his mother's legs suddenly wrapped around his waist while her hands wrapping around his neck

Seeing his mother wrapped his hands and legs on him tightly, he lifted his head and said softly " what is it, mother? Do you want me to continue to carry you? "

" un. carry mother to the living room " said his mother as she nodded

Using his left hand, he pinched her nose and said " What a spoiled mother "

" hehehe " she giggled

And with that, he headed to the living room while carrying his mother and when he was in the living room, he saw his aunt sitting on the couch while watching TV.

After he put his mother on the couch next to his aunt, he kissed his aunt's forehead and said " I'm home, aunt "

" welcome home. " said his aunt as she smiled "did you go somewhere to prepare your business ?"

" that's right. Today I, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei prepared everything for my business. Everything is ready and tomorrow, my business is officially opened " he said as he smiled

" oh. so you will work tomorrow onward ?" asked Ye Qingyu

" un. " he nodded

" what about your study at SKY university? You're not thinking of abandoning your study right ? " asked his aunt.

She will support him if he wanted to run a business but if by running a business he will abandoning his study later, she definitely won't support him, because she thought the most important for him at that time was study, nothing else.

" no Tian, you have to study. Mother won't allow you to abandon your study? " said his mother

Seeing their expression, his heart feel warm. With a beautiful smile on his face, he looked at them and said gently " no. I won't abandon my study. There are still two weeks before the autumn semester begins so don't worry about it "

" alright " nodded his aunt

" mother, aunt, I know I say this too early but if I succeeded in my business later, can you stop working? Let me the one who is working to make a living "

Hearing his words, Ye Qingyu was shocked while Ye Xueyin behaved as usual. Ye Xueyin knew about that because he had told her about this.

" you want aunt to stop working if become a successful entrepreneur? " asked his aunt with puzzlement

" that's right. I'll give you money each month so you don't need to worry about money. I want you to enjoy your time with mother " he said seriously

" mother will do what Tian want. " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

" good " he said when he heard his mother agreed with him. Turning his head, he looked at his aunt and asked her again " what about you, aunt? "

" Well, if you give aunt money more than aunt salary per month, aunt will do what you want. " said Ye Qingyu.

" good " he said as he kissed his aunt cheek again " I already planned everything so I'll become a successful entrepreneur soon "

Well, using my knowledge from my previous life, I'm sure I can become a successful businessman soon, he thought to himself

" aunt will wait for that time to come. " said Ye Qingyu as she smiled

Using her right hand, his mother grabbed his clothes and said " Tian, mother wants a kiss too. "

" alright. Alright " he said as he kissed his mother cheek too

" now it even. " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

After that, they watched TV for a few hours before they went to sleep
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In the morning, after he had breakfast with his aunt and mother, with a big smile on his face, he headed to his small company.

Not long after that, he arrived at his small company. Before he headed to his office, he stopped in front of the building. Lifting his head, he looked at the word ' STARS CLOTHES ' in front of the building.

" hm.hm.. good. I'm satisfied with the brand name. mother is good at picking a brand nawait, mother still don't know that I named my small company ' stars clothes '. I just stole her coffee shop's name. oh well, I'm sure she won't mind it. Alright, let's get to work" he said as he headed to his office.

When he was inside his office, he immediately sat on the couch and said " finally my success day has come "

His office is around 6x6 meters with the couch, workbench and office chair. there are also two small trees on the corner of the room, he put the small trees on his office with the intention to make the room feel fresh.


The sound of the door opened by someone could be heard on his ears. Turning his head to the source of the sound, he saw Shi Fei walking toward him with a document on her left hand.

" Shi Fei ? " he said

" little brother, you already come? " asked Shi Fei

" Is little Xue working here or on the cosmetic shop today ? " he asked

" Xue is working on the cosmetic shop today. " she said.

After she put the document on the table, she sat on his lap and continued " is Xue the only one on your head? "

" of course not. I also think about you, Fei " he said as he smiled

" really ? " shed asked

" what? You don't believe me ? " he asked

" I don't believe you. " she said as she hit his chest gently

" if you don't believe me, you can ask the sun because the sun could testify my words. " he said as he smiled

" hehe. Xue is right, you really know how to answer everything. " she said

" so you'll work for me from now on, right ? " he asked her

" un. Please take care of me and don't bully me " she said

" How could I bully a beautiful lady like you. I'll take care of you and make you like working under me because with a beautiful lady like you around me, it will make me more motivated " he said as he smiled

Hearing his words, she smiled and said " it makes me happy to hear that "

" don't worry I will make you happy from now on. " he said as he smiled

" little brother, you're so sweet " she smiled

" is that so? do want to feel something sweeter ? " he asked

Hearing that she was curious and asked " what is it? "

Using his right hand, he made her face him and kissed her cherry lips.

When she felt his lips on her lips, she closed her eyes as she wanted to enjoy the kiss. As she wanted to enjoy the kiss, she suddenly opened her eyes when she felt something soft trying to get into her little mouth.

Knowing it was his tongue, little by little she opened her mouth, giving his tongue a way to get into his mouth and exploring every inch of her mouth.

Seconds turned into minutes and the normal kiss turned into the passionate kiss but they remained kissing with no intention to stop.

After a few minutes later, he broke the kiss and asked " How is it? isn't it sweeter? "

" un you're right. " she said as she nodded

"do you want to feel it again? " he asked

She turned her body to face him before she wrapped her long slender arms around his neck " sure " and then they continued kissing
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