Illicit Relationship Chapter 471

466 Im Not Lying

Everyone instantly turned their heads toward the source of the sound. When they saw a lady walking towards them, one by one, the employees greeted her.

"Director Su Lique."

"Director Su."

"Director Su."

When Su Lique was standing next to Jiwu, she immediately asked, "Manager Jiwu, what's going on? Why are all gathered here? This is a lobby, not a park."

Because Jiwu thought it was a perfect time to blame Bai Zhenya, he immediately pointed his index finger towards her and spoke, "Bai Zhenya is accusing me of doing despicable things to her. But the truth is I did nothing to her. Earlier, we just had a conversation in my office. Nothing more than that."

At this moment, the expression of deep shock emerged on Xiao Tian's face when he saw Su Lique.

'Isn't she the lady I helped yesterday?'

Xiao Tian didn't expect that he would meet the lady he had helped in the park yesterday. This made him happy because, actually, he also wanted to know about her identity.

'As I thought, she is from a rich family. She is even works as a director at a well-known company at such a young age. Don't tell me, Golden Bag company is her family business.'

Not only Xiao Tian, but Su Lique was also shocked when she noticed Xiao Tian. "You are that person, right? What are you doing here?"

Su Lique's words much surprised everyone. They didn't expect Su Lique to know Xiao Tian.

"Hi. I didn't expect to meet you here." Xiao Tian smiled awkwardly. "I came here to accompany my lover to meet her friend's younger sister."

"Accompany your lover?" Su Lique shifted her gaze from Xiao Tian to Lan Ruoxi.

When she saw Lan Ruoxi, she suddenly felt envy. It was not because she liked Xiao Tian or something like that, but it was because Lan Ruoxi was prettier and sexier than her.

Actually, she thought the reason Xiao Tian helped her was that he wanted to get close to her, but when she saw Lan Ruoxi, she didn't think like that anymore.

If Xiao Tian wanted to get close to her, he would not say that Lan Ruoxi was his lover when he was in front of her. And from Lan Ruoxi's appearance, she could tell that Lan Ruoxi was a rich person.

Lan Ruoxi and Bai Zhenya were shocked when Xiao Tian knew who Su Lique was. This made Lan Ruoxi curious and whispered, "How come you know her? When did you meet her?"

Xiao Tian had guessed that Lan Ruoxi would ask him something like that. That was why he immediately whispered back. "She is the lady I helped yesterday."

"I see." Lan Ruoxi didn't expect the woman he had helped was a director at a famous company.

"Tell me what's happening here?" Su Lique changed the topic because she wanted to solve the problem quickly.

Without waiting for another second, Jiwu immediately said, "Director Su, she is spreading false rumors about me. She said I've harassed her in my office, but I didn't do that. I'm sure she did it because she wants to blackmail me."

"He is lying! He indeed harassed me in his office earlier." Of course, Bai Zhenya defended herself because it was the truth.

"You have no proof that I've harassed you, right?" Jiwu asked, "Director Su, she is trying to destroy my good image. I want to report her to the police on the charges of defamation."

His words made Bai Zhenya afraid. Because she had no proof that he had harassed her, she could end up in jail later.

When Lan Ruoxi noticed Bai Zhenya was terrified, she immediately spoke, "Don't worry. I will protect you."

Upon hearing Lan Ruoxi's words, the fear within Bai Zhenya reduced significantly. She knew who Lan Ruoxi was, so she believed that Lan Ruoxi could help her later.

At this moment, two security guards came and stood next to Su Lique. They were waiting for Su Lique's order.

Currently, Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi were thinking of a way to help Bai Zhenya. They were sure that Bai Zhenya didn't lie to them.

However, because they had no evidence that Jiwu had harassed Bai Zhenya, they had a hard time proving that Bai Zhenya was not lying.

They also had to think about it carefully because if they made the wrong move, it could be dangerous to them later.

Xiao Tian was sure that CCTV in Jiwu's office had been deleted or edited, so he could not use that way.

'How can I prove that he has harassed her?'

Even though Xiao Tian had no relationship with Bai Zhenya, but he wanted to help her because she was Lan Ruoxi's friend.

"See that, director Su? She has no proof about what she just said." Jiwu was thrilled when Bai Zhenya said nothing.

Su Lique then looked at Bai Zhenya and asked, "Miss Bai, you are not lying, right? I have no choice but to report you to the police if you are lying to us because this is something serious."

Jiwu could not help but laugh in his head. With this, he was sure that Bai Zhenya would be sent to the police station, and he also could still keep his good images.

I will make you regret your action. Jiwu thought to himself.

"No, director Su." Bai Zhenya replied instantly. "I'm not lying."

"Let me ask you one more time." Su Lique spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "Do you have any evidence of what you just said?"

Bai Zhenya lowered her head and spoke, "I don't have."

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian knew that they had to do something, or else Su Lique would bring Bai Zhenya to the police station.

However, they still hadn't found the best way to prove that Bai Zhenya didn't lie to them.

'What should I do now?'

Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi asked in their minds. Because they were at Golden Bag company, they were sure that Jiwu would not allow them to enter his office.

As Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi were thinking, suddenly, a voice rang out, "I have proof that Miss Bai is not lying to us."

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