Illicit Relationship Chapter 467

462 Going To The Hospital With Lan Ruoxi Again

The expression of deep shock emerged on Mu Huo's face when he found out the person who was sitting in front of him was Xiao Tian.

Of course, he knew who Xiao Tian was because Xiao Tian was a famous young man who could raise his family status from the lower-class to the middle-class in a short amount of time.

Even though Xiao Tian had a scandal not long ago, but it was because the Hong family manipulated everything. That was why Xiao Tian's reputation was still good in everyone's eyes.

Actually, Mu Huo was also curious about Xiao Tian when he first saw Xiao Tian in the magazine because Xiao Tian was one of the fastest successful people. Not only that, but Xiao Tian built his company from scratch.

Mu Huo just didn't expect the person who offered him the job was Xiao Tian. "Xiao Tian?"

"Yes. I'm Xiao Tian." Xiao Tian had guessed that Mu Huo would be surprised when Mu Huo found out about his true identity.

"Why did you wear a silicone head mask earlier?" Mu Huo asked curiously. "Does someone want to harm you?"

The reason Mu Huo thought someone wanted to harm Xiao Tian was that something similar had happened to Xiao Tian or some other famous people.

"No." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "The reason I wear a silicone head mask is to avoid unnecessary trouble."

"Unnecessary problem?" Mu Huo had no idea what Xiao Tian meant by the unnecessary problem.

"Well, it's like this." Xiao Tian began to explain everything to Mu Huo.

"I see." After Xiao Tian finished telling everything, Mu Huo understood why Xiao Tian decided to hide his identity.

"Because you agreed to work under me, give me your phone number so that I can call you if I need you later." Xiao Tian had the feeling that he would get into a problem again because of Lan Ruoxi.

With him having Mu Huo's phone number, it would be easy for him to contact Mu Huo if he needed Mu Huo's help.

Without waiting for another second, they exchanged phone numbers. "Oh, right, I will go to Shanghai after my younger brother recover. I hope you are fine with it."

Currently, his younger brother was still in the hospital, so he wanted his younger brother to recover first before they went to Shanghai.

"I'm fine with it." Xiao Tian understood Mu Huo's situation. That was why he didn't want to make it hard for Mu Huo.

As Xiao Tian and Mu Huo were talking, suddenly someone knocked on the door. "Yang, open the door."

"Wait here. I want to open the door first." From the voice, Xiao Tian knew it was Lan Ruoxi. That was why Xiao Tian wanted to open the door.

"All right." At this moment, Mu Huo was curious about Lan Ruoxi. What kind of woman would give Xiao Tian a problem later?

When Lan Ruoxi entered the room, she was startled when she saw Mu Huo. "Who is he?"

"He is a martial arts expert who will work under me." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer. "He will teach my gang martial arts later."

"Hello, Miss. My name is Mu Huo." Mu Huo immediately introduced himself when he saw Lan Ruoxi.

'Now I know why my boss said that he would get a problem at the banquet later.'

Even though Mu Huo knew that Lan Ruoxi was older than him, but with her pretty face and sexy body, he was sure that many men desired to make her their girlfriend.

"Hello. I'm Lan Ruoxi." Lan Ruoxi introduced herself.

She didn't say that she was Xiao Tian's lover because she knew that Xiao Tian had told Mu Huo everything.

She just didn't expect that Xiao Tian would find a martial arts expert when they were in Beijing. Even though she had no idea how skilled Mu Huo was in martial arts, but she didn't say anything about it because Xiao Tian had hired Mu Huo to work under him.

Lan Ruoxi believed that Xiao Tian would not hire just anyone. She was even sure that Xiao Tian had tested Mu Huo's skill in martial arts.

Lan Ruoxi then returned her attention to Xiao Tian and spoke, "Yang, let's go to the hospital."

The reason Lan Ruoxi came to his room was that she wanted to take Xiao Tian to the hospital. She was pretending to be his lover, so if she came to the hospital alone, her friend would be suspicious of her later. In order to avoid that, Lan Ruoxi wanted to go to the hospital with Xiao Tian.

"All right." Even though Lan Ruoxi didn't say the reason why she wanted to go to the hospital with him, but Xiao Tian could guess it. Xiao Tian then looked at Mu Huo and spoke, "Mu Huo, I will contact you if I need your help. I want to go to the hospital now."

"All right." Mu Huo replied.

As Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi went to the hospital, Mu Huo traveled to his home because there was something that he wanted to do.


"Yang, where did you find a martial arts expert?" Lan Ruoxi asked curiously

Currently, Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian were in a taxi.

"Well, it's like this." Xiao Tian began to explain everything to Lan Ruoxi.

"So, the reason why you took so long to go to the restroom was because of that?" Lan Ruoxi replied.

"Yes." Xiao Tian responded as he nodded his head. "Ruoxi, how about we rent a car later?"

Xiao Tian thought it would be better to rent a car rather than take a taxi every time they wanted to go somewhere.

Traveling by taxi was so expensive so with renting a car, not only could they save money, but it would be easier to go to any places they wanted.

"All right." Lan Ruoxi also had the same thought as Xiao Tian.

Not long after that, Lan Ruoxi and Xiao Tian arrived at the hospital. Without waiting for another second, they headed toward Bai Wenliang's room.

After opening the door, Lan Ruoxi immediately spoke, "Wenliang, I've come to visit you."

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