Illicit Relationship Chapter 53

50 I Agree With Tha

Because the one who saw her sitting on his lap was her good friend, Lin Xing Xu wasn't embarrassed and behaved like it was a normal thing for her to sit on his lap.

" little Xue. Do you know" before he had finished his words, he was interrupted by Lin Xing Xue

" I know. You want to talk about the orders in your online shop right ? " said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled

After she had breakfast, she checked his online shop and was happy when she saw a hundred peoples ordered dresses on his online shop.

" ah, my lover is great. You even know what I want to say. Did you check my online shop ? " he said happily.

Even though he already guess that she knew the reason why he came to her home but hearing it directly from her was happier than when he thought about it.

" un. I've checked it this morning and I know you'll come to my house too " said Lin Xing Xue

" as expected of my lover. You understand me very well " he said as he pinched her nose

" you really like pinching my nose, huh" Lin Xing Xue while rubbing her nose

seeing they behave like a lover who's in love, Shi Fei was pouted and jealous " little brother, I want to act lovey-dovey with you too"

" ah Tian. There is a lady over there " said Lin Xing Xue while pointing her index finger at Shi Fei

Hearing Lin Xing Xue's words, he laughed and decide to play along with her " ah. You're right. I thought we're alone right now "

Shi Fei was unhappy when they bullied her together like that so she sat next to him and said " little brother, I also want to sit on your lap "

" I don't mind but little Xue is sitting on my lap right now so you've to wait if you want to sit on my lap. " he said

" Xue, change with me, I also want to sit on his lap. " Shi Fei said as she touched Lin Xing Xue's hands. She felt it was unfair to let her see them behaving like a lover who fell in love in front of her. she felt like she was the third wheel at that time.

" did you say something, Fei ? " said Lin Xing Xue as she giggled

" Xue. How could you do this to me? don't you feel bad treating me like this? " said Shi Fei with a scowl

"If you think so, then you should find a boyfriend right now. " said Ling Xing Xue as she giggled

" hey. you still haven't officially become a lover. I still have a chance or how about we become his girlfriend together? " said Shi Fei

Hearing Shi Fei's words, Xiao Tian nodded his head and said " un..un. That's not a bad idea. I agree with that idea. "

" did you see that? " Shi Fei said happily when he agreed with her idea.

Lin Xing Xue pinched his cheek and said " playboy "
for visiting.

" ehh. are you jealous, love? How cute " he said as he smiled

" cute? didn't you say I'm pretty ? " said Lin Xing Xue

" un. Cute and pretty " said Xiao Tian

" how about me, little brother ? " said Shi Fei

" you're a sexy lady. " he said honestly

" hehe. thanks for the compliment, let me kiss you as thanks " after Shi Fei said that, using her right hand, she touched his chin and kissed his lips.

when he felt Shi Fei's lip was on his lips, he was a little shocked because he had no idea that Shi Fei dared to kiss him in front of her good friend

At that time Lin Xing Xue also paid no attention to Shi Fei, so when She Fei suddenly kissed Xiao Tian's lips she was stunned for a few seconds before she tried stopping her " what are you doing, Fei? "

Shi Fei broke the kiss and said " of course, kissing him. His mouth fragrance is smell good, no wonder you didn't mind it when he kissed you earlier "

" is that so ? " asked Xiao Tian

" un. I like your mouth fragrance, making me want to kiss you again " said Shi Fei honestly

hearing Shi Fei's words, he smiled and said " what is it ? are you addicted in kissing me now? "

" yes. let me kiss you again, little brother " said She Fei as she brought her face closer to his face but when she was about to kiss him again, Lin Xing Xue touched his cheek and kissed him first.

when she saw Lin Xing Xue kissing him, Shi Fei giggled and said " hehe, what is it, Xue ? are you jealous because I want to kiss him again "

Lin Xing Xue ignored her question and she looked at Xiao Tian " Tian, do you like it when I kissed you just now? "

" yes. I like that " he said happily

He didn't expect Lin Xing Xue to kiss him when Shi Fei was about to kiss him and thought it wasn't a bad idea to have Shi Fei around them because with Shi Fei around them, he could make his progress with Lin Xing Xue faster and from how Shi Fei behaved, he knew that he could take Shi Fei too later.

" alright. let's stop playing and started discussing the order on my online shop first. " he said seriously.

Even though he would like to continue what they did at that time, he had to put it to an end because his main purpose was to discuss about the order and how to send a hundred dresses in three-five days.

" alright. Let's talk about it " said Lin Xing Xue

" un alright " said Shi Fei as she nodded

Then they started planning everything carefully and after thirty minutes, they decided to rent a building and hiring more people to help them make dresses.

After searching for about two hours, they finally found the most suitable building for his business.

that building is a rectangular building around 100x70 meters. the room inside the building is divided into two parts, one large empty room that has more than half of the building area and one smaller room that has about a quarter of the building area.

When they inspected the large room, they were satisfied and thought it would be perfect for tailors and other employees to work later.

After checking the larger room, they immediately headed to the smaller room.

In the left corner of the smaller room, there are three bathrooms and three toilet cubicles next to it, while in the right corner, there are bedrooms equipped with private bathrooms.

there is three offices room next to the bedroom with a dining room and kitchen in front of the office's room

and when they checking around the building, there are a few trees around the building, making the atmosphere around the building shady. There was also a wall as high as two meters around the building to make the building more secure.

after they were satisfied with everything, they decided to rent that building for six months because they wanted to try working on that building first.

after they paid the rent, Xiao Tian called the cleaning service to help them cleaning the building and after that, they bought thirty sewing machine, table, chair, sofa and placed it inside the building.

After they arranged everything neatly, he called in a tailor who helped him make a dress last time and asked them to bring 40 reliable tailors when they meet him later.

Those tailors were happy when they knew he wants to hire them again and immediately called their reliable friends to work for him

After three hours, fifty tailors came to the building to meet Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian told them he wanted to hire them on condition that they have to diligent, honest, have a passion, disciplined, polite, respectful and not easy to complain.

He also promised to give them a bonus if their work was satisfying. When they hear Xiao Tian's words, they were happy and decided to work for him heartily.

And not long after that, the material to make clothes came and after they placed it neatly, they left.
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