Illicit Relationship Chapter 476

471 Another Beautiful Lady

The lady, who was being hugged by Xiao Tian, was shocked. She didn't expect someone would suddenly hug her. At first, she wanted to push Xiao Tian away, but after hearing his words, she decided not to do that.

However, two people in black, who were hiding not far from them, had different thoughts. They wanted to come out of their hiding place and beat Xiao Tian for daring to hug their young lady.

But when they were about to do that, the lady gave them a signal to stop with her right hand.

Even though they still wanted to beat Xiao Tian, but because their young lady ordered them not to do anything, they didn't come out of their hiding.

When the lady noticed Wen walking closer towards them, she immediately wrapped her long slender arms around Xiao Tian's waist.

Even though her actions surprised him, but Xiao Tian didn't show it on his face.

'Her perfume smells good.'

Because they were hugging each other, Xiao Tian was able to smell her fragrance.

However, he didn't say a word about it because his mind was filled with ways to hide his trace.

"He is walking closer toward us." The lady whispered, giving Xiao Tian a warning.

When Wen was behind Xiao Tian, he noticed how beautiful she was. Wen had no idea that the young man who was hugging a lady in front of him was none other than Xiao Tian was because he was facing Xiao Tian back.

'What a lucky bastard!'

Wen was a little envy when he saw her face.

Wen kept walking until finally, he was far from them.

"He is already left." The lady said when she didn't see Wen anymore.

Upon hearing her words, Xiao Tian stopped the hug and spoke, "Thank you for helping.....me."

The feeling of deep shock emerged in his heart when he saw her face. Earlier, before hugging her, Xiao Tian didn't see her face because he only wanted to hide his trace. He just didn't expect that the lady, who he had just hugged, was such a beautiful woman

'Does a goddess descend from heaven?'

It was the first words that appeared in his head when he saw her. Due to how beautiful she was, Xiao Tian was unable to take his eyes off her and he even forgot to blink.

'She is as beautiful as Mei Xing.'

Xiao Tian suddenly remembered Mei Xing because the lady who was standing in front of him was as beautiful as her.

Even though he had seen many beautiful women, but none of them were as beautiful as Mei Xing, the cold beauty from his past life. Sometimes he even regretted that he died before he could bed her.

However, when he saw the lady in front of him, he finally found a lady who was as perfect as Mei Xing.

She was about twenty two years old, and had pink eyes and hair. Her hair descended to her waist like a waterfall. Because of how beautiful she was, Xiao Tian felt as if the world had dimmed.

He was sure if anyone saw her pretty face, they would not be able to take their eyes off her and they would also realize that calling someone a Goddess was not a description any longer because she was like a goddess who descended from the highest heaven.

Xiao Tian suddenly realized it was not the time to praise her beauty because he had to tell Lan Ruoxi, Bai Zhenya, and Bai Wenliang that someone wanted to hurt them

"Lady, once again, thank you for helping me. I have to leave now." Because Xiao Tian didn't want Wen to find him again, he instantly left without waiting for her answer.

The lady only looked at Xiao Tian's back without answering him.

'Isn't he Xiao Tian? It seems like his life is not easy.'

The lady suddenly wanted to know what had happened to Xiao Tian earlier. "Find out the identity of the man who chased him earlier. I want to know why that person wants to kill him and what is he doing in Beijing?"

"Understood." One of the bodyguards took his smartphone and called someone.


Currently, Xiao Tian was in front of Bai Zhenya's house. He was wavering whether he should knock on the door or not.

Because he took off his silicon head mask earlier, Bai Zhenya would know that he was Xiao Tian.

'What should I do? Should I meet Bai Zhenya with my real identity?'

Xiao Tian knew that Bai Zhenya, Lan Ruoxi, and Bai Wenliang were in danger, but he didn't want to reveal his true identity to them too.

'Maybe, I should return to the hotel first.'

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to reveal his true identity to Bai Zhenya, he decided to go to the hotel.


Currently, Xiao Tian was in his hotel. Because he wanted to tell Lan Ruoxi that someone wanted to hurt them, he grabbed his smartphone and called her.

"What is it, Yang?" Lan Ruoxi spoke after picking up the phone.

"Jiwu has paid a hitman to harm us." Xiao Tian went straight to the point. "And that person is very skilled in martial arts."

"Did you fight against the hitman earlier?" even though Lan Ruoxi had guessed that Jiwu would send someone to hurt them, she didn't expect that it would be that fast.

"Yes." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

"Where are you right now? Are you hurt?" from his words, Lan Ruoxi could tell that Xiao Tian lost the fight against the hitman.

"I'm at the hotel right now. I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me. Just stay by Bai Zhenya's side because I'm afraid that person will hurt her later." Xiao Tian suddenly remembered that Bai Zhenya's older sister was in the hospital. "Wait! Bai Wenliang is also in danger because we don't know who will be his next target."

"Don't worry. I will ask someone to protect her." Lan Ruoxi didn't want something bad happens to Bai Wenliang, so she would ask someone to protect Bai Wenliang later. "Are you really unharmed?"

Lan Ruoxi was worried about Xiao Tian's condition. Because Xiao Tian was unable to beat the hitman, she believed that the hitman was very strong.

"Ask someone to help you protect Bai Zhenya too." Even though Xiao Tian knew that Lan Ruoxi was a master martial arts, but he didn't know how strong she was.

It was not that she thought Lan Ruoxi was weaker than Wen, but in his view, it was better to be safe than sorry.

"All right." Lan Ruoxi agreed to his idea. "What do you want to do now?"

"I will try to find a way to solve this problem." Xiao Tian answered instantly.

"All right. Let me know if you need anything." Lan Ruoxi replied.

"Alright." Xiao Tian responded before hanging up the phone.

'What should I do?'

Xiao Tian suddenly remembered Mu Huo. Mu Huo was also skilled in martial arts, so without waiting for another second, he called Mu Huo and asked Mu Huo to meet him at the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel and entering Xiao Tian's room, Mu Huo asked Xiao Tian why Xiao Tian suddenly needed his help.

"I see." Mu Huo spoke after Xiao Tian finished explaining everything. "So you want us to fight that person together?"

"Yes." Even though Xiao Tian knew that Mu Huo was strong, but with them fighting Wen together, it would be easier to beat Wen.

"All right." Mu Huo agreed to Xiao Tian's idea.

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