Illicit Relationship Chapter 472

467 Chen Yueli Solved The Problem

Everyone instantly turned their heads toward the source of the sound. When they found out the one who spoke was an office girl, one by one, the employees began to speak ill of her.

Because office girl was one of the lowest jobs in the company, they didn't put the office girl in their eyes.

Jiwu was instantly furious when the office girl said something like that. "Don't lie to us! Who are you? Why have I never seen you before?"

Not only Jiwu, but all the employees were also curious about the office girl because they had never seen her before.

"I'm Chen Yueli." Chen Yueli answered instantly. "The reason why all of you have never seen me before is that I just got to work at the company today."

Xiao Tian looked at Chen Yueli intently.

'This woman is so brave.'

Usually, people who had a job like Chen Yueli, didn't have a personality like that. They preferred to stay out of trouble because their job was not important in the company.

'But this is good! With this, we have proof that Bai Zhenya didn't lie to us.'

Xiao Tian was pleased because Chen Yueli dared to tell the truth.

"Miss, can you show us the evidence that Jiwu has harassed Miss Bai Zhenya?" Xiao Tian didn't want to let the chance slip away. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen to you later."

If Chen Yueli lost her job because of this, he would give her a job later. He really liked honest people because nowadays, honest people were rare.

Usually, they only cared about status or money and would prefer to stay out of trouble.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing his words. They didn't expect Xiao Tian to dare to say that nothing would happen to her later.

They were at Golden Bag company, so Xiao Tian, who was only a visitor, had no status at the company. However, for him to dare to say something like that meant that he was an important person in Beijing.

Su Lique and Chen Yueli stared at Xiao Tian intently. At this time, Xiao Tian didn't say a word. However, when Chen Yueli said that she had evidence that Bai Zhenya was not lying to them, he immediately said something like that.

This made Su Lique and Chen Yueli think who Xiao Tian was. However, they didn't remember an important person like him in Beijing.

Jiwu instantly looked at Xiao Tian and said, "Who are you? How dare you say something like that?"

At this moment, Jiwu began to feel afraid. He was afraid that Chen Yueli indeed had the proof that he had harassed Bai Zhenya.

Instead of answering Jiwu, Xiao Tian ignored Jiwu and stared at Chen Yueli. "Miss, can you prove it to us?"

Because Xiao Tian said something like that, Chen Yueli began to explain everything. "Earlier, when I walked past manager Jiwu's office, I heard their conversation. Because from their conversation manager Jiwu was doing something immoral to Miss Bai, I decided to eavesdrop their conversation."

"How dare you eavesdrop on our conversation!" Jiwu was furious after hearing Chen Yueli's words. "Do you know you were doing something immoral?"

Jiwu tried his best to make Chen Yueli stop what she was doing because if she kept telling the truth, everyone would know what he did to Bai Zhenya.

"Manger Jiwu, shut up!" Su Lique spoke abruptly before turning her head towards Chen Yueli, "You can continue now."

"From their conversation, manager Jiwu tried to have his way with Miss Bai." Chen Yueli spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "Not only that, but he also intends to do something to Miss Bai's older sister."

At this moment, Jiwu knew if he didn't do something to Chen Yueli, he would end up in jail. That was why he thought of a way to make everyone disbelieve her words. "Chen Yueli, don't lie to us! If you only say something like this without proof, anyone can do that too. Because you have no evidence, we don't know whether we should believe your words or not."

Upon hearing Jiwu's words, one by one, the employees began to think that his words made sense.

"Yes. Manager Jiwu is right. If she has no evidence, we don't know whether she is lying to us or not."

"Maybe she is lying to us."

"Saying anything without proof is easy because anyone can do that."

"Yes. You're right."

When Jiwu noticed that the employees agreed with him, his lips curled into a grin. As long as Chen Yueli had no evidence, he could always defend himself. He even could send Chen Yueli to jail too.

"Miss, do you have evidence?" Lan Ruoxi inquired.

She knew that they would not be able to defend Bai Zhenya if they had no proof. That was why she hoped that Chen Yueli had evidence that Jiwu had harassed Bai Zhenya.

"I have the proof." Chen Yueli took her smartphone out of her pocket. "Earlier, I recorded the video of manager Jiwu doing something immoral to Miss Bai."

When Jiwu knew that Chen Yueli had a video of him harassing Bai Zhenya, he immediately tried to snatch her smartphone from Chen Yueli's hands.

Xiao Tian, who knew that Jiwu would try to snatch her smartphone, immediately stopped Jiwu. "What do you want to do?"

"Let me go, dammit! I just want to know whether the video is real or not." Jiwu tried to free his hands from Xiao Tian's grasp but to no avail.

He didn't expect that Xiao Tian was so strong. If Xiao Tian kept grasping his hands, he would not be able to escape when they knew the truth later.

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't intend to let Jiwu go. He even made sure that Jiwu would not be able to free himself.

"Let me see it." Lan Ruoxi took Chen Yueli's smartphone and played the video.

In the video, Jiwu was harassing Bai Zhenya. His hands were fondling her ass, and his lustful eyes were focused on her breasts.

In the video, Jiwu also invited Bai Zhenya to dinner and spend the night at the hotel. From his expression, Lan Ruoxi knew what he had in mind.

After watching the video, Lan Ruoxi gave it to Su Lique and spoke, "Here. You can see it too."

Su Lique gritted her teeth when she was watching the video. From her expression, anyone could tell that she was furious at Jiwu.

She didn't expect that her subordinates dared to do something like that in her company. Without waiting for another second, Su Lique called the police because she wanted to send him to jail.

Not only did Jiwu insult the dignity of women, but he also damaged the reputation of the company. That was why she would not forgive him.

Of course, Jiwu tried to run away when everyone found out what he had done to Bai Zhenya, but he could not do that because Xiao Tian paralyzed his movements.

At this moment, Bai Zhenya was relieved. Tears fell down her soft cheeks. She felt grateful to Chen Yueli because if it was not for Chen Yueli, she could not prove that she was not lying.

Not long after that, the police arrived at the Golden Bag company.

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