Illicit Relationship Chapter 473

468 Problem Solved

"Miss Su, where is he?" one of the police spoke when they were in front of Su Lique.

"There he is." Su Lique pointed her index finger towards Jiwu.

"Release me!" Jiwu shouted angrily and tried to free himself when the police wanted to bring him to the police station. "I will make you all regret later!"

Jiwu didn't expect that his actions would make him end up in jail. If he knew something like this would happen to him, he would not harass Bai Zhenya.

However, it was already too late. Now what left in his heart was only hatred. A deep hatred towards Bai Zhenya, Chen Yueli, Su Lique, Lan Ruoxi, and Xiao Tian.

He promised that he would make them pay for making him end up in jail.

"Bring him to the police station." One of the police spoke before turning his head towards Su Lique. "Miss Su, we will take him to the police station now."

"Thank you, officer. This is the evidence." Su Lique sent the video to his smartphone. "I will come to the police station later."

"All right." The police then left.

"All of you disband now!" Su Lique told all the employees to disband before looking at Xiao Tian, Lan Ruoxi, Bai Zhenya, and Chen Yueli. "Come to my office."

Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi were surprised when Su Lique told them to come to her office. They had no idea what she wanted to do to them, but they still followed her to her office.

After they entered her office, they sat on the couch. At this moment, Chen Yueli was sitting next to Su Lique.

This surprised Xiao Tian, Lan Ruoxi, and Bai Zhenya. Chen Yueli was an office girl, so how could she dare to sit next to Su Lique, who was a director in the company. Not only that, Su Lique even didn't mind it as if it was a normal thing.

Because Su Lique knew that Xiao Tian, Lan Ruoxi, and Bai Zhenya were curious as to why Chen Yueli dared to sit next to her, she immediately spoke, "She is my childhood friend as well as my assistant."

Xiao Tian, Lan Ruoxi, and Bai Zhenya were surprised upon hearing Su Lique's words. They immediately understood that Chen Yueli was disguised herself as an office girl.

Chen Yueli took off the silicon head mask and introduced herself. "Hello, my name is Chen Yueli, and I'm Lique's childhood friend."

When Bai Zhenya realized something, she immediately spoke, "Thank you for helping me."

"Don't mind it." Chen Yueli replied as she smiled.

"Actually, we were investigating Jiwu because rumor said he was the cause of many employees resigned from the company." Su Lique spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "That was why I asked Yueli to disguised herself as an office girl so that she could investigate it. We are sorry for what happened to you, Miss Bai."

"It's fine. At least, he will end up in jail later." Even though Bai Zhenya was still terrified when she remembered what Jiwu had done to her, but at least he would end up in jail later.

"Yes. I will make sure he will be jailed for a long time later." Su Lique hated Jiwu so much. Not only did he harass a woman in her company, but because of him, they lost many talented employees.

That was why she wanted to imprison Jiwu for a long time later. She wanted him to pay for what he had done to her company and employees.

Su Lique then looked at Xiao Tian and spoke, "Sir, once again, thank you for helping me yesterday."

This time, Chen Yueli and Bai Zhenya were the ones who were shocked. They didn't expect Su Lique to thank Xiao Tian.

This made Bai Zhenya and Chen Yueli wants to know what Xiao Tian had done to Su Lique yesterday.

"It's fine. Don't mind it." Actually, Xiao Tian was also shocked when Su Lique thank him. But he didn't show it on his face. "Actually, that man was in need of money because his younger brother needed surgery, and he did not have money to pay for the surgery."

Because Xiao Tian didn't want her to misunderstand if she saw Mu Huo with him later, Xiao Tian decided to explain it to her.

"What?" Su Lique said in surprise. "So that was why he didn't hurt me at all. How did you know?"

"Actually, when Ruoxi and I went to the hospital, I saw him talking with a doctor. They were talking about surgery. That was why I knew about it." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

"I see." Su Lique said as she nodded her head. "So, why did you come to my company? Do you need anything?"

At this moment, Xiao Tian wanted to use Su Lique to develop his businesses, which were located in Beijing but decided not to do that because it was not the right time. "Earlier, we went to the hospital to visit Miss Bai's older sister. But before we left, she asked us to go to the Golden Bag company to give something to Miss Bai. That was why we came to Golden Bag company."

Lan Ruoxi then gave Bai Zhenya something which was wrapped in a large envelope. "Here, take this."

"Thank you." Bai Zhenya accepted it. Even though she was curious about what was inside the envelope, but she didn't open it because it was not the right place to open it.

"Director Su, because we have given it to Miss Bai, we will take our leave now." Xiao Tian didn't want Su Lique to think that he was trying to get close to her because it was not the right time to take advantage of the situation.

If he made the wrong move, all his efforts would have been in vain. That was why Xiao Tian wanted to leave.

And what Xiao Tian did was indeed right because after hearing his words, Su Lique thought Xiao Tian had no ulterior motive when he helped her yesterday.

Then Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian left the Golden Bag company. When they were in the taxi, Lan Ruoxi suddenly spoke, "Yang, I thought you would take advantage of Su Lique to make your business develop again. But I was wrong about it. Why did you not do that?"

Lan Ruoxi knew that Xiao Tian always took all the opportunities before him to make him richer. That was why she was surprised when Xiao Tian wanted them to leave earlier.

"It's not the right time." Because he was talking with Lan Ruoxi, Xiao Tian didn't lie. "When the time is right, I will use her to make me richer."

"Haha." Lan Ruoxi could not help but laugh after hearing his words. "As expected, you are indeed a devil. You don't care whether it's a woman or a man. As long as they are useful to you, you will use to as you wish."


Prison visiting room.

"Don't worry. I will make them pay for this." A man about thirty-two years old said.

"Thank you, brother Wen." Jiwu's lips curled into a smirk when Wen promised that he would get revenge on them.

All of you will regret it later. Jiwu thought to himself.

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