Illicit Relationship Chapter 481

476 You Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

"Hehehe." Lan Ruoxi could not help but giggle after hearing Bai Zhenya's words. "My dear lover, your pride as a man is ruined again. Now two of my friends think you are a pervert. Hehe."

'And all of it is because of your doing.'

Xiao Tian replied in his head instantly.

"Well, they have no idea that I'm Xiao Tian, so I'm fine with it." Because Bai Zhenya and Bai Wenliang didn't know his real identity, Xiao Tian didn't care about it. He even believed that he would not meet them again in the future.

"Ah! You're right." Lan Ruoxi suddenly realized that he was not using his real identity. "Well, at least when you meet them later, they will think of you as a pervert."

Xiao Tian laid next to her and spoke, "And they will also think of you as a weird person because you chose a pervert to be your boyfriend."

Lan Ruoxi could not defend herself after hearing his words. Because Xiao Tian was lying down next to her and didn't try to kiss her again, she immediately asked, "Are you not going to kiss me again?"

"I'm not in the mood for it anymore." Xiao Tian responded instantly.

"What a pity!" earlier, Lan Ruoxi thought Xiao Tian would kiss her again after Bai Zhenya hung up the phone.

Even though she would stop him if he tried to have sex with her, but having a hot kiss with him was fine.

It was only a kiss, and it felt so good having a French kiss with him, so she didn't mind it if he wanted to have a passionate kiss with her again.

However, because Xiao Tian no longer desired to have a deep kiss with her, she didn't force him to do so.

"What's wrong?" Xiao Tian inquired. "Don't tell me you're addicted to it. It feels good having a passionate kiss with me, right?"

"I'm not gonna lie, you are indeed skilled at a French kiss. I must say, as expected of a playboy. It seems like you have a passionate kiss your girlfriends every day." Because Xiao Tian was skilled at a hot kiss, she was sure it was the result of him having a deep kiss with his girlfriends every day because it was impossible for him to be good at passionate kiss if he didn't often do that.

"Of course. Because my girlfriends are pretty and sexy." Because he was talking with Lan Ruoxi, Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

Lan Ruoxi then got out of bed and tidied up her clothes.

"Lady Lan, where do you want to go?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"I want to go to Bai Zhenya's house again." Lan Ruoxi knew that Bai Zhenya really needed her to be by her side. "Do you want to go to her house with me?"

"No, thanks." Xiao Tian refused instantly.

"All right." Of course, Lan Ruoxi knew the reason why Xiao Tian didn't want to go to Bai Zhenya's house. "I will be back tomorrow morning. Don't forget, we will go to the banquet tomorrow afternoon."

"All right." Xiao Tian replied.

Then Lan Ruoxi traveled to Bai Zhenya's house.


The following morning, Xiao Tian took a bath after waking up. Because Lan Ruoxi was still at Bai Zhenya's house, he only watched TV in his room.

Not long after that, Lan Ruoxi arrived at the hotel. After she took a shower, they went out for breakfast.

After that, Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi rented a car to make it easier for them to go to the banquet. Actually, they wanted to rent a car since two days ago, but because they had many problems, they didn't have time to do that.

That was why they decided to rent a car when they had free time because it would be embarrassing to go to the banquet using a taxi. After seeing all the cars on display, they decided to rent a white BMW 3 series.

"So, where will the banquet be held?" until now, Lan Ruoxi still hadn't told him where the banquet would be, and he also forgot to ask it. All he knew was that the banquet would be held in Beijing.

Currently, Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian were in her room. After renting a car, they decided to return to the hotel.

"The banquet will be held in Hongdu town." Lan Ruoxi replied.

"Hongdu town?" because Xiao Tian only came to Beijing twice, he had no idea where the Hongdu town was.

When Lan Ruoxi saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she knew that Xiao Tian didn't know where the Hongdu town was.

For this reason, she began to explain everything to him. "In Beijing, there are four districts. Ximeng district which is located in West. In the East, there is Shui district. Tongyi district is in the north, and Heipo district is located in south. Currently we are at Heipo district. Heipo district has twenty towns and fifty villages. Hongdu town is one of the towns in the Heipo district."

"Is Hongdu town far from here?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"Yes." Lan Ruoxi answered instantly. "Hongdu town is located in the South part of Heipo district. It's a quite famous town because the air is still fresh and the scenery is also breathtaking. This was one of the reasons why the Qing family chose to hold a banquet in Hongdu town."

Upon hearing her words, Xiao Tian suddenly wanted to go to the Hongdu town immediately because he wanted to know how good the scenery was. "Your words make me want to go to Hongdu town immediately."

"You will like the scenery there." Because of how beautiful the scenery was, Lan Ruoxi believed Xiao Tian would like it later.

They talked for about an hour before finally, Xiao Tian returned to his room because he wanted to prepare himself.

"This suit is good." Currently, Xiao Tian was looking at himself in the mirror.

The grey suit he was wearing fit his body so well. Even though it didn't make him look more handsome, but he looked more mature and elegant.

Because he was satisfied with his suit, he immediately went to Lan Ruoxi's room. Coincidently, when Xiao Tian was in front of her room, Lan Ruoxi opened the door.

Xiao Tian forgot to blink and could not take his eyes off her when he saw Lan Ruoxi. He knew she was pretty and had a perfect body, but she looked stunning when he saw her wearing a strapless long grey dress.

"." Due to how beautiful she was, Xiao Tian was unable to say any word.

The hem of her dress covered her legs, and because she was wearing a strapless dress, he could see her beautiful shoulder and neck.

The color and size of her dress fit her body and skin color perfectly. Coupled with her hair, which was styled in a sparkly side bun, Lan Ruoxi looked drop-dead gorgeous.

Lan Ruoxi could not help but giggle when she saw his expression. Without giving him a warning, she brought her face closer towards his right ear and whispered, "My dear boyfriend, am I pretty?"

Xiao Tian instantly came to his senses upon hearing her words. "You look drop dead gorgeous."

Lan Ruoxi was pleased when Xiao Tian praised her like that. Without giving him a warning, she kissed his left cheek and spoke, "This is the reward for praising me."

Because Lan Ruoxi kissed his left cheek, Xiao Tian touched his right cheek with his index finger and spoke, "What about my right cheek? It will be unfair if you only kissed my left cheek."

"Next time, honey. It will be boring if you get everything now." Lan Ruoxi closed the door and walked away.

Seeing that, Xiao Tian ran after her, and when he was next to her, he immediately spoke, "How about hooking arms with me?"

"Sure." Lan Ruoxi answered after locking arms with him.

Like what Xiao Tian had guessed, when they were walking in the hotel, all men looked at Lan Ruoxi when they saw her.

Of course, Xiao Tian understood their feeling because earlier, he also felt the same. "Looks like I'll be the enemy of all men at the banquet later."

"But isn't it great to go to the banquet with a gorgeous lady like me? Because you can show off too." Lan Ruoxi replied.

"You are right." Xiao Tian responded.

Then Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian traveled to the banquet.

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