Illicit Relationship Chapter 469

464 I Really Like This Type Of Ass

The corner of his lips twitched upon hearing Lan Ruoxi's words. Because she had said something like that, Xiao Tian decided to play along. "Ruoxi, my love. Didn't you say that you also like having sex with me? You even said that I'm the most skilled one and the first person ever to satisfy you in bed."

Bai Wenliang returned her gaze to Lan Ruoxi and asked, "What? You said something like that?"

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi wanted to deny it, but she had no idea how to do that. She was sure whatever she said, Xiao Tian would be able to counter it.

Even though she knew Xiao Tian was a playboy, but she didn't expect that he was also so shameless. He even said something like that with a straight face as if it was a normal thing. Lan Ruoxi suddenly thought that she made the wrong move.

Because Lan Ruoxi was still silent, Bai Wenliang thought what Xiao Tian just said was the truth. "I didn't expect that you are also a pervert, Ruoxi."

Lan Ruoxi wanted to find a way to embarrass Xiao Tian again but to no avail. For this reason, she only stared at him and sighed.

This made Xiao Tian laugh in his head.

'Who told you to do this to me? Haha'

Xiao Tian was pleased when he noticed Lan Ruoxi's hopeless expression. Even though he was still a pervert in Bai Wenliang's eyes, but at least Lan Ruoxi was also a pervert.


*Golden Bag company headquarters.

Inside a company, two people were talking in one of the offices; an adult man and a young woman.

The man was sitting on a work chair, and a beautiful woman was standing in front of him.

"Manager Jiwu, these are documents that are requiring your signature." The gorgeous lady placed the documents on the desk.

However, instead of checking the documents immediately, Jiwu stared at the gorgeous lady who was standing in front of him.

Her pretty face and smooth skin made Jiwu desire to spend the night with her. For this reason, he rose from his seat and walked towards the pretty lady.

As he was walking towards her, his lustful eyes never left her body, and the smile on his face grew bigger when he saw her big breasts.

Because he was her supervisor, he didn't hide his lustful expression. He was even sure that he could bed her later.

That was why, when he was next to her, Jiwu instantly grabbed her sexy ass and fondled it. "Bai Zhenya, you really have a sexy ass. It's so soft and big. I really like this type of ass."

"Manager Jiwu, please stop it." Bai Zhenya instantly tried to make him stop fondling her ass.

However, Jiwu kept fondling her ass. Not only that, he even tried to squeeze her breasts too. He believed that Bai Zhenya would not dare to say anything later. That was why Jiwu dared to do something like that.

Because she was only an employee with low status, and Jiwu was the Golden Bag company manager, Bai Zhenya only tried to stop him.

She didn't scream or ask for help because she knew that other employees would not dare to help her.

That was why Bai Zhenya only wanted to get out of his office, "Manager Jiwu, I still have work, so I want to return to my desk now."

"Miss Bai, why do you want to return to your desk immediately? I still need you here. You still haven't explained what I should do, right?" of course, Jiwu would not let Bai Zhenya go easily.

He had his eyes on Bai Zhenya since he first saw her. Because it was a perfect time to take advantage of the situation and bed her, he would not let the chance slip by easily.

His actions disgusted Bai Zhenya. He was in his early forties, but he still dared to do something like that.

'It seems like he only thinks with his lower part. I'm sure this is the reason why he is still single until now.'

Everyone in the company knew that Jiwu was still single despite already forty years old. Not only that, but all his subordinates knew that he was a pervert and had frequently used his status to harass his subordinates.

Bai Zhenya was not the first female he tried to harass because many women had been victims of his lust before her.

Due to his behavior, some of his subordinates resigned from their jobs, but of course, some of them chose to satisfy him.

Jiwu was a manager at a well-known company, so they benefited from satisfying him in bed. That was why he still dared to harass his subordinates because, until now, none of his subordinates dared to report his behavior to a higher-up.

All the women who became victims chose between resigning from the company or satisfying him. Because Bai Zhenya had no strong family background and only a low-status employee, Jiwu was sure that she would not say anything about him.

And if she reported him, he could use his status to protect him and fire Bai Zhenya. This made Jiwu bolder than before.

"Miss Bai, how about we have dinner together tonight?" even though Jiwu's words looked like he invited her to dinner in a good manner, but from his expression, anyone could tell that he had ulterior motives.

"Sorry, manager Jiwu, I can't do that. I have to visit my sister in the hospital later." Of course, Bai Zhenya knew that Jiwu had ulterior motives because his expression and behavior were like a pervert.

"Don't worry. Before having dinner, we can visit your sister together later." At this moment, Jiwu was still fondling her ass.

Of course, Jiwu knew who her sister was because her sister was as gorgeous as her. That was why he said something like that because he hoped that he could bed her sister too.

It would be thrilling to bed two women who were siblings. For this reason, the smile on his face grew bigger again. "How is it?"

"No, sir. I have to return to my desk." Because Bai Zhenya knew it would be dangerous to stay in his office, she wanted to immediately return to her desk.

However, when she was about to leave, Jiwu grabbed her right hand and spoke, "Where are you going? We're still not done talking. Is this how you behave with your supervisor? I can deduct your salary for this month, you know?"

Even though Jiwu threatened her, Bai Zhenya didn't care about it and still tried to leave his office. At this moment, she was still struggling to free herself from Jiwu.


Currently, Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi were at the Golden Bag company. Earlier, Bai Wenliang asked them to come to the Golden Bag company to give something to her younger sister.

They immediately head to the reception desk to inform the receptionist the reason why they came to the Golden Bag company.

However, before Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi could ask the receptionist to call Bai Zhenya to come to the lobby, they saw Bai Zhenya walking with tears in her eyes.

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