Illicit Relationship Chapter 51

48 When Expectation Is Different From Reality

Using her long and slender right hand, Ye Qingyu who was already full of lust, unconsciously caressed his dick as they kissed.

" ahhhhhh " Ye Qingyu moaned when she felt his hand was playing with her pussy skillfully.

And at the same time on TV, Yun Xin Er, who was singing his song 'illusion' looked stunning when he wore his design dress, making the audiences couldn't turn their gaze and forget to blink.

as she has sung the song, the aura of a broken-hearted girl emanated within her, coupled with the suitable dress she wore, she looked like an angel who hasn't wings that longed for heaven.

The feeling of sadness, regret, helplessness, and depression could be seen on Yun Xin Er's face as she continued singing the song.

And when the sound of piano and guitar stopped for a second, she raised her right hand forward and sung the song sorrowfully.

" Love has tired, left and ceased to exist.....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness.....

Other than him, I have nothing anymore...

As the piano played....

The song that suited for such a moment so well....

I just heard it and cried louder...

Dreams were made, awaked and shattered....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness....



I gave you everything.....

I always make sure you're always happy ....


Why did you do that to me......

Where's the happiness you promised...

I've sacrificed everything for you.....


Please, I want to repeat the time....

And listen to you.......... "

And not long after that, she finished singing the song.

Seeing Yun Xin Er had finished singing the song, the female host immediately walked toward her and said " miss Yun, this song is truly a masterpiece song and you've sung the song perfectly, making all of us couldn't stop ourselves from looking at you and praised you. "

" thank you. " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled beautifully

" miss Yun, according to rumors, the creator of this song is still young, right ? could I ask you, who's the person who created this masterpiece song? " asked the female host.

The female host's words dropped the entire area into dead silence.

Since the first time they listened to a song called ' illusion', many people from entertainment companies, news, TV channels or etc had tried to find out who's the creator of that song but to no avail because the moment Li Wen, the director of Li entertainment decided to add the song to Yun Xin Er's album, he used the influence of the Li family to seal the information about the creator so when the host asked Yun Xin Er who's the creator of the song called ' illusion ', the whole china paid attention to her, they wanted to know who is the composer of that masterpiece song but they only get a disappointing answer from Yun Xin Er because...

" sorry. you can't ask that and the creator has sold the song to us so it's our song now " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

Hearing that, the whole China and the female host had a disappointed face.
for visiting.

because she didn't want to look unprofessional, the female host decided to change the topic " do you think the composer of the song is watching you right now? "

" of course. I'm sure, the composer must be gawk and sitting like statute right now because I've sung the song perfectly " said Yun Xin Er

While at Xiao Tian house

" ahh.ahh..ah.. " Ye Qingyu let out multiple moaned

At that time, they were having sex while standing. Xiao Tian held one of his aunt's leg while he thrust dick inside her pussy repeatedly.

" ahh..ahhh..ahhh.. Tian Tian " she moaned and wrapped her slender arms around his neck before she finally started kissing him.

" aunt, hold on me tightly " he said as he raised her other leg

" ahhhh. So deep " she exclaimed when his dick had reached the deepest part of her pussy

" ah.ah..ah.. " she moaned while leaned her head on his shoulder.

As he thrust his dick inside her pussy, some of her love juice fell on the floor, making the floor wet from her love juice.

" is that so ? " asked the female host.

" of course. I'm sure about it, maybe the composer even forgets to blink right now. haha " said Yun Xin Er jokingly

" well, knowing you've sung that song perfectly, I believe what you say must be true. The composer must be proud because a famous singer like miss Yun sings her/his song." said the female host.

" un. Un.. that's right. " nodded Yun Xin Er

When the female host noticed the dress that Yun Xin Er wore, she was surprised at how beautiful the dress was, making her curious and wanted to know who is the designer of the dress that she was wearing.

" ah miss Yun, the dress you are wearing right now is very beautiful. who is the designer of the dress that you wear right now?" asked the female host curiously.

" yes .this dress is very beautiful, when I first saw this dress I was shocked and wanted to immediately wear this dress. " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

" un. So who is the designer of the dress? " asked the female host

" his name is Xiao Tian, a multi-talented young man who's only nineteen years old this year " said Yun Xin Er

" woa. He is still so young and already can make this kind of beautiful dress? I wonder, who's his teacher? Don't tell me his teacher is one of the famous teachers in China or in the world ? " asked the host curiously

" well, actually I also want to know who taught him but he never tells me the truth. " said Yun Xin Er

" I really want this kind of dress too. So where can we buy this kind of dress? Does he have an offline shop? " asked the female host

" No, because he just started his business. if want to buy it, you can buy it on StarsClothes.coooom. There are several dresses on the sites. You should check it, I'm sure you won't regret it "said Yun Xin Er as she promoted Xiao Tian's online shop.

After Shi Fei finished creating the online shop, he told Yun Xin Er that if someone wanted to buy the dress, they only needed to buy through the website.

Regarding why he named the shop StarsClothes, it was because his mother already owned a coffee shop and its name is stars coffee so he immediately used the STARS name for her website too because he wanted to make the Stars Shop into Star Companies later.

Little brother, I already promoted your dress so you've to treat me a meal or not I'll hit you later, Yun Xin Er thought to herself

" audiences, did you hear it? if you want a beautiful dress like the one miss Yun is wearing right now, just buy it on the website. Of course, I'll buy it too later " said the female host

" little brother, I've done what you told me. You will keep your promise right? " said Yun Xin Er as she winked

While at Xiao Tian's home

" I will...come inside you aunt " he said as he groans

Ye Qingyu didn't answer him and only moaned at that time.

" I'm cumming.... Aunt... " he groaned as he reached the climax

After a few seconds, he pulled out his dick and saw some of his sperm dripping out from her pussy.

After he was satisfied having sex with his aunt, he made his aunt sitting on the sofa while he held her body because she was still in her weak moment.

"eh. The concert is already over? " he said in surprise

The corner of his lips twitched.

because he had sex with his mother and aunt, he no longer paid attention to Yun Xin Er live concert so he didn't know whether Yun Xin Er promoted his design dress of not.

At that time he could only sigh, he deliberately taking his time so he can see Yun Xin Er promoting his dress but in the end he didn't know whether she has promoted his dress or not

" ah forget it, someone will upload this concert on the internet later or I can just call Yun Xin Er. there are still many ways to find out about this " he mused
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