Illicit Relationship Chapter 463

458 Crazy Officer


The sound of someone firing a gun echoed throughout the area.

Xiao Tian instantly stopped his footsteps and raised his hands reflexively.

'Fuck! This crazy woman almost killed me!'

Xiao Tian didn't expect that Yi Wenxin would fire her gun. Even though she didn't shoot him, but her action nearly left him with a heart attack.

Xiao Tian turned around and spoke angrily, "Are you crazy? Do you want to kill me?"

"Yes. I want to kill you. Do you have a problem with that?" Yi Wenxin was not afraid of Xiao Tian, so she did whatever she wanted.

"Do you know that you can't fire your gun as you please?" Xiao Tian knew that the police were not allowed to use the gun as they pleased.

They were only allowed to use a gun in certain situations. That was why Xiao Tian was furious when Yi Wenxin fired her gun earlier.

Even though he was not hurt, but still, it was dangerous to fire the gun as she pleased. Not only could she hurt him, but she also could hurt others.

However, Yi Wenxin didn't show any fear on her face. "This is my gun, so I can fire it as I please. Why? Do you have a problem with it?"

"Of course!" Xiao Tian answered instantly. "Didn't your supervisor tell you not to use a gun as you please?"

"Shut up! Otherwise, I will shoot you in the head later." Yi Wenxin said as he pointed the gun at Xiao Tian's head.

Her actions made Xiao Tian angrier. He didn't expect that she was crazier than he thought. "Alright, alright. I won't say anything now. I just want to return to the hotel."

Without waiting for her reply, Xiao Tian began to walk again.

However, when he had only walked three steps, Yi Wenxin immediately said, "Stop! Otherwise, I will shoot you!"

Xiao Tian instantly stopped his footsteps because he was afraid that she would fire her gun for real. She was a crazy woman, so it was not weird if she did that.

"What do you want now? Why do you hate me so much? What did I do to you?" Xiao Tian asked her many questions.

Because Yi Wenxin already hated Xiao Tian, whatever he did, made her hate him even more. "Shut up! If I told you to stop, you have to stop! If I told you to stay, you are not allowed to leave!"

He gritted his teeth. Since he took over Xiao Tian's body, Yi Wenxin was the most annoying woman he had ever met.

Xiao Tian suddenly thought of a way to snatch her weapon. Without a gun, Xiao Tian was not afraid of her.

However, when Xiao Tian walked closer towards her, Yi Wenxin pointed her gun at his head again. "Don't move!"

"Hey! I'm not a criminal, you know? Stop pointing your gun at me." Since their situation made Xiao Tian look like a criminal, he wanted her to stop pointing her gun at his head.

"Shut up!" Yi Wenxin didn't care about it; instead, she was pleased because, with that, other people would think that Xiao Tian was criminal.

Xiao Tian started to run out of patience. He really disliked Yi Wenxin. When he saw a security guard, Xiao Tian suddenly found an excellent idea.

He immediately waved his hands and shouted, "Officer, this policewoman is abusing her status. Please scold her."

At this moment, Yi Wenxin thought her friend or supervisor was behind her. For this reason, she turned her head to check it.

When Xiao Tian saw the opportunity to seize her weapon had appeared, he immediately closed the distance between them and snatched her gun.

Yi Wenxin, who was unprepared, could not do anything when Xiao Tian snatched her gun. "Return it to me!"

She didn't expect that Xiao Tian dared to snatch her gun. Her supervisors would yell at her if they found out she lost her gun. That was why she wanted Xiao Tian to return her gun.

"Take this." Xiao Tian threw her gun so that he could run away from her.

And just as Xiao Tian thought, Yi Wenxin immediately dashed towards the direction where Xiao Tian threw her gun.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian ran from that place because if he didn't immediately run away, she would give him more trouble.

After taking her gun, Yi Wenxin turned around. When he didn't find Xiao Tian, she knew that Xiao Tian had run away. "Bastard! I will kill you if we meet again!"


"I hope I won't meet that crazy woman again. How can there be a woman like her?" currently, Xiao Tian was already at the hotel entrance.

When he almost arrived at his room, he saw Lan Ruoxi standing in front of his door. "Lady Lan, what are you doing?"

Lan Ruoxi instantly turned her head towards him. "Where have you been? I knocked on the door but you didn't answer earlier. I thought you were sleeping."

"I just went for a walk." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

"Why didn't you take me with you?" Lan Ruoxi inquired

"Earlier, I knocked on your door but you didn't answer. I also called you but you didn't pick up the phone, so I went out alone." Xiao Tian explained to her why he went alone earlier.

"Oh! I was taking a shower earlier and charging my smartphone too. That was why I didn't know about it." After bathing, Lan Ruoxi didn't check her smartphone. That was why she had no idea that Xiao Tian wanted to take her for a walk earlier.

"I see." Xiao Tian replied

When Lan Ruoxi noticed Xiao Tian's expression, she asked curiously, "What happened to you? Your expression is like you are unhappy right now. Did something happen to you?"

"I met a crazy woman earlier." Xiao Tian replied instantly

"Crazy woman?" Lan Ruoxi had no idea who the crazy woman was. That was why she wanted to know who that woman was. "Who is she?"

Xiao Tian opened his door and entered the room. Without thinking twice, Lan Ruoxi also entered his room as if it was her room.

After Lan Ruoxi entered the room, Xiao Tian closed the door and locked it. "She is the officer we met at the street vendor earlier?"

"Oh! That woman?!" Lan Ruoxi remembered Yi Wenxin. "What did she do to you?"

Xiao Tian then explained everything to Lan Ruoxi. When he was explaining it, Xiao Tian's face was red from anger.

"Hehe." Lan Ruoxi giggled.

Xiao Tian then sat on the couch and looked at Lan Ruoxi. "Hey! Don't laugh. It's not funny."

"I didn't expect that she dared to do that." Actually, the reason Lan Ruoxi laughed was that she thought it was funny when she saw his angry expression.

However, Xiao Tian thought she was laughing his misery. "I'm sure she will be single in her lifetime."

"How come?" Lan Ruoxi asked.

"I'm sure that no man wants to marry a woman like her." Xiao Tian replied instantly. "Now I wonder how can she have such an attitude? Did her family not educate her?"

"Hehe. I'm sure she will point her gun at your head again if she hears your words." Lan Ruoxi replied. "Oh wait! How about you make her your woman and bring her to Shanghai? With this, you can educate her."

"What?" Xiao Tian said in surprise

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