Illicit Relationship Chapter 50

47 Good I Take That As Yes

On the couch that arranged in ' L ' shape, a handsome young man sat on the couch naked with a naked mature lady bouncing up and down on him.

" Tian.ahh...ah...Tian.." the lady moaned softly.

Yes, those people were Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin. Xiao Tian was having sex with his mother in lap dance position.

At that time, his mother moved her hip up and down with her hands on her knee while Xiao Tian's hands were on her hip, helping his mother moving her hip up and down.

" ahh...ahah..ah." his mother let out multiple moaned.

After a few minutes moving her hip up and down, she suddenly stopped moving her hip and leaned backward on him.

after leaning backward on him, his mother turned her head and kissed his lips for two seconds, before she finally said " Tian.. do you enjoy mother's pussy? "

Hearing that, he immediately wrapped his hands around her hip and said " yes. mother's pussy is the best "

" hehe. Mother likes to hear it " said his mother as she smiled.

Not long after that, his mother started grinding on him, making him groan a few times and when his mother started grinding on him, he moved his hands and played with her nipples.

" ahhhhhhh " his mother moaned loudly when he pinched her nipples a little hard until making Ye Qingyu looks at them and forget to blink.

Looking at his aunt like that, he started to smirks and said " mother, let's change position "

" kyaa " his mother was shocked when he suddenly stood up, making her almost fall but because he held her hip, she didn't fall.

After standing up, he pulled his dick out of his mother's pussy so they could change the position more easily but when Ye Xueyin felt his dick was no longer inside her pussy, she looked at him and said " Tian.. why did you take out your dick? Hurry up and put it inside mother's pussy again "

" Please wait for a second mother. " he said while dragging his mother near his aunt, after that, he asked his mother to put her knee on the cushions while facing the back of the couch.

His aunt who saw it suddenly said " what are you doing? I did nothing and didn't say a single word. Please don't have sex in a place that so close to me. "

" ehhh. But I want to have sex here. " he said as he smiled

" there are many places in this room, why did you choose here ? " asked Ye Qingyu

" why? Of course, because I want to. " he said

" you just do what you want " said Ye Qingyu.

" Tian. Hurry and put your dick inside mother's pussy again. mother's body feels itchy because mother's body wants your huge dick inside mother's pussy so badlyTian " said Ye Xueyin

" alright. " he said as he thrust his dick inside his mother's pussy again.

" ahhhhhh " his mother moaned loudly while holding the back of the couch tightly.

Because they were having sex in the place so close to Ye Qingyu, she could not stop herself from looking at them intently and because they were so close to her, she could hear the sound of her big sister pussy opened widely by her nephew's dick.

Seeing his aunt's expression, he was happy. The reason he was having sex with his mother near his aunt was because he wanted to make his aunt aroused and made her want to have sex with him later.

He wanted to use the opportunities of him having sex with his mother to make his aunt aroused by hearing his mother's moans or the sound of his mother's pussy opened widely by his dick.

At this time his aunt was staring at his dick that moving back and forth inside her big sister's pussy, shortly afterward, she bit her lower lips while unconsciously placing her hand on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy.

Looking at how his aunt who started rubbing her pussy, he started to smirks because his plan was a success.

" ah.ah....ah.ah. " his mother let out multiple moaned as he moved his hip.


the sound of Xiao Tian and his mother having sex echoed in the room, making his aunt gulped and rubbing her pussy faster and faster.

At that time, he could see his aunt was already full of lust and her green thong was already wet because of her love juice, some of her love juice was even dripping on her thighs, making her look so sexy in his eyes.

" ahh.Tian. ahh. it pleasurable. It feels goodah " Ye Xueyin moaned louder
for visiting.

hearing his mother's sexy moans, he placed his hands on her clitoris and playing with it.

"ah....Tian...ah....not mother's clitoris too... ahhh..ahh.. mother is going to die from this pleasureahhh " said his mother as she moaned

At this time Ye Qingyu already no longer cared about watching Yun Xin Er's live concert on TV anymore, she focused on watching her nephew and her big sister having sex next to her.

after a few minutes, Ye Xueyin already can't support herself, making her head fall on the back of the couch while still moaning nonstop.

" ahh.ahh..ah..it feel goodahh...ahh.. my son is making my pussy feel good..ahah.." his mother opened her mouth while she moaned, making a drool dripping on the corner of her mouth.

" do you like it mother ? " he asked as he pushed his dick deeper, making the tip of his dick enter her womb

" ahhhhh..mother like it..ahh... my son's dick is inside my womb..ah " she moans louder when she felt his dick was entering her womb.

" do you like it when my dick is inside your womb, mother ? " he asked again

" ahh...yesbreak mother's wombahhhmark it using your dickahhh " she was already couldn't move her body because of the pleasure.

Ye Xeuyin mind was blank at that moment, there was only pleasure and pleasure on her head when his dick was inside her womb.

Tears fell on her cheeks but they were not tears of sadness but tears of pleasure, the pleasures that she would never forget for the rest of her life.

" cummingahhh..mother is about to cumahh"said his mother when she felt she was about to cum

hearing that, Xiao Tian raised one of his mother legs, making his mother pussy face Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was still looking at them with lustful faces until a few minutes later Ye Xueyin had a huge orgasm and her cum hit Ye Qingyu face and body, making Ye Qingyu's body wet from her big sister cum.

Ye Qingyu was stunned and closed her eyes when her big sister's cum hit her face and body. When her big sister finished having an orgasm, she began wiping her face using her hand before looking at her big sister body who had shivered after she had a huge orgasm.

Not long after his mother had an orgasm, he felt like he was about to cum too so he moved faster and said " mother you're on pill right ?"

But at this time, his mother already couldn't answer him because she was already losing herself in pleasure, what he did at that time was only moans and moans.

Seeing her mother didn't answer him, he immediately said " good. I take that as yes "

a few seconds after that, he already at his limit so he groans and said " cumminggg "

After he finished having an orgasm, because his mother was still at her weak moment he held her body and placed his mother on the other side of the couch to help her taking a breath.

After placing his mother on the other side of the couch, he sat next to his aunt who was still looking blankly at him.

Seeing his aunt who was looking at him blankly, he grabbed her aunt's hand and placed it on his dick while forcing her hand to stroke his dick. At this time Ye Qingyu finally came to her sense when she felt his warm dick in her hand.

When he forced her rubbing his dick, Ye Qingyu didn't say or do anything to him, she only looked at him and let him force her hands stroking his dick up and down before finally he let go of his hand but Ye Qingyu still moving her hand up and down while she started breathing heavily too.
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