Illicit Relationship Chapter 5

2 Teasing Lin Xing Xue

after walking for about fifteen minutes, they finally arrived at Lin Xing Xue's house. Her house is an ordinary house and there is a small garden in the front yard with a few flowers and fruit trees.

" come in " said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled

Xiao Tian immediately coming inside her house and sat on the red sofa in guess room. The guest room is around 4x4 meters and there is a painting of ocean and mountain hanging in the walls of the guest room.

Not long after that, she came with first-aid in her hand and sat next to him, preparing to treat his wound.

She touched his cheek with her left hand and turned his head to face her, so she could clean his wound first before treating it.

At this time he realized that she is beautiful lady, maybe because earlier he couldn't clearly see her face due to it's night time and the lack of light but now after he was inside her house he could see her face clearly.

She is a tall woman with shoulder-length hair, with clear eyes like the autumn waters, a sharp nose, and charming lips with light pink lipstick. This well-developed figure demonstrated a mature type of charm, ample breasts, round plump butt, packed in a black cotton dress yet still draws people's eyes. Under the slender thighs wrapped with a pair of black colored stockings.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, he was wondering why did his husband decide to divorce her.

Feeling his gaze, she was shy and said " where are you looking at? "

" nothing. I just wonder why did your ex-husband decide to divorce a beautiful woman like you. Is not that stupid ? " said Xiao Tian

Hearing his answer, she blushed a little and unconsciously cleaned his wound harder.

" ah " shouted Xiao Tian when he was feeling hurt in his wound after she cleaned his wound harder.

" what a glib tongue " she said as she smiled beautifully " I'm sure you have many girlfriends right now, right? "

" I don't have a girlfriend right now " said Xiao Tian as he sighed

" I don't believe it. A handsome young man like you must have at last three girlfriends right? " she said suspiciously

"but... I really don't have a girlfriend right now " said Xiao Tian

He knew that he didn't have a girlfriend because the owner of original body was focus in his studies and didn't care about woman before he died, because he wanted to become a successful man before he decided to have a girlfriend but what a pity, the owner of original body died before he achieved his dream.


Well, don't worry because I'll make sure that I'll become a successful man and make our family happy, so you, the owner of this body can rest in peace. He thought to himself

" don't move " she said as she brought his face closer to her face because she wanted to bandage his head.

When he was looking at her beautiful face from that close range, his mind became chaos and his heart began beating faster every second he sees her face.

Aware of his intense gaze, she suddenly asked " what is it? "

" how about you become my girlfriend? " he said abruptly.

He was half-joking and half-serious, if her answer is positive, he would push it until the end but if her answer is negative, well it's mean he needs to try harder next time.

She didn't expect he would say that, she suddenly stopped moving her hands for a second before she immediately moving her hands again, continued treating his wound " what ? you want me to become your lover? "
for visiting.

" un un " he nodded.

He knew the owner of the original body has a good relationship with her because in the past they often met due to they were neighbor.

" Alright, I'll become your lover. " she said as she looked at him lovingly

" really? " asked Xiao Tian. He didn't know it was this easy, making him didn't believe it.

" of course not. I'm just joking. I even older than your aunt and you still want me to become your lover ? " she said

hearing that, the corner of his lips twitched, but he didn't give up because there was a little positive answer in her reply so he only needs to push it all the way.

" why not. Love is blind, you know " he said

" What is that? I don't know " she said as she smiled, pretending to hear nothing. " alright, I already bandage your wound "

Feeling he didn't feel dizzy anymore and his wound already get treated, he said " un.. un.. my lover is good "

She crossed her hand in front of her chest and said " who is your lover? "

He pointed his index finger at her and said " you're my lover "

" When did I say it? " she denied shamelessly

" earlier you said you accepted me as your lover. " he said with a scowl

" I said, I was joking. humf " she grimaced and turned her head to avoid his gaze but a tiny smile suddenly appeared on her face.

" Alright, alright. So because we're a couple how should I call you from now on? " he said as he touched his chin " how about Xing Xue? Xuexue ? or little Xue "

" heyy " she shouted, pretending to be angry. It had been a long time since she was happy and could smile from her heart content after her daughter left her.

he stood up and said " alright little Xue. I have to go home, I'm afraid my mother will be worried if I didn't go home soon because I said I only want to go to the nearest supermarket to buy something "

" stop calling me little Xue and let me go to your house too " she said. She felt like a bad woman if she let him go home alone after he got hurt because of helping her. at least she could explain it to his mother and apologize.

" what is it little Xue. Are you already can't bear to separate with me ? " he said jokingly " don't worry, I'll see you again tomorrow "

" stop calling me little Xue and I.. I just want want to see your mother " she said shyly

" what? Do you want to ask a blessing for our relationship? " he said as he laughed.

Actually, he knew why she wants to meet his mother.

because he got hurt when helping her, she felt that she had to take some responsibility or at least explain it to his mother and apologized.

" youyou bad boy "she said as she pouting" I don't want to talk to you anymore "

Looking at her pouting, he wanted to immediately hug her and kiss her but he knew that it was impossible right now because their relationship was still not at that stage yet so he had to hold his desire at this moment.

But he didn't give up and wanted to tease her " alright, alright. Let's see OUR mother "

When she heard he say ' our mother' , she immediately said " it's your mother, not OUR mother "

" what's the difference, it will become your mother too in the future " he continued teasing her

She stood up and said " you bad boy. I don't want to talk anymore "

She placed the first-aid and immediately came back " let's go to your house "

the corner of his lips twitched

didn't you say that you didn't want to talk to me anymore?

Ohh woman.
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