Illicit Relationship Chapter 47

44 Lets Start And Success

Looking at Lin Xing Xue, who's lost in her own thought, Shi Fei immediately said, "How about sharing him with me?"

Upon hearing Shi Fei's words, Lin Xing Xue widened her eyes and turned her head towards Xiao Tian. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something but decided against it.

"Little brother, you don't mind it, right? I've got a curvaceous body, and I'll make sure little brother won't be disappointed with me," Shi Fei stated as she smiled.

"Sure." Xiao Tian replied as he nodded.

Xiao Tian wasn't a saint, so if a woman with a curvaceous body were offering herself to him, he'd gladly accept it.

"See! He doesn't mind it" Shi Fei said as she looked at Lin Xing Xue

"Tian!" Lin Xing Xue said

"Mm. What is it, little Xue?" Xiao Tian asked as he smiled.

"Tian, our purpose in coming here is to talk about business, so stop flirting her." Lin Xing Xue replied

"Aishah. Little Xue, what are you talking about? Up until now, I only speak a few wor-- "Xiao Tian spoke halfway before a smile appeared on his face "Little Xue, are you jealous?"

"Tian, stop joking around!" Lin Xing Xue said. After that, she looked at Shi Fei and continued, "And you, Fei. You should remember your age."

"Hey! What's wrong with that?" Shi Fei was unhappy when Lin Xin Xue talked about the age at that time because she was still twenty-nine years old. She thought she was still young, and her adventure was still long.

"Little brother, you don't mind having a relationship with an older woman, right?" Shi Fei asked as she looked at him.

"Of course, I'm fine with it. Love is blind, you know, so whatever it's an older woman, younger woman or the woman of the same age, if I like someone, I'll love that person with all my heart even though the world will laugh at me later." Xiao Tian answered

Upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, Lin Xing Xue had a complicated face while Shi Fei smiled and said, "Xue, did you hear that?"

At that moment, Lin Xin Xue didn't answer her. She only looked at Xiao Tian seriously, and when she looked at him, Xiao Tian also looked at her with a beautiful smile on his face.

Seeing Lin Xing Xue, who was still staring at him thoughtfully, Xiao Tian grabbed her waist and made her sit close to him. When Xiao Tian made Lin Xing Xue sit near him, she was still looking at him, as if she was looking for something on his face

"Little Xue, I know you're still wavering, but don't ever doubt my lovno, the word 'love' isn't big enough to describe my feelings for you. For me, you're like breathing. I can't stop needing you, and it's necessary for my survival," Xiao Tian stated as he looked at Lin Xing Xue lovingly. for visiting.

"Tian... I.. I." Lin Xing Xue wanted to say something, but it was as if the words stuck in her throat, making her unable to say the words she wanted to tell him.

Xiao Tian put his index finger on her lips and said, "It's alright. Just remember, there's a person who can't live without you in this world..and that person is me, Xiao Tian."

After saying that, Xiao Tian kissed Lin Xing Xue's forehead gently. At that time, Shi Fei chuckled and stated, "Wow! I didn't know our former campus goddess can behave like this too."

"Campus goddess?" Xiao Tian asked with puzzlement

"Ah! You don't know about that, little brother? When we were college students, Xue was a campus goddess, you know." Shi Fei said

Xiao Tian turned his head and looked at Lin Xing Xue. "Is that true?"

"What do you think?" Lin Xing Xue asked as she smiled

"Given your beauty, I won't be surprised if you're a former campus goddess. Even if you told me, you're a real goddess, I'll believe it" Xiao Tian said as he smiled

"You really know how to make a lady happy." Lin Xing Xue stated as she giggled before changing the topic. "Alright. Let's talk about business."

Xiao Tian started to explain everything to Shi Fei. She Fei was shocked when she heard that and started thinking that the handsome young man in front of her was the ideal partner for life. She Fei also thought the possibility of this business success was high because of Yun Xin Er.

"Alright, I accept it. Let's make the preparation right now" Shi Fei said

"Good! I like a person who doesn't waste time" Xiao Tian said

After deciding that they will sit on the floor when they work later, they moved the couch close to the TV to make the space in the guess room wider.

After that, She Fei brought the round table and placed it in front of them. The round table has the right high. It wasn't too high or too low, so it makes them comfortable when they work on the round table later.

"Wait for a second. I'll bring my laptop and stationery." Shi Fei said

Shi Fei was happy at that time because if this business is a success, she will get a lot of money from him, and he also promised her that he would give her a bonus if the dress were to Yun Xin Er's liking.

Not long after that, Shi Fei brought her laptop and stationery. After placing it on the round table, Shi Fei raised her right hand and shouted enthusiastically. "Let's start and success!"

Hearing her word, Lin Xing Xue and Xiao Tian immediately laughed.

"Yes. Let's start and success," Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue nodded at the same time.

Xiao Tian started drawing dresses for Yun Xin Er's concert according to the theme. After he finished drawing the dress, he colored the drawing dress in black color because he thought it suited the theme of a broken girl.

Xiao Tian drew three pieces of the dresses and colored it.

After that, Xiao Tian showed it to Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei. Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei were stunned after seeing his drawing. The dresses Xiao Tian draws were gorgeous and suited to the theme perfectly.

At first, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei were doubting Xiao Tian's skill when he says he would draw the dresses easily. However, after seeing his drawing with their eyes, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei had no choice but to acknowledge his ability.

Upon seeing the beautiful drawing dresses, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei were sure that Yun Xing Er would like these dresses. They also thought that Yun Xin Er would look stunning in her live concert if she wears it.

"Xue, he is an ideal partner for life! He is young, handsome, and multi-talented. Isn't he perfect? "Shi Fei spoke and paused for a moment. "Xue, give him to me or at least, share him wit wait, you're still haven't become his girlfriend, so why should I ask your permission."

At that time, Lin Xing Xue didn't answer her. She was still looking at the dresses that Xiao Tian drew. It looked like his drawing had a magnet on it, making Lin Xing Xue unable to take her eyes off from his drawing and couldn't stop praising it.

"Little brother. I think you're an ideal partner for life, so will little brother take me as your girlfriend? If not, I'm also fine with being a mistress too, as long as little brother don't forget about me," Shi Fei said seductively

after saying that, Shi Fei grabbed his right hand and pressed it against her big breasts. She thought he would say YES if she did that because until now there were no men who said NO when they felt how soft her breasts were but

"Let's work first and talk about it later." Xiao Tian answered without paying attention to her. For him, when it's time to works, he'll work seriously, and when it's time to tease someone, he'll also be teasing seriously.

After hearing his words, Shi Fei was unhappy. This was the first time a man had refused her after she had done that, but after looking at his handsome face and his cool body, she knew that he must have felt a lot of woman's breasts, so she thought it was a normal thing for him.

At that time, Shi Fei could only sigh, "Huft!"

After that, they planned everything. Time went by quickly, and it was already 06:00 pm. It was a time for Lin Xing Xue and Xiao Tian to leave.

And as usual, on the way home, Xiao Tian didn't stop teasing Lin Xing Xue, making her smile and gently hitting his chest a few times.
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