Illicit Relationship Chapter 475

470 Please Help Me.

Xiao Tian was calm when he saw Wen attacking him because his masters from his past life always told him to stay calm when fighting against someone.

When Wen's fist was about to hit his head, Xiao Tian tilted his head to the right to avoid it and instantly counter-attacked.

He took one step forward and raised his right fist to Wen's chin from below, aiming to hit Wen's chin.

However, before Xiao Tian could hit his chin, Wen caught Xiao Tian's fist with his left hand. Without waiting for another second, Wen attacked Xiao Tian's mid-torso with his right knee.

Xiao Tian, who had guessed it, was able to block Wen's attack by placing both of his palms in front of his mid-torso.

In order to avoid Wen's next attack, Xiao Tian took two steps back as he blocked Wen's right knee.

'His attacks are fast and strong!'

From a few exchanged attacks, Xiao Tian knew that Wen's attacks were strong and fast.

"Not bad!" Wen spoke abruptly before attacking Xiao Tian again. "Try block or avoid this!"

Wen threw his fist towards Xiao Tian's mid-torso. However, before it landed on Xiao Tian's mid-torso, Wen changed his attack pattern. He immediately raised his fist, aiming to hit Xiao Tian's chin.

Xiao Tian, who had put his hands in front of his chest and was ready to block Wen's attack, instantly tilted his head back when he noticed Wen changed his attack pattern.

Even though Wen was surprised when Xiao Tian was able to dodge his attack, he didn't show it on his face.

Wen was focused on attacking Xiao Tian because he didn't want to give Xiao Tian time to counter-attack.

Wen immediately raised his left leg and kicked the right side of Xiao Tian's head. Because he had continuously attacked Xiao Tian, Wen was sure that Xiao Tian would not be able to block or dodge it.

However, he was wrong because before his kick landed on Xiao Tian's head, Xiao Tian put his right hand on the right side of his head.

Even though Xiao Tian was able to block Wen's kick, but due to how strong Wen's kick was, he was sent flying one meter to the left before falling to the ground.

"Oh! It looks like you have a lot of fighting experience." Because Xiao Tian could block his attack, Wen was sure that Xiao Tian had a lot of fighting experience.

Xiao Tian instantly rose to his feet and attacked Wen. He threw his left fist towards Wen's head. Because he knew that Wen would be able to block or dodge his attack, he intended to attack Wen with his right hand too later.

Like what he had guessed, Wen caught Xiao Tian's left fist with Wen's right hand. Because Xiao Tian didn't want to give Wen a chance to counter-attack, he immediately threw his right elbow to Wen's head.

Even though Xiao Tian's attack was fast, but Wen could block it with his left hand. Wen didn't remain silent. He instantly threw his right elbow to Xiao Tian's head too.

Like what Wen did when he attacked Wen with his elbow, Xiao Tian also blocked Wen's attack with his left hand.

The two of them exchanged attacks over fifteen times and the two of them were able to block or dodge each other's attacks.

However, because Wen was more skilled in martial arts than Xiao Tian, Wen was finally able to land an attack on Xiao Tian's right cheek.

And like before, because of how strong Wen's attack was, Xiao Tian fell to the ground again.


Blood dripped down from the corner of Xiao Tian's lips and he felt his right cheek was in pain.

'What should I do? It seems like I can't win fighting against him. He is too strong for the current me.'

Because they had exchanged several strikes and Xiao Tian never managed to land an attack on Wen's body, he knew that he would not be able to win the fight against Wen.

At this moment, suddenly a flash memory from his past life emerged in his head.

"Master, what should I do when my opponent is stronger than me?" Huang Chen, who was sitting in front of his master, asked.

"The answer is simple." His master spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Run! Run as if your life depends on it."

"Run?" the corner of his lips twitched after hearing his master's words. "Isn't that what a coward does?"

"Coward?" his master didn't agree with what Huang Chen just said. "It's not a coward. Only fools continue to fight opponents they know they can't beat. Remember this Chen. Above heaven, there are still heavens."

"Oh! You mean there are always bigger mountains, right?" Huang Chen began to understand what his master said.

"That's right." His master replied. "Don't think of yourself as the best person in the world because there must be someone better than you out there."

"Un, un." Huang Chen nodded his head.

"If you know that you can't win the fight, run!" his master repeated his words. "There is no word 'too late' in getting revenge. Run for your life and make yourself stronger. If you want to get revenge, make sure you can beat your opponent, or at least, you know how to beat your opponent. Remember this Chen. Don't make stupid decisions. "

After remembering his master's words, Xiao Tian took a lump of earth and threw it to Wen's face.

Wen, who knew it, instantly covered his eyes with his right hand. "You also use a dirty way, huh?"

At this moment, Wen thought Xiao Tian would attack him immediately, but he was wrong. He was utterly wrong because he saw Xiao Tian running away from him.

"You want to run away, huh? It seems you know that you are not going to win this fight. Smart move, but don't think that you will manage to escape from me." Wen instantly ran after Xiao Tian.

Since Xiao Tian knew it would be dangerous to run aimlessly, he thought of a way to get rid of his tracks.

Xiao Tian suddenly remembered that he was still using a silicon head mask. Since he had bought several silicone head masks and brought it to Beijing, Xiao Tian had intended to remove them so he could get rid of his traces. For this reason, Xiao Tian ran towards a place that had tall bushes.

'It's a good place to take off my silicon head mask.'

After Xiao Tian hid in the tall bush, he realized that Wen would still be able to recognize him from his clothes. For this reason, Xiao Tian intended to throw his blue jacket.

'It's a pity that I have to throw this jacket away because it's the newest product from my company. Not only that, but this jacket is also expensive.'

Even though Xiao Tian didn't want to throw away his jacket, he had no choice but to do that because it could help him get rid of his traces.

For this reason, Xiao Tian ran towards young people who were walking together. Without waiting for another second, he threw his jacket towards one of the young people and spoke, "This is for you."

The young man, who caught the jacket, was surprised by Xiao Tian's actions. He didn't expect someone would throw a jacket at him.

"Thanks, dude." Even though the young man had no idea as to why Xiao Tian gave him a jacket, he didn't ask it.

"Hey, isn't this the newest jacket from Stars Clothes company?"

"Oh, right."

"Wow, look at this jacket. It's so good."

"I remember this jacket! The price of this jacket is so expensive."


"Yes. You can check it on their website if you don't believe me."

The young man's friends began to talk about the jacket which Xiao Tian threw earlier. They didn't expect it was an expensive jacket.

They began to wonder why Xiao Tian threw away an expensive jacket. Was not it a waste of money?

"Lucky." The young man spoke happily when he found out what kind of jacket he just got. The smile on his face grew bigger when he learned it was a jacket from Stars Clothes company. Without waiting for another second, he wore the jacket.

However, the happiness he felt instantly disappeared when Wen suddenly kicked him from behind.

"Who are you? Why did you kick me?" the young man said angrily.

It's not him. Wen thought to himself.

"Where is the young man who gave you the jacket?Which way did he run?" Wen asked coldly. "Answer me or else you will regret it."

Because the young man had no idea that Wen was a master martial arts, he dashed towards Wen and threw his fist to Wen's head. "Die!"

Of course, Wen easily caught the young man's fist. "Answer me!"

Because Wen attacked their friends, the young man's friends attacked Wen too. However, Wen could defeat them easily.

"He ran to that way." They knew that Wen would beat them up again if they didn't tell him.

Because Wen didn't want to waste time, he instantly left and looked for Xiao Tian again.

At this moment, Xiao Tian thought Wen had lost track of him but he was wrong because Wen was walking towards him.

'What should I do?'

Xiao Tian suddenly found a good way to erase his traces when he saw a woman standing in front of a wooden bench.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian walked towards the lady and embraced her.

"Please help me. The man wearing green clothes is an a hit man who wants to kill me." Xiao Tian whispered and described Wen's clothes.

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